What is a penoplasty or male enhancement?

What is a penoplasty or male enhancement?

What is a penoplasty or male enhancement?

What is a penoplasty?

Penoplasty refers to a plastic surgery procedure to enlarge in lenght or girth the penis using different techniques. A penoplasty essentially involves lengthening the length of the penis via surgery even though there are many controversial non-surgical methods.

In general, a penoplasty can include an option to enlarge the penis, often by combining the lengthening and widening procedures. If other areas around the male reproductive organ can be the subject of different procedures, such as the shape of the penis itself, the testicles etc. penoplasty can also include enlargement of the glans.

Penoplasty is primarily a penile surgery.

You will read a lot of information about the penis and its different enlargement techniques but for specialists a penoplasty is a type of penis surgery. This operation is classified as a plastic surgery and is generally one of the procedures falling within the competence of certified board surgeons but also to some extend of certain urologists.

Forget the endless comments on the subject and consider that penoplasty is a surgery. Indeed you will read endless amounts of comments on miracle penis enlargement solutions, like pills, small devices like extenders, creams, non-invasive surgeries etc but for this to work only surgery is the lasting solution.

There are also many controversial studies whether the usefulness of injecting material like course hyaluronic acid or fat from the patient but everyone has to question the efficacy over the length of the penis. Does injecting fat really increase the size of the penis, if so where in the penis?

Penoplasty aimed at lengthening the penis

The penis enhancement procedure will then lengthen the penis by playing on the suspensory ligaments between the top of the penis and the bone part of the man. It is by far the most effective technique but it still needs to be mastered properly. There are fewer surgeons specializing in this procedure than the fingers of one hand in the world, so it is important to educate yourself and choose the most competent. In addition you will also read other penile surgery techniques for length called "invasive procedures" consisting of touching other parts of the penis and whose effectiveness is very doubtful.

It will be considered that ancillary operations other than in matters of urology or erectile dysfunction repairs do not fall under the category of penoplasty.

Girth enlargement is part of penoplasty

The other big component of penoplasty is penis girth enlargement. By enlargement we mean increasing the diameter, the circumference, in other words make your penis bigger.

Penis enlargement techniques are less controversial because it is easier for everyone to understand that it is easier to enlarge the penis by injecting fat than to lengthen it with fat.

So the techniques vary greatly not only from one plastic surgeon to another but sometimes from a manufacturer of gadgets or even pseudo surgeons.

Just like lengthening, you must be vigilant about the method used to enlarge a penis.

If hyaluronic acid often comes back in small aesthetic institutes or cosmetic surgery clinics offering this solution as one more line on a catalog including different dermatology procedures alongside Botox for example, we must be careful. Indeed, this material is not only not very stable over time but has caused many complications in terms ​​of penoplasty procedures.

So there is fat as the most obvious technique for enlarging your penis. If the injection of autologous fat (be careful not to confuse it with the use of stem cells in matters of penoplasty of which nothing has yet been scientifically proven) remains the best method according to the greatest surgeons practicing penoplasty like Doctor Jethon, you still have to know how to master it.

When it comes to penis enlargement, the questions to ask yourself are, does the surgeon do this routinely, is he board certified, how many penoplasties does he perform each year? In other words, it is especially important to know if it does almost that. Furthermore, does the plastic surgey clinic seem to be specialized in penoplasty or is it just a clinic like any other offering lipofilling procedures for the penis as it offers not only for facial wrinkles but also for breast or buttocks enlargement? We must also ask what areas are treated on the penis or how is it split? Is the fat processed or all the tissue re-injected?

How much does a combined penoplasty cost, what augmentation methods really work?

The question of the increase of the glans in the penoplasty procedure.

We will not go into the details of the technique of increasing the glans but we generally consider that one of the main components of the penoplasty because indeed how to consider the length or the size without considering the end?

So one can wonder then if the penoplasty is made for me?
The first question to ask yourself when considering a penoplasty seems obvious although the answers or expectations are sometimes very different, it is simply "why I want to do a penoplasty?" " This will be the first question your surgeon will ask you.

The motivations are diverse, the will is more or less strong and we often see that it simply goes back far in some men. How can we not understand this when men have always measured themselves by their appendage from a very young age? For some men it is a real suffering, for others a long buried desire and even some dream of it by thinking that it is not accessible because impossible to achieve (they should know that finally for a few years it works, as long as we choose the right specialist). Finally, it is sometimes noted that the sexual practice, experience or expectations of sexual partners are a key factor in the motivation to take action.

Let's say that penoplasty is made for whoever wants it. It is not made for those who have unrealistic expectations in terms of lengthening or enlargement. In addition, penoplasty can be simply unfortunately impossible to perform for those who have had a complication or have done anything with devices of the order of a gadget. Many requests for penoplasty are unfortunately requests for repair of bad penoplasty. Thus failed procedures post operative pain, complications arising from surgeries poorly controlled by unscrupulous surgeons not only discredit the best surgeons but sometimes make repair of bad penoplasties impossible.

So choose the right surgeon for your penoplasty and avoid any gadget or questionable surgical procedures as first good advice.

The anatomy of the penis will also be a factor to consider for a penoplasty. Thus the angle of the erect penis, the fact of being circumcised or not, the size of the foreskin, the accumulation of skin around the foreskin will not lead your plastic surgeon or urologist to the same diagnosis.

What a penoplasty is not

Penoplasty should not be confused with phalloplasty. Translations in different languages ​​do not have the same meaning. Let's say that phalloplasty is not intended to lengthen or enlarge the penis but to create or repair it. This surgery is intended first for people who want to change their sex. The topic is then sex reassignment.

Phalloplasty is therefore a completely different surgical procedure, the objective of which is also completely different.

Repairs related to penis problems will also fall into the category of phalloplasty or even with urological services. Penis curvature problems, Peyronie's disease problems are not penoplasties.

Your surgeon, who is competent in lengthening the penis by suspending the suspensory ligaments, will generally be able to treat your curvature problems because this falls within his area of ​​competence, just like Peyronie's disease.

Finally, let us say that the problems linked and often confused between penoplasty and purely sexual problems do not come into play in cases of penoplasty.

If we consider that having a successful penoplasty immediately increases a man's self-esteem and confidence and therefore mechanically his sexual capacity, erectile dysfunction is a different problem from simple penoplasty.

So you will have to treat your erectile dysfunction issues differently than your desire to enlarge your penis. Obviously, we can have both problems at the same time and consider that there can be a connection between these two questions but we will have to deal with them separately.

In general it is asked to treat your erectile problems first and then consider a penoplasty second. So you will have to ask the usual questions in matters of erectile dysfunction with the constitution of a file, cardiovascular problems, diabetes etc. In itself we can say that there is no point in lengthening or enlarging your penis if you continue to have erectile dysfunction. For some men it is difficult to tell the difference between the two because the two problems can be linked or it is then a vicious circle. As with any vicious circle, you have to deal with the issues separately.

Extending your penis by surgery or injecting material also raises the question of foreign bodies in the penis such as implants. Penile implants do not really fall into the category of penoplasties because they also aim to treat erectile problems including those with diabetes, for example. The placement of an implant for the penis is very technical and therefore will be the business of some clinics specializing in penile implants. It may happen that some plastic surgeons offer implants or silicone parts to lengthen the penis, it seems that it does not work at the moment.Effectiveness and results shall then be the first drivers for your penoplasty.


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