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Gdansk, Poland


Dentineo Dental Clinic was developed by dr Adam Bielawski to offer Perfect Dental Treatment assuring our patients Highest possible Comfort. Thanks To our endless education You can be sure to always receive up to date treatment, the best that’s possible these days.


Dentineo Clinic offers full range of dental treatment procedures, from white composite filling,through microscope root canal treatment, great prosthetic treatment ,veneers,crowns bridges, dental implants, up to complete smile makeover and occlusion rehabilitation.

The treatment is performed by highly educated dental team of specialists, with unique emphatic and individual approach to each patient. Dentistry is Dentineo’s job, Hobby and Passion.

During all procedure we are supported by state of the art equipment like CBCT,Computer Anaesthesia,Dental Microscopes and Best Materials delivered by worlds top class manufacturers.


All treatment is done by well trained and experienced in their field specialists supported by state of the art dental equipment and modern technology. Below are the list of treatments.


A crown mounted on a dental implant is the best solution, if you have a tooth missing in the upper or lower jaw. The need to replace a missing tooth could be the result of an accident or because there was no chance to save the tooth and it had to be extracted (pulled out) . At Dentineo Clinic they offer Premium Implants with option of life time warranty for the implant and abutment.

Also for top comfort and aesthetics Dentineo Clinic offer whole range of implant abutments titanium, gold, zirconium (white) and crowns made of metal ceramic or full ceramic and zirconium.

Dental Veneers

Emax ceramic Veneers are small pieces of porcelain that will give you the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of, without making any harm to your teeth. Designed especially for you, hand made by highly-skilled dental ceramist. You will be surprised how natural and real they look and feel. Also there is option of very white Hollywood Smile veneers if You are looking for that kind of makeover.

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