Titanium Dental Implants in Hungary

Oxygen Clinic

Budapest, Hungary
ISO 9001/2015

Different Oxygen Medical Centers

The Oxygen Medical Center and the Oxygen Beauty Clinic are waiting for their patients... Read More

Different Oxygen Medical Centers

The Oxygen Medical Center and the Oxygen Beauty Clinic are waiting for their patients with the most advanced techniques, with highly qualified doctors and comfort.

The Oxygen Medical Private Medical and Dental Center in Újpest Center receives its patients with about 25 orders - without any referral or waiting.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 20:00.

You are required to register before your date of appointment.

Services provided in Oxygen Medical:

•Oxygen Beauty Clinic:
oPlastic surgery
oPermanent hair removal
oGeneral dermatology
oHyaluronic acid wrinkle filling
oGUNA biolifting
oLaser face rejuvenation

•Oxygen Medical Dentistry:
oOral surgery
oPeriodontal disease
oTooth whitening.

•Oxygen Medical Gynecology:

oPrenatal care / obstetrics
oOrder of infertility
oMenopause Ordering
ochildren Gynecology
oSTD ordering
ohealth Urology / andrology.

Oxygen Clinic provide their patients with health, beauty services using the latest technologies, highly qualified doctors and guaranteeing the highest comfort.

Center specialises in Dental treatments such as Dental Implantology, Oral surgery and Periodontology, Aesthetic treatments, Orthodontics and etc.

It is well-equipped exclusive clinic using latest technology and high quality materials. Clinic has the most experienced and highly qualified dentists and oral surgeons.

Clinic is located 28 km from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, 8 km from city center.

Languages of clinic: English, German, French, Swedish.

Implant prices starts from 490 EUR. Close

Budapest, Hungary ranks number one on the dental tourism top list and it well deserves the reputation. Preciz Dent clinic is proud of highl... Read More

Budapest, Hungary ranks number one on the dental tourism top list and it well deserves the reputation. Preciz Dent clinic is proud of highly professional dentists and well-trained staff to make sure everything goes flawlessly. Clinic has nearly 20 years of experience in dental care services.

This cosy clinic is located in the suburban area of Budapest, where you can also stay during your treatment. Distance from from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is 39 km. The clinic is easily accessible by car or by public transportation.

The clinical experience of doctors assures highest quality of dental service in implantology and dental surgery. The clinic declares fast recovery due to the short deadlines, which makes the treaments quicker and less painful.

Preciz Dent clinic highly focus on surgical treatments. Doctors are not only experienced in removing the wisdom tooth accurately, they also build in implants on a daily basis. You can recieve back your healthy smile, precisely and without any pain. Similar to the roots of the natural tooth, your tooth can be replaced with implants, and gain the same stability for long term.

As its Director explains "Implantation (dental implants) is a pain-free way to regain your perfect and healthy smile. Similarly to the root of natural teeth, dental implants can be used to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth, providing stability and durability. An advantage of dental implants is that healthy teeth adjacent to the gap don’t need to be grinded down. Without implants, teeth adjacent to the gap must be grinded down in order to make replacements. With the help of dental implants, adjacent tooth need not be altered. For patients with many missing teeth and patients wearing removable prosthetics fixed dentures can be placed".

He also adds "To save on dental treatment costs patients consider looking for dental implants abroad. Budapest, Hungary ranks number one on the dental tourism top list and it well deserves the reputation". Highly professional dentists and well-trained staff make sure everything goes flawlessly. Precizdent Dental Clinic is one of the options you should consider to cut costs and get high quality treatment. Precizdent dental services are not only affordable but they are of high standard you would not get elsewhere.

Dental implant brands used at our Dental Clinic
During the implant procedure, we use the following dental implants:
– Neobiotec
– Ankylos
- Nobel Biocare

Clinic mainly specialises on Diagnostics, Oral Surgey / Implantology, Periodental Surgery, Conservative Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Prosthetics, Cosmetic Dentistry.

Clients can speak with staff English, Hungarian, French and German.

Prices of implants starts from 500 EUR Close

Implantcenter is located in the heart of Buda, near the Mammut shopping centre. Implantcenter highly qualified dental professionals provide... Read More

Implantcenter is located in the heart of Buda, near the Mammut shopping centre. Implantcenter highly qualified dental professionals provide treatments in a pain-free, calming and elegant environment with the most advanced dental equipments.

