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Clitoral Hood Price

Clinic Average/As of Price
Homolka Hospital, Czech Republic Enquire
Medicon Skupina klinik, Czech Republic Enquire
Hygeia Hospital, Greece Enquire
Sky Clinic, China Enquire
East Plastic Clinic, China Enquire
Yan Hee Hospital, Thailand 636-3180€
Hisar Hospital, Turkey from 1902€
Shanghai United Family General Healthcare HOSPITAL, China Enquire
Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez Romero Plastic Surgical Clinic, Mexico 0-450€
Sirio Libanes, Brazil from 550€
Beijing Puhua International Hospital, China Enquire
Elizabeth Medical Center, China Enquire
Certus Clinic, Ukraine from 1154€
Premium Clinic, Hungary from 1636€
Cairo Plastic Surgery, Egypt Enquire

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Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez is located just across the border of San Diego. Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez is a plastic surgeon who provides the most qualified facilities in other to perform aesthetic procedures in Tijuana Mexico.

Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez is completely equipped with the best and state-of-the-art technology. The facilities used by Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez accomplish and exceed the norms and requirements for a plastic surgical center which meets the maximum standards of hygiene and safety for both the patient and the doctor’s team.

There are two rebranded operating room in Dr. Manuel Gutierrez’ facilities providing the best brands of equipment and latest technology to offer a high quality service and experience to each patient. At Dr. Manuel Gutierrez therapeutic center, the Recovery Center and the facilities are both located on the same floor, which is designed for resting and recovering from a surgery, under the supervision and assistance of the certified and caring nurses of Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez. The staffs are well prepared to offer personalized attention to the patient in a very comfortable environment.

The transformed state of the art facilities of Dr. Manuel Gutierrez are the best and perfect medical compliment to provide you an integral professional service… Every detail is planned to assure your safety, comfort and proper audience, in order that your procedure goes on smoothly well and successfully. The spaces are clean, modern and well adapted to a medical atmosphere.

Staying at Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez’ facilities will be far more than enjoyable and pleasant, as Dr. Manuel Gutierrez personally ensure on a daily basis that you are comfortable, well cared and recuperating as fast as possible. Everything begins from the waiting area, a room with big modern couches for you to rest while the staffs will be ready to attend to you. Immediately you get into the doctor’s office you will have the opportunity to discuss with him in a private and confidential space. And eventually, when your procedure begins, you will find the whole clinic ideal for your every need and wellness.

In case you seek a professional, nice and warm treat during your medical experience in Tijuana Mexico, Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez and his staff are definitely the best choice ever! Staffs at Dr. Manuel Gutierrez’ center are Board Certified in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, the team of nurses are registered and well trained in all modern techniques that are now available all over the world. Close

Sirio Libanes

São Paulo - SP, Brazil

The Sírio-Libanês Hospital is one of the most important hospitals in Brazil and South America. It is one of the most well-known health facilities in Brazil due to the high quality of care.

Syrian-Lebanese is an international reference center on health. Through its service units, and also through its efforts of social responsibility, teaching and research, it helps an increasing number of Brazilians to have a better and healthier life. This includes more than 120,000 patients treated annually in its facilities and also citizens who benefit from public-p cooperation Rivada , projects in support of the Unified Health System (SUS) and the widespread medical knowledge in their programs formation.

The humanization of service, pioneering and excellence are the bases of the work of the Syrian-Lebanese and are part of its origin. The institution emerged in 1921 when a group of immigrants from the Syrian-Lebanese community in Brazil met to create a project that would reciprocate the warm welcome they received in the country. The Beneficent Society of Ladies was created, a philanthropic entity that still maintains the institution.

Structure and services

With a constructed area of approximately 100,000 m² in the neighborhood of Bela Vista, in São Paulo, it serves more than 40 specialties and has 466 beds (data from May 2016), of which 47 in the Intensive Care Unit. A large ongoing expansion program will bring this capacity to 710 beds by the end of 2016. The investment in social responsibility will also have an exponential increase, rising from R $ 80 million per year to R $ 150 million in the same period.

The institution combines a multi - disciplinary clinical team the latest technology. Over the years, it has achieved pioneering achievements, such as the inauguration of the first Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Brazil in 1971 and participation in the first robot-guided tele-surgery performed in the Southern Hemisphere in 2000.

Its area of activity covers preventive medicine programs, emergency and emergency medical care, highly complex therapeutic internments and rehabilitation, among other services. A work recognized with the seal of the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world's most important body of hospital quality control.

