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Healthsciences international has been in existence since 1998 as a Modern Chinese Medicine Clinic located in Singapore. With assisting patients with medical needs in mind, Healthsciences international further extended its services to assisting companies with better systems infrastructure within the health industries, and a consulting arm to advise healthcare companies on their deliveries and performances.

Healthsciences international value people above all. Healthsciences international struggle and serve with excellence, compassion, Dignity, integrity and respect.

The division of Healthsciences international are listed below:


Life!Clinic is located at Singapore's prime central shopping district, Orchard Road, the spacious and luxurious clinic has qualified with highly experienced and professional medical physicians, servicing clientele from all over Asia.

Life!Clinic managed by HealthSciences International Pte Ltd, since 1998 has been a leading provider of quality healthcare products and services.

Being among one of Asia's leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) facility, Life!Clinic provide services ranging from consultation, acupuncture, acupressure to cupping. The specialities of Life!Clinic include immunology & oncology, musculoskeletal & neurological disorder, pain management, respiratory disorder, gynaecological disorder, paediatrics, aesthetics, and weight loss management among others
Life!Clinic believe in connecting with the Western Specialists to enhance the wellbeing of the patient. Common visitors to the clinic includes patients from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and much more.

The second division which is the Life!Club is all about empowering people to an optimal quality of life and appreciating things that are often take for granted. Indulge in an exciting range of health and wellness benefits coupled with lifestyle privileges; bringing to you unbelievable savings!

The third division is Life!Systems. At Life!Systems, their believe is in creating business environments that gives a balanced, and optimal quality of life for humanity. The expertise in healthcare, supplemented by its depth and width of experience in many major industries worldwide, allow Life!Systems to share not only knowledge but also wisdom to implement the most optimal management environment in any organization.

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