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In average the price for Acrylic/Acetal Denture includes 6 services.

What services are included in the various costs of your Acrylic/Acetal Denture clinic?

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Last update: 2020-03-15

Art Implant Dental Clinic

București, Romania

At Art Implant clinic, the main focus is on foreign patients and making them to know specialized dental treatments in Romania, at very affordable prices, in a conducive environment and exceptional organization services.

All dental treatments performed at Art Implant Clinic are accomplished with MAXIMUM EXIGENCY, and only carried out by Medical Specialists, with the latest super- professional equipment and the highest quality dental materials with most innovative properties- putting into consideration that the motto of the clinic is “PAINLESS TREATMENT”, the whole of the Medical Team are 100% dedicated towards the treatments of the patient in order to prove to the patient that he/she can really achieve any dental labor PAINLESSLY.

Services carried out at Art Implant clinic are:

•General dentistry
•Dental aesthetics

Upon your arrival to Art Implant Dental Clinic, you will be received by a team of Medical Specialists who are ready to provide all necessary information and assist you in selecting the right treatment solutions and dental healthcare for you.

At Art Implant Dental Clinic, the goal is to provide patients, the best, gentle and efficient treatment, in all respects. The Staff’s attitude is the warmest and kindest possible, turning your relationship with the dentist into a real pleasure.

Immediately the specialized checkup is completed, you will be provided with an ESTIMATE which consists of a treatment plan together with costs and of course several treatment options from which you will be able to select what you think is best and convenient for you in every way. Close

Artemis Center of Excellence

Gurgaon Haryana, India

Artemis Hospital was founded in 2007, extend across 9 acres, accommodating over 400 bed, it is an ultramodern multi-specialty hospital situated in Gurgaon, India. Artemis is the first Hospital in Gurgaon to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) (in 2013) and it is the first hospital in Haryana to get NABH accreditation within 3 years of start up.

Designed as one of the most advanced hospital in India, Artemis offers a depth of proficiency in the spectrum of progressive and modern medical & surgical interventions, comprehensive combination of inpatient and outpatient services. Artemis has make available state of the art technology in the hands of distinguished professionals from across the country and abroad to set new standards in healthcare. The medical practices and techniques carried out in the hospital are research oriented and benchmarked against the finest in the world. Excellent services, in a nice, open centric atmosphere, combined with affordability, has made Artemis one of the most respected hospitals in the country.

Artemis Hospitals is the ideal medical healthcare destination for the employees of numerous industries. Having access to quality healthcare with extra personal care, minimal formalities during admission and a variety of corporate offers. In order to ensure better-quality health for employees & their families, Artemis Hospitals actively collaborate with several corporates by getting empaneled as their ideal medical care service provider. Artemis Hospitals recruit employees from all across the country.

Artemis has productively placed an infrastructural foundation that is reinforced with leading-edge medical technologies. The hospital has also installed highly advanced facilities and equipment in domains and departments like prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic imaging.

Artemis Hospital has well-equipped modern facilities, pharmacy to a clutch of healthy and tasteful eating options at the cafeteria to prayer rooms for the religiously inclined to free Wi-Fi that keeps you connected with your world, to ensure that your stay at the hospital is at ease and hassle-free.

Artemis has received awards like:

•Most Promising Start-Up of the Year 2007 award – Express Healthcare magazine
•Best IT Implementation for the Year 2008 – PC Quest magazine for Hospital Information System.
•Best institute for Medical Value Year 2010 – The CNBC Awaaz travel awards
•Asia Pacific Hand hygiene excellence Award Year 2011 – World Health Organization (WHO) Close

Clinique SG Nice

Nice Cedex 2, France

The Clinique saint George is a versatile center for surgical operations which have more than 29,000 procedures annually in various specialties. This makes for the clinic in order to provide possible urgent or programmed surgical interventions. Clinique saint George offers:

● 8 blocks of 25 operating rooms (15 hyper aseptic rooms, 5 aseptic rooms, 5 endoscopy rooms)

● State-of-the-art equipment offering optimal security for high-tech multidisciplinary surgery
● Central sterilization on site
● 10 induction rooms,
● 5 post-interventional surveillance rooms with 34 posts,
● 161 traditional hospital beds,
● 46 ambulatory hospital beds,
● 8 continuous surgical monitoring beds.