Pearly white healthy teeth and a natural smile - this is what you can see on television, in various commercials and in the movies of Hollywood.
Would you think this dream can come true? There’s no need to daydream anymore! Having a whiter, brighter, more dazzling smile has never been easier! Come and visit Budapest implant clinic for a consultation. Their experience guarantees that you never have to hide your smile again!

Almost everyone faces a dental problem at some point in their lives: bad breath, tooth decay, gum (periodontal) disease, tooth sensitivity – just to name a few. At implant center clinic in Budapest you can find solution for all kinds of dental problems. Three oral surgeons, six dentists, two otorhinolaringologists and an anaesthetist help you to find the best treatment, from the simple extraction to the most difficult implantation.

Schedule an appointment now in order to avoid unnecessary waiting time!

Why would you neglect your oral hygiene? Talking, eating, drinking – are all parts of your daily routine. Aren’t healthy strong teeth and a nice smile makes them a lot easier? Unfortunately, most people find a visit to a dentist intimidating, and postpone their treatments until they face a serious problem. These are those occasions you think with regret: 'If only I would have visited my dentist in time...'

A closed mouth wedding, a no smile business meeting, a quiet date or “no teeth” smile every time somebody points a camera at you – do these situations sound familiar to you?

Dental Clinic Budapest Implant Center's Doctors will provide you with a solution to any problem. With over 28.000 placed implants, and successful treatments, our highly experienced dental team offers you an aesthetic, healthy, and safe alternative in modern dentistry. Using the most advanced dental technology available our doctors provide the same satisfactory result every time.

Dental Clinic Budapest Implant Center won the Best of Budapest Health & Medical Service Award for six times.

The quality of professional work at the clinic is provided by a team of 12 dentists consisting of dentists with Hungarian and international diplomas. Doctors work with qualified dental and oral surgery assistants.

The in-house availability of dental technology significantly accelerates the time of dental work. 9 experienced dental technicians work in our laboratory, producing high quality, reliable work for our patients according to their individual needs.

Easily accessible by public transport and by car. Close

Dr. Borzási & Colleagues Dental and Implant Surgery has 20 years of experience in implantology.

In the 21st century everything is about... Read More

Dr. Borzási & Colleagues Dental and Implant Surgery has 20 years of experience in implantology.

In the 21st century everything is about IT applications. From 2016 clinic has on site CT 3D Scanner for diagnostics which gives the ability to access patients’ anatomy, identify vital structures, reveal unseen pathology, analyse bone volume and bone density and place realistic virtual implants and abutments. The result is that clinic provide the optimal treatment plan customised for each patient. In general, this is a way of appropriate expertise to determine precisely what can not be diagnosed with X-rays.

The clinic staff regularly participate in international training courses and has extensive clinical experience with the materials and tools used.
Treatment under general anesthesia is not only comfortable for the patient to overcome any fears, but also allows the most complicated treatment to be successfully performed within the maximum 2 hours. Another advantage is that when multiple treatments are combined, the total supply time can safely be reduced to half.

The clinic specialises in implantology, CT 3D dental diagnostics, Digital Smile Design.

Clinic located in the city center of Budapest, near the river of Danube. One of the most scenic routes for tourists in Budapest follows the course of the Danube – either on foot along the banks or on a pleasure boat. The Banks of the Danube with the Gellért Hill, the Parliament building and the Buda Castle District have been listed as a World Heritage Site since 1987. The great location of the clinic gives an opportunity to combine dental treatment services together with exploring beautiful city of Budapest.

Over the last 21 years Dr. Borzási & his colleagues have treated more than 5000 patients with his colleagues. What is the secret of this success according to its Director?

One word is the answer. Cooperation. Cooperation between him and all the staff of the clinic. This consistency allows them to resolve the problem in the event of an acute complaint within 1-2 days and plan a long-term solution to restore the happy smile and peace of mind as soon as possible.

Services performed include:

Directed Biofilm Therapy

Biofilm with a very thin transparent clear eye cannot see a protein-based layer on the surface of your teeth, with different carbohydrates of minerals and bacteria sticking. These bacteria are responsible for the development of tartar, gum inflammation, tooth decay and tooth bed disease. It follows that the purpose of oral care is to clean this biofilm from the surface of your teeth.

