Cardiology Consultation in Mexico

Almater Hospital Mexico

Mexicali, Mexico

Almater Hospital is one of the top and best, leading healthcare facilities located in northern Mexico. It is situated just two hours from Sa... Read More

Almater Hospital is one of the top and best, leading healthcare facilities located in northern Mexico. It is situated just two hours from San Diego, California, in the vibrant border city of Mexicali, Mexico. Almater Hospital has been offering an affordable, world-class healthcare to clients from different parts of the world including clients from America, Canada and local patients for over 25 years.

Patients come as first choice at Almater Hospital. Almater Hospital is staffed by a dedicated team of bilingual doctors and healthcare professionals, Almater Hospital is dedicated to offering all its international patients with the most attentive and comfortable healthcare experience. The highly skilled doctors are committed to creating a better patient experience by taking the time to nurture their relationships with their patients in their respective specialty areas.

The vision of Almater Hospital is to serve as a good example for effective healthcare both at local and international level through the incessant pursuit of excellence in all spheres of medical service and patient related care. And, supervised by the instruction of a highly-involved leadership team, maintain a care-focused approach that is based on compassion and respect for all patients, while advancing the growth and development of Almater healthcare system.

Almater Hospital is committed to providing their patients with a supreme healthcare experience by fostering a healing environment in which Almater patients receive outstanding medical services and personalized care at an affordable price.

Talented team of physicians at Almater Hospital provides patients access to world-class healthcare in a wide variety of specialty areas. The goal of Almater Hospital is to provide patients with exceptional care through direct and easy link to their knowledgeable doctors and medical staff who are highly-skilled in their respective areas of medicine. Almater Hospital brand-new technology and state-of-the-art medical facilities assists doctors at Almater hospital in their innovative work, leading to an enhanced healthcare experience and greater patient satisfaction. Close

Hospital General Jesus

Ciudad de México, Mexico

The Hospital de Jesus under the standard of an oriented selection, performs its studies of Check Up, lots of packages are designed to confir... Read More

The Hospital de Jesus under the standard of an oriented selection, performs its studies of Check Up, lots of packages are designed to confirm or exclude the presence of a particular disease, making use of the least possible number of studies for suitable detection of the illness. This can result to the detection, treatment or cure, thereby reducing complications and sometimes premature mortality.

At Hospital de Jesus clinical laboratory open and works for 24 hours on a daily basis, totaling 365 days a year, providing the most complete diagnostic services, which includes: Clinical analyzes, Electrocardiogram, Exfoliative cytology, and Blood bank.

Hospital de Jesus is served by expert and technical personnel that will provide you with warmth and confidence, using sterile and disposable equipment, as indicated in the Official Rules, so that patients get the required security guarantees in the procedures they request.
Hospital de Jesus provides the following discounts with the presentation of the following copy of credential:

•Patients of INAPAM 25%
•Employees and Relatives of the Supreme Court of Justice 35%
•Employees and Fam of the SHCP and STC Metro 20%

Hospital de Jesus utilize remote control equipment in radiology diagnostic service for routine studies and specials, portable equipment, C-arm, dental panoramic, ultrasound and mammography. Attended by medical and technical personnel with extensive experience and professionalism. Hospital de Jesus carries out the studies that the treating Physicians request within the Institution and also to outpatients.
Ambulance Service at Hospital de Jesus:

•Simple transfer to any area of the Federal District.
•Simple transfer to the State of Mexico.
•Double transfer in the State of Mexico.
•Double transfer of the Hospital to any Hospital Center in Mexico City for studies.
•Transfer outside the metropolitan area.

The Hospital de Jesus offers nutritional service to prevent osteoporosis as it is compulsory to get a diet that is rich in calcium. It is advisable to systematically involve in some kinds of physical exercise in which the muscles work against gravity, this helps to improve and maintain bone mass. Walking is an exercise in excellent strength. Remember, before starting an exercise program; make sure you consult your doctor. Close

Familia Clinica

Mexicali, B.C, Mexico

In 2003, the clinic Familia Clinica , was established by a team of doctors in quest of an advanced standard of medical health care that was... Read More

In 2003, the clinic Familia Clinica , was established by a team of doctors in quest of an advanced standard of medical health care that was so much needed in the region. Most of the founding doctors where Gynecologists, which signifies that the hospital's initial specialty in its first years of existence was based on women services. Hospital de la Mujer, (Women's Hospital), was the hospital's first name and many natives presently still refer to the hospital by that name.

In 2004, the clinic decided to grow its services to everyone inclusive, as a result changing its name to Familia Clinica. Familia Clinica is by far one of the most exclusive clinics in the region with some of the best and renowned surgeons in the region on staff. Because of the nearness to the United States, it's hires qualified and experienced medical surgeons, high-tech state of the art facility, and a medical tourism department team that’s always available to help individuals during their medical experience, this is one of the many reasons why Hospital de la Familia is considered one of the best destinations for medical tourism in Mexico.