At Clinque saint George, there are seven surgical hospitalization services. The rooms are very spacious, and all the rooms are all well equipped with bathroom shower, TV (headsets for double rooms) and telephone. Also, many single rooms are made available to accommodate patients. Practitioners at Clinique saint George have on site a major medical imaging center which include a scanner and an MRI.

The emergency structure at Clinque saint George (Decree No. 2006-577 of May 22, 2006) is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. The emergency service is located in the basement of the St. George Clinic lobby, and also with radiology, consultation and block services. Two different routes made access to the basement accessible directly which are both the pedestrian access and car access where ambulances, firefighters and ambulances can direct patients to take charge. At patients disposal, two emergency doctors are available to take care of medico-surgical emergencies in adults and children, medicine and surgery.

The fundamental commitment of Clinque saint George is ensuring the safety of its patient, the safety of staffs and also the safety of its environment.

The overall committed of Clinique saint George, on the basis of strong values which is openly displayed, by the motto of Clinique saint George itself: "The patient in heart and excellence in mind"
The project of Clinque saint George is supported by a policy of continuous improvement of quality and risk management which is implemented very early by the General Management.

"Excellence in mind, the patient in the heart" which is the motto of Saint George Clinic. Saint George Clinic work hard every day in order to energize its organizations, work relentlessly and also help to keep abreast of new recommendations.

The continuous evaluation done by Saint George Clinic allows the clinic to adjust its procedures and to ensure patients satisfaction and more. Close

Certus Clinic

Kyiv, Ukraine

Сertus Clinic is a progressive medical center with cutting edge technologies of the world's leading clinics. The clinic offers proficient plastic surgeons who will provide optimum treatment and solutions. This is a complete course of training and rehabilitation of patients.
Clinic Certus is situated on the territory of a multi-profile hospital in Kiev, which offers a complete range of medical healthcare and guarantees the safety of patients in carrying out surgical operations of even great complications.

DR. Pinchuk Vasily Dmitrievich is the Founder and head of Certus Clinic, he is the President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, and also a Professor of the Chair of Combustiology and Plastic Surgery of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PL Shupika. He co-authored of 210 scientific publications and 4 national manuals for doctors in plastic surgery. In June 26, 2012, he was certified the highest category in the specialty "Surgery" in certifying commission MOH Ukraine. From 2001 till date he is the director of private clinic "Kiev Municipal Center of Plastic Microsurgery and Aesthetic Medicine “CERTUS". From September 1 year 2007 till date he is the professor in the department of burns and plastic surgery in post-graduate National Medical Academy named after Shupik (Kiev).

The clinic has a collective team of qualified specialists with individual working experience as a plastic surgeon of over 15 years. Certus is the only educational base in Ukraine for postgraduate education of doctors in plastic facial surgery.

Procedures carried out in Clinic Certus:

Aesthetic surgery of the Face:
•endoscopic face-lift
•forehead and eyebrow-lift
•eyelid plasty
•augmentation of the chin and cheekbones
•neck plasty
•rhinoplasty (open and closed)
•augmentation of the soft tissues by injections.

Aesthetic surgery of the breast:

•augmentation of the breast
•reduction of the breast
•lifting of the breast
•nipple areola reconstruction.
Aesthetic surgery of the body and extremities:
•lipoplasty of various areas of body and face;
•shoulders' plasty
•augmentation of the buttocks
Microsurgery and hand surgery:
•Microsurgical autotransplantation of tissues at defects of tectorial tissues of various localization
•Operations at injuries and deformities of the hand. Close

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Dental Center Strasbourg

Strasbourg, France

The Cllinique Dentaire & Implantologie located in Strasbourg is an approved dental health center. At Clinique Dentaire & Implantologie Strasbourg, social security tariffs are practiced, without exceeding fees, with the establishment of third-party payment.

The calibers of dental practitioners practicing at the Clinique Dentaire & Implantologie Strasbourg are registered on the board of the National Order of Dental Surgeons, as a result securing the respect of the principles of morality, probity, competence, and dedication essential to the exercise of dentistry.

It is at the end of a training guaranteeing their degree of competence and capitalizing on their experience that dentists are authorized to practice within Clinique Dentaire & Implantologie Strasbourg.

In order to permit the dentists to focus on the care of patients at Clinique Dentaire & Implantologie Strasbourg, the dental surgeons gain from the support of a team of professionals which are made up of dental assistants and administrative advisers working at patient’s disposal.

To give accurate backup for dental surgeons, all the instrument needed for intervention are prepared by dental assistants and ensure the impeccable hygiene of all other equipment, while the clinical advisors are the privileged debaters to provide patients with any information of order administrative.