The Sírio-Libanês Hospital makes every effort to get to know everything about you and to offer each patient individual care. Every day Sírio-Libanês Hospital welcomes people from many different countries, and have set up a specialist team for this purpose. They will find out what you need and give you all the help they can. Close

Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) has been delivering international-standard healthcare from Beijing, in China since the year 1995. Well over 50% of BPIH patients are international. They come for the Best in Neurological/Neurosurgical diagnostics and care: this is our heritage. They come for Traditional Chinese Medicine: this is our culture. They come for the most advanced Biotechnology available: this is our commitment.

Beijing Puhua International Hospital is a leader in providing international healthcare, comfort and service.

As the Director says " The facilities and staff are exceptional, and BPIH is the standard for the advanced diagnostic, medical and surgical care that this facility is famous for".

Since that time, BPIH has kept its lead in Beijing, and today works even harder to develop Tomorrow’s Health Care, and provide it to patients, today. Located in the heart of Beijing's cultural center, adjacent to the world-famous Temple of Heaven.

Over 50% of BPIH patients are international. They come from the Americas, from Europe, Russia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. They come for the Best in Neurological/Neurosurgical diagnostics and care: which is their heritage. They come for Traditional Chinese Medicine: this is culture of BPIH. They come for the most advanced Biotechnology available: the commitment of BPIH.

BPIH is an elite and comprehensive, international standard neurosurgical, neurological, and high-biotech medical center in China. With 62 beds, 2 operating theaters, and a full 24/7 intensive care unit, Beijing Puhua International Hospital was the first Western-standard, full-service hospital in Beijing. In addition to medical and surgical services, BPIH also coordinates the highest standard Stem Cell Therapy for many international patients, and for a wide variety of medical conditions.

Beijing Puhua International Clinic (BPIC) is the full capability adjunct care facility of Beijing Puhua International Hospital. BPIC cares for international and local patients living and working in Beijing. The modern facilities and international staff handle a full range of medical conditions daily and, together with Beijing Puhua International Hospital, offer complete and seamless integration of specialist and primary care.
Medical departments include: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery Center, Stem Cell Center, Knee & Hip Regeneration, Neurology, Knee & Hips, Anti-aging/Rejuvenation, Cardiology, Diabetes /Endocrinology, General Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Neurosurgery, Oncology Center, Orthopedics, Primary Care, Podiatry, and Rehabilitation.

The stem cells Center and its various high level treatments makes it one of the rare reference in the world. Close

Elizabeth Medical Center

Guangzhou City, China

Elizabeth International Medical Center is affiliated with Guangzhou Elizabeth Hospital. It is established according to the standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI). This hospital is part of the Shanghai Baijia Women and Children's Health Investment Co, Ltd through which they integrate some of the top specialists in medical care.

Guangzhou Elizabeth Women's Hospital is located in Liwan District , the heartland of Guangzhou commercial center. It has a building area of 20,000 square meters.

Elizabeth International Medical Center provide their services in several languages and their interpreters are well willing to help you in any way possible. As a reputed hospital of medical social insurance in Guangzhou and direct billing center of international commercial insurance, this hospital act as a leading brand in the field of maternal and infant health care.

The Elizabeth Hospital provides personalized services such as free pregnancy-related courses, optional delivery packages, water birth and postpartum special meals. Elizabeth International Medical Center are open to all patients every day and provide fundamental medical care services, prevention, health care and rehabilitation.

Elizabeth International Medical Center bring together renowned experts to provide international standard medical care in Obstetrics, Reproductive Medical Services, Gynecology, Medical Cosmetology, Postpartum Rehabilitation, Aesthetic Medical Treatment, Maternal and Children health Care.

Medical services are Obstetrics, Assisted Reproduction, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Health Check-up, Pelvic Floor Recovery, Psycological Consulting, Midwife Consulting, and Aesthetic Medicine.

Elizabeth International Medical Center has attracted many celebrities, politicians, businessmen including medical checkups and deliveries from up to 90 countries/territories. Elizabeth International Medical Center surgical & medical services also extends to so many areas and is quite extensive, providing advanced medical equipment and world class medical/surgical facilities. Close

Certus Clinic

Kyiv, Ukraine

Сertus Clinic is a progressive medical center with cutting edge technologies of the world's leading clinics. The clinic offers proficient plastic surgeons who will provide optimum treatment and solutions. This is a complete course of training and rehabilitation of patients.
Clinic Certus is situated on the territory of a multi-profile hospital in Kiev, which offers a complete range of medical healthcare and guarantees the safety of patients in carrying out surgical operations of even great complications.

