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Clinic Gen Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Labiaplasty in Czech Republic

Price: from 1500 €

Where to Find Clinic Gen Prague

Kostelní 9/292, 17000, Prague


The clinic GENNET was set up in 1996 as a center of medical genetics. It expanded its services by adding infertility treatment in 2005. Currently, it owns 4 medical centers (three subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and one in Great Britain in the very center of London). With 300 employees attending to forty-five thousand patients per annum. Using cutting edge technological equipment in the clinics, coupled with an expert method of the medical professionals and an extensive range of analyses carried out with the objective to provide effective solutions and realize positive outcomes.

Ivana Kavková is the CEO of Gennet Ltd, heading a collective team professional doctors and other medical personnel dedicated to fulfill patient’s requirements in the whole course of treatment.

GENNET Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a center of medical genetics. Over the years, it has extended its services to other medical fields such as assisted reproduction, fetal medicine, urology and immunology, andrology, ambulant surgery, prenascan. Its specialists and professionals in all 4 branches Prague, Liberec and London are highly qualified to be entrusted with patients.

At the present time, GENNET is the site where all-inclusive care in reproductive medicine is called under one roof, as a result it can arrange for every patient all the required care and assist them in achieving their stated goal of having a healthy baby. Accommodating up-to-date equipment, state of the art technology and striving for proficient and personalized method for each individual patient, hence thousands of clients from around the globe patronize the clinic annually.

All clinics are accredited and certified according to the European standard ISO 9001 and medical laboratories accredited according to ISO 15189. By achieving these standards, GENNET has formally established its capability, objectivity and individuality in carrying out its services. All its clinics also take part in international quality audits annually and carry out international research projects. Since 2015, its clinics have also been member of the FutureLife group, an organization that collective reproductive health care facilities situated not just in the Czech Republic but in other European countries as well. In 2015, the Centre for Reproductive Immunology, which consist of both ambulatory (consultation) and laboratory services, was established and GENNET laboratories have been reviewed by CIA and are now meeting the requirements of EN ISO 15189: 2013
Its Service standard

•Provide healthcare at the best possible level in outpatient conditions;
•focusing primarily on the patient and his / her satisfaction;
•equip our workstations with state-of-the-art devices and constantly modernize our equipment to follow the latest trends and methods of examination in our industry;
•to adhere to the principles of good laboratory practice and to apply the latest knowledge in laboratory testing;
•participation in external quality control with high success;
•to comply with all standards and regulations on health and safety at work in the laboratory;
•information, data and patient outcomes are treated with respect to their security, confidentiality and confidentiality.
Increasing the professional competence of employees
•by constantly increasing the professional competence of the employees to create personally professional qualifications for the provision of services at a high professional level;
•to follow trends in the field of medicine and methods of laboratory examinations and to implement them in accordance with the recommendations of professional societies and scientific knowledge in order to increase the standard of provided services.

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