Why combining Stem Cells and Plastic Surgery?

Why combining Stem Cells and Plastic Surgery?

Why combining Stem Cells and Plastic Surgery?

The stem cells are defined by  experts as a group of undifferentiated cells that has the great ability to undergo self-renewal and differentiate into any type of tissue. In other terms, stem cells are able to repair or replae any cells in your body and so aging or some diseases in the different body tissues.

This is why stem cells are a new way of treatment for many diseases and chronic conditions that, until now, had no cure (like Diabetes and some heart diseases). However, due to their regenerative properties, a new use of stem cells is starting to be very popular, which is the combination of stem cells with cosmetic and plastic procedures.

Why should I combine stem cells and plastic surgery?

As stem cells can repair all the damaged tissues, they have proved to be an effective treatment modality to repair both functional and aesthetic defects in both bony and soft tissues (even when they are caused by high impact traumas or severe burns). In fact, one of the main uses of stem cells with cosmetic goals is the improvement of some scars.

Likewise, experts recommend combining stem cells and cosmetic procedures to treat non-healing wounds that have turned to be complicated with ischemia (as it occurs in patients with diabetic foot).

Stem cells can also be used with only aesthetic goals, for example, they can be used as anti-aging treatments (specifically for skin rejuvenation) or combined with fat cells to increase the buttocks and breasts size.

What is Stem Cell Fat Grafting?

Stem cell fat grafting is an innovative technique, which is classified as a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines in the face (ie marionette lines). Although the procedure is mostly used for the face, it can also be used to treat mild scars in other areas of the body, including the neck, arms, legs, among others.

How is Stem Cell Fat Grafting performed?

The plastic surgeon will remove fat cells from some areas of your body (usually the abdomen or upper arms) through liposuction. After that, the fat tissue obtained is harvested and processed in a laboratory to activate the stem cells, and it is re-injected  in the areas that will be treated, which allows adding volume and generating new skin cells.

It is very important to know that only adult stem cells are used for this procedure, so you must talk with your doctor about the best way to get them. Likewise, when the amount of fat tissue is enough, the plastic surgeon can also use it to increase the volume of the patient's buttocks or breasts.

What are the benefits of combining stem cells and some plastic surgery procedures?

Among the benefits of combining stem cells with plastic surgeries, the fact that stem cell therapy allows avoiding to undergo other potentially harmful surgical procedures and causing fewer injuries and risk of complications or comorbidities in the donor-sites, can be included.

Another important benefit is that the procedure is easier to perform and less invasive than traditional plastic surgeries, it can be an excellent option for  patients who need to undergo a skin grafting or flap surgery but who have a poor general status and can’t undergo surgery or general anesthesia. For example, patients with traumatic skin defect, big scars, severe burns, skin ulcer, diabetic foot, among others.

Finally, another important advantage of combining stem cells and cosmetic procedures is that as the doctor uses an autologous tissue as filler, the patient has no risk of developing specific side effects due to the activation of the immune system against a foreign material or a synthetic body (such as silicone implants).

One of the most common stem cells therapy in plastic surgery is facelift. Now favourite procedure done in Hommywood for movie stars it is accessible to anyone and present an interesting alternative to traditional face lifting or all sorts of dermo fillers and other botox injections.

What are the disadvantages of combining stem cells and some plastic surgery procedures?

The main disadvantage of combining stem cells and some cosmetic procedures is the fact that grafted fat can be absorbed by your body and the absorption level is very difficult to anticipate, so the results of the procedure can change with time and you might need a new procedure to recover the initial results.

How much does a stem cells treatment in plastic surgery cost?

The cost of combining stem cells with plastic surgery is widely variable because it depends on the type of procedure that will be performed (such as improving the aspect of a scar or increasing breasts size), the amount of tissue that must be replaced, the degree of damage that the different cells have suffered, the technicity and overall knowledge of the plastic surgeon team, the need of a stem cells donor when requested, the patient's age and general health condition, the need for performing other invasive treatments, among others. In practise time management is an important cost factor as you need to spend in average 8 days to get your procedure done but the good thing is that you don't have to stay all the time in the clinic. You have to be present by the first consultation and procedure (fat taken with a liposuction technique) and then come back about a week after to get it reinjected where necessary after a long and complex patented process of filtering.

Last update 1st of November 2018

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