DR. Pinchuk Vasily Dmitrievich is the Founder and head of Certus Clinic, he is the President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, and also a Professor of the Chair of Combustiology and Plastic Surgery of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PL Shupika. He co-authored of 210 scientific publications and 4 national manuals for doctors in plastic surgery. In June 26, 2012, he was certified the highest category in the specialty "Surgery" in certifying commission MOH Ukraine. From 2001 till date he is the director of private clinic "Kiev Municipal Center of Plastic Microsurgery and Aesthetic Medicine “CERTUS". From September 1 year 2007 till date he is the professor in the department of burns and plastic surgery in post-graduate National Medical Academy named after Shupik (Kiev).

The clinic has a collective team of qualified specialists with individual working experience as a plastic surgeon of over 15 years. Certus is the only educational base in Ukraine for postgraduate education of doctors in plastic facial surgery.

Procedures carried out in Clinic Certus:

Aesthetic surgery of the Face:
•endoscopic face-lift
•forehead and eyebrow-lift
•eyelid plasty
•augmentation of the chin and cheekbones
•neck plasty
•rhinoplasty (open and closed)
•augmentation of the soft tissues by injections.

Aesthetic surgery of the breast:

•augmentation of the breast
•reduction of the breast
•lifting of the breast
•nipple areola reconstruction.
Aesthetic surgery of the body and extremities:
•lipoplasty of various areas of body and face;
•shoulders' plasty
•augmentation of the buttocks
Microsurgery and hand surgery:
•Microsurgical autotransplantation of tissues at defects of tectorial tissues of various localization
•Operations at injuries and deformities of the hand. Close

Premium Clinic

Budapest, Hungary

Premium Plastic Surgery Clinic is a premium plastic surgical procedure center located in Central-Budapest, on top of the famous Gellert Hill. The plastic surgery center offers complex surgical and beauty enhancement treatments with the expenditure of the cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The clinic also hires highly-trained, globally qualified professionals to serve patients in friendly environment.

The surgical clinic provides both outpatient and inpatient selections, facilities and services to every individual patient. Although in routine procedures, does not necessitate inpatient measure, as these can be carried out in consulting rooms on an outpatient facility. In the course of this processes, pre-procedure consultations are not required. Plastic surgery procedures are carried out on an outpatient or on an inpatient stay with clinical observation for just one day. The clinic’s highly skilled specialists are capable of carrying out collective techniques in one occurrence, which insinuate that numerous procedures can be executed under a single general anesthetic.

Greg Pataki M.D. is a medical doctor, a specialist in surgical treatment and in plastic surgical procedure, He is the Director and Initiator of the Premium Plastic Surgery Clinic with Operation Facilities situated at the Clinical Block of the Semmelweis Medical University and office (private clinic) on the Gellert-Hill, in proximity to the City Center, Budapest. Dr. Pataki achieved his medical degree from the Semmelweis University, Budapest. He finished his general surgery training and plastic surgery residency in Hungary and in Germany (Bottrop and Schleiden). He is board certified in both specializations. Dr. Pataki has worked at the St. Stevens’s and St. John’s Hospitals and the Plastic and Aesthetic Departments at the Military Hospital in Budapest as well as at other Private Clinics. Dr. Pataki has completed scholarships in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Brazil, Holland and the USA, and his global experiences include Germany, Ireland and Australia.

With an objective to deliver an idyllic, calming surrounding and make available the utmost medical standards to its patients, the clinic practices consist of rejuvenating and aesthetic procedures personalized to be suitable for each and every individual. As well collective surgical procedures and treatments with maximum secured clinical experience are among the clinic’s special offer. Plastic surgery procedures enable it probable to reestablish the synchronization and equilibrium concerning the body and the soul. By means of cutting edge technology coupled with the applicable expertise and specialty understanding of plastic surgery procedures that are safe and they result to exceptional outcomes.

Premium Plastic Surgery Consulting Rooms are situated on the Buda-side of Budapest in a calm street at the core of the city on top of the Gellert Hill. This is the 11th district of Budapest. At the clinic, in the course of consultation, a comprehensive conversation is carried out with the plastic surgical doctor. Counselling patients about the suitable and recommended treatments techniques, the promising surgical procedure, the likely outcomes, activities to implement pre- and post-surgery as well as giving answers to questions asked by the patient; The duration of the consultation varies depending on the issue, prior to a breast enhancement surgical procedure, a consultation can hold for approximately one and half hours depending on the surgeon’s conclusion. Close

Cairo Plastic Surgery

cairo, Egypt