How to Choose Your Veneers for Your Smile?

How to Choose Your Veneers for Your Smile?

How to Choose Your Veneers for Your Smile?

Your facial structure is unique and different from anyone else’s, and the same occurs with your teeth. Even when you have undergone an orthodontic treatment, the shape and aspect of your teeth are unique and they must look good and harmonious with the rest of your facial structures to create a good result.

It is very important to know that choosing dental veneers may be difficult because there are many aspects that you must consider during the process. So, we always recommend looking for the assessment of an expert to obtain a beautiful smile.

For example, you need to know that currently there are available at least 25 different shades or colors for your veneers and, although you may desire a perfectly white denture, your skin tone might look strange with certain veneers shades.

Said in other words, contrary to the popular belief, the whiter tone of veneers is not the ideal or the most beautiful for everyone. As the shades of the veneers are classified in bleaching categories, experts in cosmetic dental procedures recommend choosing a veneer which shouldn't be clearer or whiter than 2 categories of the natural shade of your teeth to obtain a natural result.

You also must choose the shape and length of your veneers because these characteristics are also very variable and the main goal is using veneers that look harmonious with the other teeth that will not be treated with cosmetic procedures.

Maybe you don’t know that your natural teeth may be either squared at both corners, squared at one corner and rounded at the other or rounded at both corners. So, to obtain a beautiful smile, the porcelain veneer must have a shape that is harmonious with your other teeth to look natural.

Recommandations and checks with your Dentist before having veneers

In most cases, the dentists recommend using veneers in the six main teeth, which are both central incisors, both lateral incisors and the two canines. So, in total, you must choose the shape of approximately 6 veneers (each one of the veneers that will be used).

It is also important to know that the shape of the canines’ veneers can be made with different shapes at the top (pointed, rounded or flat) and they must be as similar as possible to the other teeth to maintain your smile style.

You must also choose a proper length for your veneers, especially when the veneers which are for your two central incisors. This is important because if you have very short teeth, you may look older than you are and if you have very long teeth, your smile can result unattractive or even distracting.

To determine the right length of your veneers, the cosmetic dentist will perform some tests during the consultation that are very simple but precise. One of them consists in relaxing your mouth, lips and face muscles with the mouth slightly open, the dentists say that if they see approximately 1-2mm or 1/8” of the frontal teeth, the length is adequate.

On the other hand, if the dentist can't see the teeth, there are too short and if he/she sees more than that, the teeth may be too long or the upper lip too short (which must be also considered in the final result of the smile). You may also think and consider about other dental braces, crowns or implant you may have before having veneers.

Maybe you are thinking that those small changes in the shape of the veneers’ corners, tops and length are exaggerated and insignificant, but those small differences may widely affect the final aspect of your smile.

Choosing the right Veneer and Brand

You must also choose the surface textures and materials that will be used to create the veneer. It is true that these characteristics of the veneer are more technical and the cosmetic dentists’ opinions are the most important. However, the material with which the veneer is made can affect the color of the veneers, their translucencies and their luminosity (the way as the light reflects on the veneer), so you must choose a veneer that creates a natural result when compared to your other teeth.

Likewise, the material is very important to determine the approximate duration that each veneer will have and how it will resist against the normal wear. So, we always recommended talking to your cosmetic dentists about the advantages and disadvantages of each material and the way that it will look in your smile to achieve a long-lasting and beautiful result.

What are the main Veneers brands?

Maybe you have heard about Da Vinci, IPS Empress, Lumineers, Procera, Feldspathic porcelain, Zirconia and E. Max veneers because most experts include them among the best and more recognized porcelain veneers. However, as we said before, none of them is good for everybody and you must decide which of them is the right for you according to your dentist's advice.

It is also important to now that nowadays, many cosmetic dentists have their own laboratories to fabricate the veneers just like you need them, which may be an excellent opportunity to choose the perfect veneer for your smile.

You must also talk to your cosmetic dentist about your "smile style", which is closely related to your facial shape, age, personality, occupation and desires, and can change your aspect more than you can imagine.  

Finally, you must know that the cost of a veneer for your smile will widely vary according to all the choices and changes that you have made to obtain the perfect veneer for you. For example, some materials can be cheaper than others and when a prefabricated veneer must be cut the procedure will be expensive.

In conclusion, the closer the relation and understanding between you and your cosmetic dentist, the better the results. By improving the communication, the dentist can understand your real desires and needs, so he/she will choose a veneer for your smile that meets all the expectations, and you will love your new smile.

last update 10th of April 2017