FlyDent Dental Clinic Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Where to Find FlyDent Dental Clinic Budapest

Tas vezér u. 3-7, 1113, Budapest


After preliminary examination and free consultation for each patient the doctors will develop an individual treatment plan which is adapted to the daily schedule of the patient. Treatment plan and price calculation can be developed if the patient sends us panoramic X-Ray by email. The offer is valid for 6 months.

For foreign patients clinic has complete visa support. Flydent provides accommodation in the 4 star Hotel Danubius Flamenco, where accommodation for the clinic’s patients is at the discounted rate. Free shuttle service is available as well.

The managing director Dr. Alexander Schreiner is the leading expert in the field of dentistry and also the recognized dentistry expert for over 40 years.

FlyDent works only with leading professionals in the field of dentistry who are recognized throughout the world, particularly in Switzerland and Germany, where FlyDent has affiliates.

FlyDent provides the following free services:

•Consultation in Budapest, in Zurich, on-line
•Treatment plan and treatment price calculation
•Intraoral Video diagnostics
•Compulsory dental examinations for pregnant women
•Annual dental check-up for companies’ employees and private persons
•Airport transfer
•Hotel reservation

The clinic specializes in various fields of dentistry. The main areas are: oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, implantology, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, organic (bio) dentistry, orthodontics, restorative and conservative dentistry and children’s dentistry.

Clinic is provided with all necessary modern high-tech medical equipment and has the best dental laboratory in Hungary. All stomatological works are performed by only known European highly qualified professionals applying only the latest Western European technologies which provide long-term guarantee for the performed work.

The goal of a dental clinic is to leave patients with a healthy, beautiful smile. Detailed cost estimate is generated before each treatment so that no unexpected costs can arise.

The dentists work with the latest equipment and apply the most cutting-edge treatment methods and techniques. You can count on the best possible dental care. The staff is well-educated professionals . More than 40 years of professional experience, 46 master certifications and more than 22000 satisfied clients ensure the best experience of dental treatment.

Prices of implant starts from 850 EUR.

FlyDent Dental Clinic Budapest - Facilities

  • Family accommodation
  • Accessible disabled people
  • Private rooms for patients
  • Parking
  • TV in the room
  • On-site pharmacy
  • Emergency service
  • Wireless access
  • Medical records transfer
  • Public transport access
  • Phone in the room
  • Interpreter services
  • Special dietary requests accepted
  • Personal assistance

FlyDent Dental Clinic Budapest - Pricing details and cost breakdown

Doctor's fee Doctor's fee
Medical Team Fees Medical Team Fees
Laboratory Fees Laboratory Fees
Clinic Equipment Clinic Equipment

FlyDent Dental Clinic Budapest - Certifications

  • ISO 9001/2015 ISO 9001/2015

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery /Body

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
Price: from 3900 € Contact
Breast Augmentation
Price: from 3900 € Contact
G-spot Amplification
Price: from 510 € Contact
Price: 0-950 € Contact
Price: from 3900 € Contact

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery/Face

Price: from 2000 € Contact
Cheek Augmentation
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Cheekbone Reduction
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Chin Surgery/Mentoplasty
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Eye Bag Removal
Price: 1200 € Contact
Eyelid Surgery-Blepharoplasty
Price: 0-950 € Contact
Lip Augmentation
Price: 1200 € Contact
Lip Reduction
Price: 1200 € Contact
Neck Lifting
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Price: from 3500 € Contact
Price: from 3500 € Contact


All-on-4 Dental Implant
Price: from 7500 € Contact
Dental Implant
Price: from 900 € Contact
Dental Implant Removal
Price: from 1200 € Contact
gum surgery
Price: from 900 € Contact
Price: 250 € Contact
Sinus Lift
Price: 0-950 € Contact
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Price: from 180 € Contact


Cataract Surgery
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Laser Eye Surgery
Price: 0-950 € Contact
Macular Degeneration
Price: 0-950 € Contact

Cosmetic dentistry

Ceramic Crown
Price: from 240 € Contact
Dental Crown (Porcelain/zirconium)
Price: 240 € Contact
IPS Empress Veneers
Price: from 510 € Contact
Lumineers Veneers
Price: from 510 € Contact
porcelain-composite veneers
Price: 340 € Contact
Zirconium Dental Crown
Price: from 510 € Contact

General Medicine/Surgery

Check-up diagnostics
Price: from 1200 € Contact


dermal Fillers
Price: 1200 € Contact
Laser Tattoo Removal
Price: 950 € Contact
Scar/Acne Scar Treatment
Price: 950 € Contact
Skin Lightening
Price: 950 € Contact
Varicose Veins Treatment
Price: 950 € Contact
Price: from 1200 € Contact
Wrinkle treatment
Price: 1200 € Contact


Price: 0-950 € Contact
Price: 0-950 € Contact


Wrist Arthroscopy
Price: 0-600 € Contact


Dr. Alexander Schreiner

Dr. Alexander Schreiner