20 years of implantology experience

What is the meaning of that 20 years? Dr. Borzási has expertise in regular international training courses and has extensive clinical experience with the materials and tools used. Preparing the patient for intervention and subsequent home-based tasks, and of course continuous follow-up. That is why they can implant insertion money repayment while titanium implant superstructure lifetime warranty. Close

FlyDent Dental Clinic Budapest

Budapest, Hungary
ISO 9001/2015

After preliminary examination and free consultation for each patient the doctors will develop an individual treatment plan which is adapted... Read More

After preliminary examination and free consultation for each patient the doctors will develop an individual treatment plan which is adapted to the daily schedule of the patient. Treatment plan and price calculation can be developed if the patient sends us panoramic X-Ray by email. The offer is valid for 6 months.

For foreign patients clinic has complete visa support. Flydent provides accommodation in the 4 star Hotel Danubius Flamenco, where accommodation for the clinic’s patients is at the discounted rate. Free shuttle service is available as well.

The managing director Dr. Alexander Schreiner is the leading expert in the field of dentistry and also the recognized dentistry expert for over 40 years.

FlyDent works only with leading professionals in the field of dentistry who are recognized throughout the world, particularly in Switzerland and Germany, where FlyDent has affiliates.

FlyDent provides the following free services:

•Consultation in Budapest, in Zurich, on-line
•Treatment plan and treatment price calculation
•Intraoral Video diagnostics
•Compulsory dental examinations for pregnant women
•Annual dental check-up for companies’ employees and private persons
•Airport transfer
•Hotel reservation

The clinic specializes in various fields of dentistry. The main areas are: oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, implantology, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, organic (bio) dentistry, orthodontics, restorative and conservative dentistry and children’s dentistry.

Clinic is provided with all necessary modern high-tech medical equipment and has the best dental laboratory in Hungary. All stomatological works are performed by only known European highly qualified professionals applying only the latest Western European technologies which provide long-term guarantee for the performed work.

The goal of a dental clinic is to leave patients with a healthy, beautiful smile. Detailed cost estimate is generated before each treatment so that no unexpected costs can arise.

The dentists work with the latest equipment and apply the most cutting-edge treatment methods and techniques. You can count on the best possible dental care. The staff is well-educated professionals . More than 40 years of professional experience, 46 master certifications and more than 22000 satisfied clients ensure the best experience of dental treatment.

Prices of implant starts from 850 EUR. Close

More information about Titanium Dental Implants in Hungary

Dental care implants are deemed by professionals being among the most effective ways to replace a lacking tooth because the 60's. However, within the last years, the utilization of dental care implants is becoming a lot more common and professionals are suffering from implants of different materials to meet up with the needs of most patients and also to have the best results.

Dental care implants can be utilized for most reasons, not only practical but visual too. For instance, a dentist can suggest using dental care implants to bring extra support to oral crowns, to displace a single lacking tooth, to produce bridges and restore a more substantial span of lacking teeth, amongst others (please follow the hyperlink to learn on Dental professional Consultation). Similarly, a dental care implant can help a person to recuperate his/her self-esteem and cultural relationships.

WHAT Are Titanium Dental Implants In Hungary?

In Hungary, Titanium Dental implants are defined by the European Federation of Periodontology as a dental care device specially made to replace a number of missing teeth manufactured from Titanium, which really is a strong, light-weight, nontoxic and corrosion-resistant metallic. In other conditions, professionals say that titanium oral implants look beautiful but likewise have a proper features.

These dental care implants also help give a long-term result (longer than 30 years in some instances) since it works with body tissues, and it gets the capacity to bond with adjacent bones during all the healing up process (which is medically called osseointegration).

Are Titanium Oral Implants Safe?

Many people who need to use dental care implants are worried about introducing international metals to their body and have their dentists: are titanium oral implants safe? As well as the answer is yes! Since it was stated before, for many people Titanium is nontoxic, which is totally appropriate for body tissues.

However, it's important to learn that Titanium can be an "alloy", meaning it is a variety of different metals like iron, nickel, lead, zinc and copper. So, if one is allergic to some of those metals, he/she may be allergic to the alloy and the titanium dental care implants is probably not safe to them.

To see whether Titanium oral implants are safe, the dental practitioners is capable of doing certain allergy checks before with them in those who find themselves vunerable to develop allergies. It is vital because based on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance) at least 10% of USA inhabitants is allergic to nickel, which is utilized to generate Titanium.

Also, as the mouth can be an important gateway to all of those other body, if a titanium teeth implant can be used within an allergic person's mouth area, he/she might suffer other serious effects. These side results are not broadly documented because they're uncommon; however, among the health side ramifications of titanium oral implants, an autoimmune disease aggravation or initiation, free radicals harm, galvanic toxicity, bone reduction, implant rejection, amongst others, can be included.

