Cryolipolysis? Yeah, You Can Lose Weight Without Operations, Cuts, Stitches and Pain Full Treatments!

Cryolipolysis? Yeah, You Can Lose Weight Without Operations, Cuts, Stitches and Pain Full Treatments!

Cryolipolysis? Yeah, You Can Lose Weight Without Operations, Cuts, Stitches and Pain Full Treatments!

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is worldwide famous weights lose therapy or surgery. It is also known as Fat Freezing Treatment or PCD (Programmed Cells Death). With the help of Cryolipolysis patient can lose his/her weight, by using a particular freezing temperature machine. It freezes our targeted fat areas or fat tissues first, on the other hand in a natural response of our body’s immune system these fat cells divided or destructed permanently. For the sake of fat freezing purpose, many machines and techniques are used in western countries like America, England, and Australia. Usually, local medical clinics and Spa or massage centers are using several branded devices for this purpose. In this treatment patient gradually decrease weight with only temperature treatment, without hard and painful operations. The temperature of +5.5 & -5.4 is used for burning extra fat layers from the body of a patient.

A patient can easily decrease the percentage of fats on his body by using Cryolipolysis Machine. It can take three to four months in showing its proper results in front of others. If we make a review of international standards of Fat Removing Scales, Cryolipolysis process is responsible for removing 20% (twenty percent) of fat layers in few months. 


Cryolipolysis Step by Step:

According to International Standards of Health and Research, our body is a combination of unlimited or uncountable cells. Our body can easily lose 70 to 80 Billion Cells naturally. As well as our Immune system contains several types of cells which are responsible for protecting our body? These cells react automatically in case of any temperature’s fluctuation in our body. First of all, a freezing Cryo-lipolysis machine is applied on targeted fat area of patient’s body. Which became a reason of dropping patient’s body temperature? After a particular time, we have to remove that freezing machine from targeted area. Know you have to wait for natural response cell force of our body. First of all body protection cells divide fats into sections, and after few parts self-destruction takes place. If you are in America, you have to pay almost $ 650 to $ 750 US full time for treatment. If you are in the United Kingdom you have to pay approximately £ 650 Pounds for complete therapy. Cryolipolysis Treatment only takes your forty to fifty minutes on a daily basis. 


List of Non-Surgical Techniques:

There are many other techniques which are following

  • Laser
  • Ultrasound
  • Radio Frequency


Benefits and Advantages of Cryolipolysis:

Central and most attractive benefits of Cryolipolysis are following: 

  • Its biggest advantage is Cryolipolysis don’t give effect to our arteries, bones, veins, capillaries, and sensitive nerve tissues.
  • A nonsurgical but natural fat destructing treatment which saves a patient's time and as well as cost too. The patient doesn’t need any recovery period in Cryolipolysis treatment.
  • Cryolipolysis is not a surgery like liposuction; it’s a fat cell programmed destruction therapy or treatment. Cryolipolysis is very far from any kind of painful cuts and dangerous bleeding.
  • There is no chance of internal bleeding, organism damage or infection chances if a patient is engaged in Cryolipolysis treatment.
  • It is cheap and in range or purchase power of every patient as compare to liposuction surgery, and after treatment, a beautiful and permanent slim body she is waiting for you, in the result of Cryolipolysis.
  • On another hand, Cryolipolysis is not able to destructor remove fat cells from thighs and bottom areas of a body.
  • It can quickly eliminate thick and heavy fat from small areas (like different sides of stomach or back of legs) and will help you to reduce your weight and size of targeted areas easily.
  • Liposuction surgeries price starts from $ 3000 US and ends at $ 8000 US, but on the other hand, Cryolipolysis treatment cost starts from $ 750 US and expires on $ 1500 US.


Disadvantages of Cryolipolysis Treatment:

The operated area will be the lack of sensations or numbness for few hours, just because of freezing.

According to specialists, our body leading organs (like liver, stomach and heart) have to work extra after a destruction of several dead fat cells. 


What is Difference Between Liposuction & Cryolipolysis?


Liposuction is a weight reducing surgery which includes the risk of deep organ damage, internal bleeding, serious infection and deep vein thrombosis. Death risk in liposuction is one per nine thousand cases. Liposuction is also known as lip classic, solid modeling, lip structure, suction lipectomy and suction-assisted fat removal in other languages.

The main areas which are operated in surgery are

  • Buttocks
  • Back in Arms
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen 


It is a weight loss treatment which motivates our natural immune system to divide and destroy additional fat cells from our body. It is also famous with the name of “Freezing fat cells therapy.” Cryolipolysis treatment is very far from bruising, swelling, scars and painful nights.    

Updated on the 25th of September 2018

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