IVF Treatment, What You Should Know Before Going Abroad

IVF Treatment, What You Should Know Before Going Abroad

IVF Treatment, What You Should Know Before Going Abroad

One of the most special moments of a woman’s life is when a woman holds her baby, to whom she gave birth a few minutes ago, for the first time. It is a woman’s pride to bring a beautiful baby into the world. But, unfortunately, for some, this has been just a dream. Due to certain medical and health reasons, getting pregnant has become unrealistic for some women. Thanks to the developed science and technology, IVF comes in handy at this time, to turn a woman’s nightmares into a reality and to give a good end to the emotional rollercoaster the couple has gone through.

What is IVF?

According to Doctor Nuanty, IVF is In Vitro Fertilization which means, producing an embryo in a glass tube. Yes, this sounds a little bit strange, but it really works!  IVF is not a magical solution, but IVF happens in a stepwise process and it requires time.

  • The first step of IVF lasts for 10 days and it suppresses the menstrual cycle.
  • The next step also lasts for 10 days and involves in stimulation of egg production.
  • The third step is aimed at collecting the eggs. This might be a slightly uncomfortable process and therefore, sedatives are given most of the time, in order to keep you relaxed during egg collection procedure. During this procedure, a hollow needle is inserted under the guidance of ultrasound.
  • Then comes the fourth step, and it is one of the most crucial steps of the IVF, where the collected eggs are merged with the collected sperms. This process happens in the laboratory.
  • Another delicate step of IVF is the transfer of the merged egg and sperm (embryo) into the womb. The remaining embryos which were produced are frozen for future usage.
  • However, the final step is an emotional high peak stage where the woman is tested for pregnancy, but this should be done only after 2 weeks of embryo transfer, in order to avoid any false positive results.

Even though it seems easy to practice this method of fertilization in every country, most people travel abroad to get this done. Now you may think why? As always, quality and cost play a major role. Many people travel abroad due to the high quality they maintain together with the use of the most advanced procedures. Higher success rates and also the low-cost rates attract them as well. In addition, some countries have regulations that make IVF an impossible thing to be done in their home countries. So they chose to get it done from somewhere else.

What the Figures Say About IVF Treatment?

According to statistics, most of the people come to Europe, Mexico, and South Africa for the IVF treatments. However, the IVF treatments in Europe are carried out for a very low cost and with the best care possible. For instance, Poland charges €2000, while Spain charges around €4500. On the other hand, in the US an IVF costs around $10,000 per cycle.  An abroad treatment can reduce unnecessary cost by almost 60% and also provides a wide variety of offers in one place itself as if IVF treatment, egg donation, donor insemination and frozen embryo transfer.

Now that we know IVF is more accessible in Europe than rest of the world, it is possible to believe that a woman can realize her dreams here in Europe with the help of our specialists and the best technology in the world.

Doctor Nuanty


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