What is Proton Therapy?

What is Proton Therapy?

What is Proton Therapy?

 What is Proton Therapy and How it is Used in Cancer Treatment?

Proton therapy is the advance treatment use to detect and treat the harmful germs present in the body. It is specially designed and developed for the primary purpose, not to destroy the other tissues around where the tumor is targeting. While using the old technique of bombarding the radioactive rays (also known as x-rays on the cancer-affected part damage the other tendons present in the detected tissues. It can be the cause of the other damage parts of the body and the reasons of the sabotage of the other organs and parts of the body, which gets injured during the process of radioactive ray’s treatment of cancer. However, in the most quantum process to deal with the cancer is the proton therapy in which positively charged ions are used to kill the cancer germs present in the body of any person. A proton also knows as the Alpha rays use to treat the roots of disease. Oncologist uses these protons to get the patients out of the deadly disease known as cancer (oncology or cancer care category).

What is cancer?

Our body is made of cells; trillions of cells are present in our body and perform different tasks. The origins of cancer in the body are these cells, which do not die and rapidly increase of the new cells even if they are not required. Our body makes new cells, and with the appropriate time limit these cells become weak and get damage, and new cells replace them. Cancer is a disease in which old cells did not become deceased, and the numbers of new cells increase more swiftly. These undesirable cells and tissues promote the germs and become a cause of the solid tumor. Cancer can strike in any of the part or any of the organs of the body and can quickly destroy that pretentious part of the body.

 Treatment for Cancer:

There are many treatments to medicament the disease bacteria’s. Many doctors and oncologist recommend many ways to treat the breathtaking illness. Surgeries, chemotherapies, cell transplants, radioactive ray treatments and many other too but nowadays the most recommended curative way is the proton or beam bombardment treatment. Surgeries are one of the most challenging and painful procedure to get the germs of the tumor from the body. This is the latest technology using these days by the foreign oncologists. Other treatments are also very useful many persons survive in their life by adopting the chemotherapies and other radioactive rays, but the most current progress in the field of oncology is the use of Alpha rays.

 Proton Therapy & Cancer:

The best part of the proton treatment is that it does not concern with the other parts of the nearby the tumor. The proton beam when emitting their energy only targets the desired part and does not attack the related area. This is one of the most reliable sources of getting cured of this cancer disease. It has the most minimum quantity of emitting rays on the tissues just to damage the roots of the malignly without harming the most detailed part of the along sides. This way is design for the particular cause of ruining the other tendons while the process of killing the roots of cancer is placing. The particles of protons they use to destroy the origin of the tumor. Another benefit of using these radiations, it does not have any side effects after the treatment completed. No serious symptoms of having an ill health came forward regarding the proton-handled cases. While on the other hand using the chemotherapies and the radioactive rays can damage the tendons also gives far-reaching health regarding issues after the dose.

Oncology and proton treatment:

An oncologist is a person who treats the tumor in the body. Many oncologists work in their particular field such as medical oncologist they do chemotherapies, surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist. Every oncologist deals with its precise job yet the invention of Wilson work as the magical wand in the fields of oncology. The cure for cancer is not an easy task every patient is a challenge, but the proton emitting technique helps him or her to deal the illest patient very fluently. The proton treatment brings new experiments and allows the oncologist to work intensely on the diagnostic tumor. It also gives the best results and has fewer side effects in the treated patient after the rehabilitation. Before the innovation of the beam therapy, the oncologist gets the huge number of side effects after giving the panacea to the victim whereas the advancement of the treatment gives some best results. The best part of the proton therapy, it does not damage the tendons along the tumor coverage area while on the other hand, the chemotherapies give poor results. The radioactive rays can damage the tissues present by the side of a tumor while the proton beams only spasm the tumor roots. To eradicate the roots of cancer without hurting the tendons present by its side’s proton therapy treatment is one of the best treatment around the globe. In the field of oncology, it works as the lifeline to the cancer-diagnosed patient. It helps in many of the cases that might come forward as incurable victims, but the treatment renounces as proton gives the hope to live a safe life as others living.

Proton therapy for different types of tumor:

Cancer can attack in any part of the human body and can take you the dead end of life, but if it captures, in the beginning, there are ways to get the life a safe and healthy life.

There are many types of tumors in the human body some of them are discussed here:

•    Prostate cancer:

•    Prostate cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases can cause you to impotence. The proton therapy to deal with the prostate cancer is the most optimal way because it only focuses on the detected prostate without harming the other parts nearby prostate. The high-emitting rays emphasize the roots of cancer inside the prostate and target the exact point of the tumor.