Teeth Implants Titanium vs Zirconium In Hungary.

In Hungary, When comparing dental care Implants Titanium vs Zirconium we will get both similarities and variations. For instance, an important similarity when you compare oral implants Titanium vs Zirconium is the actual fact that both these materials can integrate with the maxillary bone with the same rate of success.

Alternatively, when you compare the sturdiness of teeth Implants Titanium vs Zirconium, it's important to learn that both of these produce long-lasting results. However, there are information of patients which have used Titanium dental care implants for 20 or 35 years since there is no information about how exactly a long time can resist the Zirconium implants. Professionals say that is because of the actual fact that Titanium started to be utilized a great deal of years back while Zirconium has been examined for a reduced amount of time.

When you compare the versatility of dental care Implants Titanium vs Zirconium, titanium oral implants are a lot more versatile, they could be done as an one or two-pieces implant while Zirconium can be modified based on the patient's needs but aren't as ideal as a two-pieces implant.

Finally, experts say that comparing the keeping dental implants Titanium vs Zirconium, Titanium implant can be positioned under the gums and the dental practitioners can graft the region simultaneously, but to put a Zirconium implant the dental practitioners usually prefer to put it under the gums in an appointment and graft the region in another one.

How Much Will Titanium Dental care Implant Cost?

The expense of Titanium teeth implants is widely variable since it depends upon the amount of teeth that must definitely be replaced, the patient's mouth area general health, the necessity of prior dental care treatments, the precise kind of implant that'll be used, the amount of consultations or sessions had a need to finish the task, among others. However, if you want more info regarding Titanium dental implants prices and best countries all is here now.

Talking about remedies throughout the world, whether medical institutions or health care, Hungary is one of the countries to top the list. 

What exactly are the best treatment centers in Hungary for Titanium Dental implant? 

Hungary not only provides top-notch health services, but she also offers over a hundred medical treatment centers from coast to coast with Budapest having twenty-six treatment centers; twenty-four publicly possessed and two possessed by the chapel, North Hungary having 14 treatment centers all publicly possessed and Central Transdanubia with 13 general public treatment centers. Hungary is also known on her behalf high-level infrastructure with all specific university treatment centers, emergency centers, region and national private hospitals having heliports in Budapest, Pécs, Szeged and Debrecen and air ambulance bases in Balatonfüred, Budaörs, Debrecen, Miskolc, Pécs, Sármellék, and Szentes. Hungary also offers of a nationwide ambulance service known as "Ambulances of the Országos Mentőszolgálat" which is highly effective and has a quarter-hour waiting time from coast to coast. 

Why Hungary is one of leading country for medical travel and leisure in Europe? 

Hungary is a great location for health care dating back to the 1980s with popular treatment covering craving programs, anti-aging treatment, cardiac treatment, plastic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, eyesight surgery, fertility treatment, weight problems treatment and orthopaedic surgery. Among the favorite treatment, Hungary may focus mainly in dental hygiene and tops the list around European countries and the world. 
A couple of four major medical schools which give a six-year English Language program in Hungary; Semmelweis School which is the oldest college in Hungary founded in 1769 with 1 / 3 of the institution students being international students the majority of which are operating postgraduate programs, Debrecen University or college which is most beneficial known as among the best in Pharmacy and Pharmacology and is undoubtedly one of the organizations with the longest standing up tradition, Szeged university or college also rated as the 15th best college or university in the Growing European countries and Central Asia and Pécs school. Semmelweis College or university, Debrecen School, and Szeged school were all shown among the 500 best colleges in life sciences and medication. 

Why shall I consider Hungary for my Titanium Dental implant? 

Obtaining the best health care can be tricky and requires scores of thoughts and planning among other activities. Several of the most crucial things are insurance, Hungary has an overall protection plans for its residents that is clearly a full completely health care, expats working or learning in Hungary are protected under the HIF, and everything foreigners and travelers are automatically protected for medical and  crisis treatment. Hungary would totally top my list as I could conserve to 30 to 60% of the medical cost from choosing Hungary. 
Another important things to consider is medical trips that are absolutely available in Hungary. Logistics is another important things I'll consider, various treatment centers supply the full bundle for the procedure, air travel, accommodation and transfer deals to help make the entire trip stress-free. 
Considering all of this, what tops this is that Hungary houses several medicinal spas like Lake Hévíz etc which assists recovery and Budapest is actually one of the very most popular capitals in the world which would make my medical tour a memorable one.