Familia Clinica is a beautiful state of the art facility situated just 200 yards south of the US-border entry in the city of Mexicali BC Mexico. It’s up-to-date medical technology and operating theatres making it a safe and dependable choice for surgical procedures in the region. Despite the fact that most medical centres are owned by a sole-proprietor or a group of investors, the Family Hospital is the only hospital in North Mexico that is fully-owned and operated by the same medical experts that can carry out surgical procedures. Significantly, most of the specialists are real owners of the hospital. This reasonable advantage not available in any other hospital in the area and it is one of many reasons why the Family Hospital has realized many accomplishments with thousands of contented international patients and became a front-runner in medical tourism since its inaugural opening in 2003.

Familia Clinica accommodates 23 private patient rooms manned by doctors and specialized personnel that understand how significant it is to make patient feel convenient during medical treatment, even if it’s a few of hours or days. Also, five complete surgery rooms, pre-operative and recovery rooms plus Adult & Pediatric IC Units. As well as a technologically, personnel, and specially designed areas that require an efficient and opportune care on a patient who arrives to the emergency unit. Areas are separated between Adult & Pediatric areas, ready to provide service at any time. Equipped with cutting edge technology in areas such as radiology, homodynamic and ultrasound, Tomography and Gynecology-Obstetrics unit. It is a fully-functioning hospital with the staff and facilities to take care of a vast range of medical and surgical problems, as well as a 24-hour Emergency Room, staffed by specialist medical and nursing staff. Hospital de la Familia services is based surgical specialties, comprising of bariatric (weight loss) surgical procedure, plastic surgical procedure and obstetrics & gynecology as well as other medical specialties, such as sports medicine, endocrinology and pediatrics. Close

More information about Cardiology in Mexico

Cardiovascular Problems in Mexico City

A person who has cardio vascular disease or cardiovascular illness may be referred to your cardiologist.

The cardiologist is not the exact same as a cardio vascular disease.

The center physician opens the chest and plays heart operation.

The cardiologist specializes in diagnosis and treatment for cardio vascular illness. The cardiologist will run tests, and a few can do procedures such as coronary heart catheterization, angioplasty or pacemaker insertion.

Cardiovascular disorder is heart-specific, although cardio vascular disorder affects the heart, blood vessels, and both.

To be a cardiologist in the U.S., mediation three decades of internal medicine education, and also three or more decades of cardiology specialization needs to be achieved.

When do I require a cardiologist in Mexico? 

Cardiology deals with spirit wellbeing. When a individual has heart problems indications, his physician may refer them for your cardiologist. Symptoms signaling a center problem include:
Breath problems
chest pain
affects at rate of heart rhythm or rate
Even the cardiologist could do core failure tests or irregular heart rhythms. They often times treat patients who have experienced heart attacksand heart failure or other cardiovascular issues.

Even the cardiologist could advise on preventing cardiovascular illness.

A person Might Need to Visit a cardiologist even with no signs, if He's Got a family history of Coronary disease or Higher cholesterol when he/she she is smoked if she's diabetes or when she starts a fresh exercise program,

Just what can cardiology mean in general in Mexico City?

The cardiologist may review the wellbeing of the person and perform a physical examination. They can check the severity of the person, lung, heart, blood pressure, and blood vessels and also execute out a couple tests. The interventionist cardiologist can perform procedures like angioplasty, stents, valveoplasty, correction of congenital heart defects and coronary thrombectomy.

They're Also Able to purchase or perform tests as shown below:

Products from the catheterization laboratory permits the physician to discover the state of this center.

Out patient ECG: report heart rate as a person performs exercise or even routine activities. Little metallic electrodes are jammed in the chest and are attached directly into the Holter monitor, which records exactly the rhythms.
Stress test: this shows varies in heartbeat from rest and exercise. Steps heart and success rate. 
Echocardiogram: Provides the ultrasonic picture revealing the structure of one's heart chambers along with around areas and also shows how the heart works. 
Echocardiography can quantify just howmuch coronary heart pump blood flow, also called coronary output. It may detect heart issues, called pericarditis. It can also discover structural abnormalities or cardiovascular infection infections. 
Cardiac catheterization: Even a small tube in or near the center assembles data and could facilitate blockage. It might catch and assess the performance of the middle and the electric process. Catheter-based fluorescence methods could be useful to take care of congenital heart, ventilatory and coronary heart disorder. 
Atomic cardiology: atomic listing techniques make use of radioactive chemicals to study anti inflammatory diseases and cardio vascular diseases.

Cardiac Electrophysiology in Mexico

Cardiac electrophysiology may be the subspecialization of all cardiology. A doctor examines how that the electric currents within the heart tissues function, the way the present is dispersing, and also exactly what exactly this means can be your present-day blueprint.
Choose a cardiologist
The American Heart Association (AHA) guides individuals to test whether their cardiologist is accredited. Patients can check this during the Internal Medicine Council (ABIM) or even the Family Medicine Committee (ABFM).