•    The prostate cancer is the cured in almost two months. If the tumor is detected, then it can take two months to get completely healed. The side effects after the treatment did not last longer and did not give any serious health issues.

•    The proton therapy to treat the prostate cancer have fewer side effects as in the other treatments:

•    The proton treatment is slighter hurt and pain experience treatment.

•    It has fewer side effects of getting impotence and erectile condition.      

•    Brain tumor

•    The human brain is enclosed in a bony skull in which all the body activates order to perform their particular function. When the unexpected growth of the unwanted tissues take place and begin to grow rapidly without giving proper effect can cause the tumor. The brain is the central nervous system of the body if the atypical tendons that become the reason of the brain tumor affect it. Brain tumor are two types

•    Cancerous

•    Non-cancerous

•    The non-cancerous tumor is non-dangerous and can be cured easily. On the other hand, the deadly germ can harm very badly to the human brain. They are very hostile and cannot get cure easily. They affect the tendons, but it did not harm the other organ of the body.

•    In the field of proton therapy the treatment of the brain tumor, get easier as the chemotherapies. It emits the high beam rays to the correctly affected area of the brain without giving harm to the other tendons present by its side.

•    It can give the redness on the treated area.

•    It can give the hair loss in the area.

•    Swelling and agony may become the cause of the treatment.

Side Effects of the Proton Cancer Treatment:

Everything that emits radiation and rays can cause side effects on the human body. Human tissues are the most sensitive part; it can get damaged very easily if any rare, and harsh rays would throw on it. As every other radioactive beam light proton beam, also have some harmful effects on the human body’s tendons. However, if it compared with the other treatment, we get the fewer side effects causing the receptors and tissues of the human body. Here are the some less costly and less dangerous side effects patients may face after getting the treatment of the proton therapy.

•   After taking the proton therapy session, you may feel exhaustion, prostration in the body.

•   You might get a headache after completing the treatment setting because of the proton beams thronging on the body at the productive part of the skin or organ.

•    After the therapy, you may get some digestion disorders. You may not be able to eat a proper diet for some days.

•    You may feel sickness, vomiting after the session. A little fever may get over the patient also.

•    The patient may get some hair loss after the bombardment of the beams on the skin or on the part where the treatment is occurring.

•    You also get redness on the part of the body and get the severe aching.

Above are some of the reactions a patient may get after the proton therapy. These are the very much lesser adverse reaction as compared to the other treatments of the cancer disease. The reason of the fewer unwanted secondary effects are the rays through on the part of the body are in very high dosage quantity, so it targets the exact point of the body.

What are health benefits of the proton treatment?

•    The healthy benefits an oncologist gives a patient by recommending the proton therapy treatment over the radioactive treatment, surgery or chemotherapies. How this advance procedure is may help you to get the secondary reactions and gives you more affectionate and healthful terms.

•    The proton beam rays only mark upon the cells affected by the tumor without molesting on the related cells along the tumor.

•    It gives the less severe side effects on the body, in addition to the lesser deep root adverse reactions to the body or the organs.

•    Another benefit of the proton treatment is its powerful beams treat the patient who already gets the active therapy treatments.

•    It takes very much less time to get the complete treatment. The sessions of the proton therapy only take two months. The courses are suggested only five days a week. Other treatments may make long-term treatment and give harmful side effects.

The proton therapy treatment in this technological life is one if the best invention. It gives benefits to the solid cancer treatments on those parts of the body where surgeries are not required and can be difficult to deal with. Many of the medical care centers are working in the countries of the world, and many other are trying to open more proton treatment cancer care centers.

Who discovers the proton cancer treatment?

The physics professor in the Harvard laboratory discovered the proton treatment. Lawrence Protégée Robert R. Wilson was the person who introduced this advanced method of treating cancer with the beam of protons. Wilson pioneer this magic treatment in 1946 and is firstly used to deal with the cancer patient in 1950.Many works are done on this project the very first treated patient is not very much satisfied with this treatment because the rays of the Alpha particles are less and light as it can no reach the deep inside the body. The first experiment was not much affectionate. After working on the project to make it more superficial in 1970 after getting advancement in the proton treatment, it becomes one of the fastest healing procedures to cure the tumors. It gives the best results as compared with the other treatments. It was not widely used around the world due to it is newly introduction, by the time it is well notorious to almost all parts of the world. Robert R. Wilson also wins the Nobel Prize for inventing the proton therapy treatment.

Updated 28th of October 2018

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