Heart Valve Replacement in Greece

Hygeia Hospital

Marousi, Greece
Joint Commission International

HYGEIA Hospital is a 17 floors building situated in Greece, occupying a total surface area of 30,000 square meters. It accommodates 440 beds... Read More

HYGEIA Hospital is a 17 floors building situated in Greece, occupying a total surface area of 30,000 square meters. It accommodates 440 beds, around which 294 of them are active. It comprises of 18 operating rooms, 38 ICU & 2 Fluid Transplant Unit beds, 71 semi-private rooms, 73 private rooms, 18 junior suites, 3 large suites, 2 luxury suites and 1 VVIP suite.

HYGEIA Hospital with over 40 years of experience continues its commitment with a central objective to deliver the best quality medical services and cultivate an integrated system of healthcare and medical services domestically and worldwide. With a steadfast significance is to continuously offer top-level healthcare services, in line with the maximum criteria globally, making HYGEIA Group an innovator in its field, the medical organization continue striving for the advancement its services both in terms of infrastructure and organization. Also ensuring the implementation of all the cutting-edge technology in medical discipline, making HYGEIA Group a center of excellence in Greece and Europe, and helping it in sustaining its place among the acknowledged leading institutions globally.

HYGEIA Hospital activities are concentrated predominantly on patient’s comprehensive healthcare and they are the purpose why the administrative, medical, nursing and supplementary staffs are always on ready to act. The hospital guarantees to provide a comfortable and reliable medical care capability to each individual patient.

Beatific is a subsidiary of HYGEIA Group that focuses mainly on research, production and trading of medical cosmetics. Beatific began operations in December 2013, it revealed 13 different dermocosmetic products, based on scientific innovation and motivated by the necessities of modern-day women.

Take advantage of on the scientific prominence and medical understanding of HYGEIA Group, Beatific offers non-invasive procedures to treat and prevent aging, while restoring skin radiance and youthfulness. Different variety of products has been developed by the proficient medical workforce of the HYGEIA Group dermatology divisions, collaboratively working with cosmetic chemists. The scientific team produced a complete range of skincare merchandises, implementing all the up-to-date medical cosmetology techniques, combined with the cutting-edge technology in cosmetics.

The Beatific medical cosmetics comply with the requirements of the Cosmetic Regulation and have been registered in the EU portal (CPNP). They are produced by a Greek manufacturing unit that is certified to ISO 22716 and have been fully verified as to their effectiveness by a certified European lab, in accordance with the latest generation etiquettes.

HYGEIA hospital is the first hospital in Greece to be Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited.

As its Director says "HYGEIA Hospital is the first large private hospital to operate in Greece and has been a leading healthcare provider for the last 40 years. It is located in the northern suburbs of Athens and close to the Athens International Airport. HYGEIA Hospital combines high quality services at the leading edge of medical science and technology, with state-of-the-art equipment, at competitive rates." Close

Palladion Rehabilitiation Clinic

Tripoli ARKADIA, Greece

PALLADION Rehabilitation Center is one of the newest and most advanced Rehab Centers in Greece (opened doors late 2013) and it is situated o... Read More

PALLADION Rehabilitation Center is one of the newest and most advanced Rehab Centers in Greece (opened doors late 2013) and it is situated on the old Tripolis-Tegeas national road of Tripoli Municipality just an 1.5 hour from the Capital of Greece, Athens. PALLADION offers specialized facilities for patients requiring rehabilitation.

Also it provide inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation Facilities and packages. We offer Single / Double room (26m2) with Bathrooms (6 m2) 2 Therapeutic Pools (400m2) Gyms, Physiotherapy areas, Occupation therapy areas etc. (600m2) Gardens and Recreational areas (20.000m2). The design of Palladio was based on the functionality and the ease of mobility, offering comfortable and luxurious rooms that will meet each patient need.

Global response to each patient's needs is the key to a faster and more effective recovery. For this reason, Palladion have compiled the most reliable and specialized rehabilitation team for you. Palladion rehabilitation center is located at TRIPOLI ARKADIAS TK.

Members of the team are physicians other physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, hydrotherapists, psychologists, nursing staff, dietitian and social worker. The Palladion Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center maintains close collaboration with physicians when the patient's condition makes it necessary.

The mission of the team is the holistic approach to the patient's needs, aiming at the mind, body and soul. The therapeutic goal is achieved through:

•assessment of each patient
•the assessment of its potential for restoration
•the planning of its rehabilitation program
•of its regular monitoring of its image

Palladion interdisciplinary team is next to the patient and his / her family, every moment of the healing program, and after that.

Medical services carried out at palladion rehabilitation center are listed below:

Physical therapy: The physiotherapy program to be followed by a patient at the PALLADION Recovery Center is designed exclusively for him after a careful assessment of his condition and the capabilities of his organization. Our physiotherapists, having been trained in using the Center's modern equipment and providing scientific training and experience. One of the well know service offered in our premises is Hydrotherapy. Close

Athens Central Clinic

Athens, Greece
ISO 9001/2015

The Central Clinic of Athens S.A. was established in 1997, by a group of celebrated Physicians whose objective was to establish an Innovativ... Read More

The Central Clinic of Athens S.A. was established in 1997, by a group of celebrated Physicians whose objective was to establish an Innovative Diagnostic, Research and Treatment Centre offering maximum quality of medical services. The Athens Clinic opened in the second half of 2000 and since then has succeeded to institute itself as one of the most reliable hospitals in Greece.