Dental operations performed at Clinique Dentaire & Implantologie Strasbourg are listed below:


Every patient benefits "except emergency" from a total examination conducted during their first appointment, with a treatment plan that allows, in a couple of sessions, to restore the mouth of patient in an extensive way. A detailed and comprehensive estimate is elaborated carefully by the dental specialist and is proposed to the patient, who has adequate time to settle on his decision and sort out a conceivable financing.

This estimate will be clarified in case there is need for it by the Administrative Advisor whose duty is to go with every patient amid his treatment. Because patients’ health is essential and that it goes through the oral health, it is vital to conduct a complete assessment in order to determine, with the Dentist-Dentist, the course of appropriate and personalized care to find the most beautiful smile! Close

NMC Hospital

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

NMC Healthcare is the biggest private healthcare company in the UAE, established in 1974; it is ranks among the top fertility facility globally. Over the past forty-three years, NMC has been relied on by millions of people to provide the quality and effective services they seek, thanks to its tailored care, sincere concern and a genuine commitment to the general well-being of the patient.

NMC was the first company established in Abu Dhabi to list on the London Stock Exchange and it is currently part of the premium FTSE 100 Index, an exclusive club of top 100 blue-chip companies by market cap. NMC's strategic achievements together with its legacy institutions have enable it to fill the service gap in the medical healthcare delivery sector and providing a continuum of care to patients.

Currently, the company has station the fundamental mechanisms in place to produce a strong, inter-connected, integrated multi-vertical and multi-brand private healthcare network with the scalability and flexibility to develop its future operations continuously. Possessing a team of more than 2,000 professional doctors and 18,000 paramedical and support personnel, NMC possesses and manages more than 135 healthcare facilities that consist of hospitals, medical centres, long term care facilities, day surgery centres, fertility clinics and home health services. Annually, more than 8.5 million patients are treated by NMC doctors across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Slovakia, Egypt, Brazil and Colombia.

At NMC Healthcare, it is believed that healthcare is basically not about identifying, diagnosing, enlightening or treating an individual but it is also about helping individuals to live a healthy, hale and hearty life. The medical organization is unswerving in serving the societies where it is situated and pledges to deliver to customers hope ‐ Hope of a Healthy and Happy Life. Going by the expression, 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, it medical journey started with its initial phase in 1974, when a small clinic and pharmacy established in Abu Dhabi under the name New Medical Centre (NMC).

During the initial years, NMC, being a pioneer private health care provider was faced with many challenges. Instead of giving into these challenges or setbacks, the strive on and pave way for better opportunities and resolved the challenges positively with determination, perseverance, will power, and strength. Part of that success can as well be attributed to the sincerity, hard work and dedication of its staffs, which have assist the medical organization to develop and flourish over the years.

In 2018,
•NMC acquires outstanding 49% minority stake in Fakih IVF at approximately same enterprise value as original acquisition cost set in 2015.
•NMC acquires 70 percent stake in CosmeSurge, a cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine provider.
•NMC acquires 80 percent stake in the Riyadh-based Al Salam Medical Group.
•NMC's Fertility vertical - Fakih IVF, the leading fertility services provider in the Middle East region, opens its new fertility center in Muscat, Oman.
NMC Healthcare has received the following awards,
•Gold Stevie Award 2016
•Great Place to Work 2016-2017
•Superbrands 2016-2017
•Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award 2016-2017
•Service Olympian Award (Best Social Media Experience) 2018.

In 2009, NMC Specialty Hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain area awarded the prestigious JCI accreditation. Close

Medi Dental Clinic

Lisbon, Portugal

We bring your smile to life! Medidental is a dental clinic that opened its doors, iin 2012, with the aim of providing all its clients top quality services at the best prices on the market. For this, it has invested in a solid, multidisciplinary clinical team, which currently has nine dentists, five assistants and four customer service managers. Our medical team distinguishes itself by providing a number of specialities, which include treatments that guarantee a perfect smile, namely: implants, whitening, prostheses and dental braces. Besides this investment in human capital with the best training in dental medicine, oral rehabilitation and aesthetics, Medidental is also noted for always providing very advantageous payment solutions for its patients. Discover our special prices and packs and enjoy premium oral healthcare that will certainly make all the difference in your household budget. Be another of our successful clinical cases. Visit us and see the excellent offers we have for you and your family Close

Bangkok Dental Center

Bangkok, Thailand