Ankle Treatment/Surgery Price, real cost

Ankle Treatment/Surgery Price

Clinic Average/As of Price
American Hospital Paris, France from 250€
Clinic Tokuda, Bulgaria from 1500€
Aesthetic Surgery Center, Latvia 0-450€
Clinic KCM, Poland 1500-4200€
Clinic Taksim, Turkey from 1500€
American Hospital Istanbul, Turkey from 450€
Clinic Juaneda, Spain from 1500€
Clinic Center Maresme, Spain from 1500€
Clinic Paloma, Spain from 1500€
Clinic Cuevas, Spain from 1500€
Clinic CLOE, Spain from 1500€
Clinic Crooke, Spain from 1500€
Azuara Dental Clinic, Spain from 370€
Antiaging Barcelona, Spain from 450€
Ceram Hospital, Spain from 1500€
Clinic Conde, Portugal from 1300€
Dental Clinic Oral Klass, Portugal from 1500€
CLINICA Projetamos Sorrisos, Portugal from 1500€
Clínica da Prelada, Portugal from 1500€
Clinic Fantozzi, Italy from 1500€
Centro Chirurgico Toscano, Italy from 1500€
City Clinic, Bulgaria from 1500€
Academic Hospital Koln, Germany from 370€

Ankle Treatment/Surgery clinic and hospitals: average price

In average the price for Ankle Treatment/Surgery includes 0 services.

What services are included in the various costs of your Ankle Treatment/Surgery clinic?

Last update: 2020-06-15

Bangkok Dental Center

Bangkok, Thailand

Asiri Medical Group

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Cairo Plastic Surgery

cairo, Egypt