Prolotherapy in Tunisia: May 2024 average price

The average May 2024 cost of Prolotherapy in Tunisia is 1080 €

The May 2024 Price range is 900-1260 €

The typical average cost and price range for Prolotherapy are taken from 2 Clinic prices and fee lists among 11 Doctors. 

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Prolotherapy May 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
Excellence Clinic ( Avenue Taieb Mhiri, 5100, Mahdia) from 900€
TDS Clinic Tunis ( Résidence yasmine du Lac, 1053, Tunis) from 900€

What is Prolotherapy in Tunisia

Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment aimed at stimulating the body's natural healing processes to repair injured or weakened connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. This therapy is often used to address musculoskeletal pain and promote tissue regeneration in areas of chronic injury or degeneration.

During a prolotherapy session, a solution typically containing a local anesthetic (such as lidocaine) and an irritant agent (such as dextrose or other substances) is injected directly into the affected area, where the ligaments or tendons have become weakened or damaged. The injection is administered using a fine needle, guided by palpation or imaging techniques such as ultrasound.

The irritant solution triggers a controlled inflammatory response in the targeted tissues, stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms. This inflammatory response attracts immune cells, growth factors, and other healing substances to the site of injury, promoting tissue repair and regeneration. Over time, the injected solution is absorbed by the body, leaving behind newly strengthened and repaired connective tissues.

Prolotherapy is commonly used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

1. Chronic joint pain (such as knee pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain)
2. Ligament laxity or instability (such as in the knee, ankle, or wrist)
3. Tendon injuries or tendinopathies (such as tennis elbow or Achilles tendonitis)
4. Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease
5. Back pain, particularly related to spinal ligament laxity or dysfunction

While prolotherapy has been used for decades and is considered safe when performed by a trained and experienced healthcare provider, its efficacy remains somewhat controversial, and clinical evidence supporting its use varies. Some studies suggest that prolotherapy may provide pain relief and improve function in certain musculoskeletal conditions, while others have found limited or inconclusive evidence of its effectiveness.

Prolotherapy in Tunisia

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Mahdia, Tunisia

Prolotherapy Price: from 900 €
Tunis, Tunisia

Prolotherapy Price: from 900 €