From the very first year, the Clinic has advanced at an impressive rate delivering high quality services at an economical price for its patients a result of, on the one hand, systematic control of economies of scale and on the other, its collaboration with all Social Security Organizations and Private Insurance Corporations.

The clinic is accommodated in contemporary facilities with a total area of 5,000 square metres, in downtown Athens at 31 Aslkipiou St. and is fortified with ultramodern medical equipment.

The Clinic accommodates 140 beds in rooms which are illustrious for their hotel-like magnificence. The clinic built 11 operating theatres with the strictest of standards to minimize in-hospital infections. The outpatient clinic operates all specialties and provides a high standard of medical care to hundreds of patients daily. The Emergency Care Centre operates 24 hours daily and an at Home Hospitalization division has been established to better serve patients. The Clinic also operates 3 ambulances, fully fortified mobile units, which handle the transportation needs of the Clinic.

Vision of the clinic: “to create an Interbalkan network of high quality medical services with a personal touch.”

The core Values include providing the highest standard of medical services, compassionately & responsibly while maintaining reasonable rates for all.

The Goals of the Clinic are to preserve & improve the quality of services offered while strengthening the Brand Name in Greece and abroad.
The Diagnostic laboratories of the Clinic provides sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment and effortlessly trained staff and is comprised of the following sections:

•Nuclear Medicine
oMyocardial perfusion scintigram
oAbdominal radio-gram rest-stress
oWhole body scintigram
•Cardiology Lab
oCoronary Artery Disease Screening Test (CAD)
oCardiac Triplex
oCardiac Ultrasound
oStress Test
oTilt table test
oRhythm and Pressure Ηolter
• Neurophisiological
•Central Labs
oMolecular Biology
•Interventional Endoscopy Unit:
•Pulmonology Close

More information about Cardiology in Greece

Coronary Heart Disease and cardiology treatments in Greece

A man who has cardio vascular disease or cardiovascular disease may be referred to a cardiologist.

The cardiologist is not exactly the same being a cardio vascular surgeon.

The core surgeon opens the torso and performs heart operation.

The cardiologist focuses on diagnosis and treatment of cardio vascular illness. The cardiologist will conduct tests, and also a couple can do procedures like coronary heart catheterization, angioplasty or pacemaker insertion.

Cardiovascular disorder is heart-specific, but cardio vascular disease affects one's heart, blood vessels, or possibly the two.

To be a cardiologist at the usa, four-year medication, three years of internal medicine training, and three or more years of cardiology specialty has to be performed.

Looking for a cardiologist in Athens? 

Cardiology bargains with soul overall health. If a individual has cardiovascular disease indications, his doctor could refer them to your cardiologist. Symptoms indicating a hub problem include:
Breath Troubles
affects at speed of coronary rate or rhythm
The cardiologist could perform heart failure tests or irregular heart rhythms. They often times cure patients who have experienced heart attacksand heart failure or other cardiovascular difficulties.

The cardiologist can counsel on preventing cardiovascular disease.

Someone may need to Visit a cardiologist even with no signs, if He's Got a family history of heart disease or Higher cholesterol when she or she's smoked when she is diabetes or even if she starts a new workout program,

What exactly does cardiology mean in Greece?

The cardiologist will examine the health history of the individual and carry out a physical examination. They can check the seriousness of the individual, lung, heart blood pressureblood pressure vessels and also execute out a couple tests. The interventionist cardiologist are able to accomplish procedures such as angioplasty, stents, valveoplasty, correction of congenital heart defects and coronary thrombectomy.

They can also order or perform tests as exhibited under:

Gear from your catheterization lab allows the physician to discover the state of this heart.

Out patient ECG: report heartrate as a individual performs with exercise or routine activities. Very little metallic electrodes are jammed in the chest and also are attached directly into the Holter monitor, which records both the rhythms.
Stress evaluation: that shows changes in heartbeat in exercise and rest. Steps heart and success rate. 
Echocardiogram: Provides the ultrasonic picture revealing the arrangement of your heart chambers along with around areas and also shows how the heart works. 
Echocardiography can measure precisely how much heart pump blood, also known as coronary output. It may notice heart difficulties, called pericarditis. It can also identify structural abnormalities or heart infection ailments. 
Cardiac catheterization: A small tube close to the center collects information and can alleviate congestion. It may capture and check the performance of the middle and the electric program. Catheter-based fluorescence techniques could be useful to take care of congenital heart, ventilatory and coronary cardiovascular disease. 
Nuclear cardiology: Atomic record techniques use radioactive chemicals to examine anti-inflammatory inflammatory diseases along with cardio vascular disorders. 
Examples include infarction, SPECT, planar and esophageal perfusion recording.

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Cardiac electrophysiology is the subspecialization of all cardiology. The physician assesses how the electrical currents within the center muscle cells function, how the existing is dispersing, and also what exactly this indicates is your own existing pattern.
Pick a cardiologist
The American Heart Association (AHA) guides visitors to test whether their cardiologist is accredited. Patients may check that through the Internal Revenue Medication Council (ABIM) or even the Family Medicine Committee (ABFM). It is also important to choose a physician whose variety of communicating fits them. In case the cardiologist recommends remedy that helps it be insecure and pricey, or whenever the individual does not know the reason why they need this a-ha therapy, he suggests appearing to get an alternative comment.