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Málaga, Spain

Inlay/Onlay in Spain


Cuevas Queipo is an innovative multidisciplinary dental and maxillofacial surgery clinic. With over 20 years of experience and constant progress, Cuevas Queipo have prospered in becoming a reference in the field of dentistry, in which we have fixed multifaceted cases and have functionally and cosmetically rehabilitated all kinds of smiles with the up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic systems.

Clinic at Cuevas Queipo meets the terms of all quality requirements and holds a credential in quality control from Malaga's dentistry college. For data protection purposes, Cuevas Queipo subscribe to the code of practice of the General Council of Dentistry Colleges in Spain.

In a wholly renewed historic building in the heart of Malaga, Cuevas Queipo clinic has various spaces that are specifically adapted to purpose. Each room benefits from the installation of materials and equipment necessary for optimal operation.

New generation purification room with two autoclaves (sterilization machines)

Comfortably appointed waiting rooms end-to-end to the reception

Preoperative and postoperative recovery room for the best in relaxation for our patients

Nine oral treatment cubicles, all fortified with intraoral radiography appliances and state of the art Sirona-Siemens treatment chairs.
Consultation offices fortified for patient care and explanation of treatments.

State of the art x-ray equipment; a Sirona-Siemens orthopantomograph to perform a single-shot panoramic x-ray of all the bones and teeth. A 3D Galileos Sirona-Siemens scanner displays the bones and teeth in three dimensions for more complex cases of orthnognathic surgery or implant.

Centralized nitrous oxide and oxygen system for surgery under sedation

State of the art dental apparatus with cold light circuit in all instruments. All of our Siemens-Sirona dental equipment is continuously modernized for optimum use and safety.

Surgical and prosthetic equipment, for the positioning of implants and prostheses on implants

Cold light ultrasound for tooth whitening with greater control and without any risk to the teeth

Computer micro surgery for performing the least invasive procedures

Recovery apparatus for medical emergencies

CEREC: system of computer aided design via an intraoral camera with laser guide and ceramic dental reconstruction.

Plasma lamps, cold leds, laser and an entire range of lighting technology for polymerization and dental bleaching

Cuevas Queipo clinical dental use state of the art adhesives for all fillings and dental restorations

Laser dentistry for conservative dentistry and high level periodontics

Treatments at Cuevas Queipo clinical dental include:

•Dental implants
•Cosmetic Dentistry
•Snoring and sleep apnoea
•Pediatric dentistry
•All dental treatments

Where to Find Clinic Cuevas

Clinic Cuevas - Facilities

  • Accessible disabled people
  • Wireless access
  • Medical records transfer
  • Public transport access
  • Personal assistance

Clinic Cuevas - Pricing details and cost breakdown

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Laboratory Fees Laboratory Fees
Clinic Fees Clinic Fees
Clinic Medicine Clinic Medicine

All Dentistry Treatments in Málaga, Spain

Price: from 380 € Contact


All-on-4 Dental Implant
Price: from 9500 € Contact
All-on-6 Dental Implant
Price: from 11500 € Contact
Price: from 520 € Contact
Amalgam removal
Price: from 120 € Contact
Ankylos Dental Implant
Price: from 750 € Contact
Price: from 500 € Contact
BioHorizons Implant
Price: Enquire Contact
dental Bonding
Price: from 60 € Contact
Dental Bone Graft
Price: from 300 € Contact
Dental Braces
Price: from 2200 € Contact
Dental Bridge on implants
Price: from 380 € Contact
Dental Crown on implant (Porcelain/zirconium)
Price: from 380 € Contact
Dental Implant
Price: from 1530 € Contact
Dental Implant Removal
Price: Enquire Contact
Dental X Ray
Price: from 125 € Contact
Denture Consultation
Price: Enquire Contact
Price: Enquire Contact
Price: from 380 € Contact
Invisalign FULL
Price: from 2000 € Contact
Nobel Biocare Implant
Price: Enquire Contact
Orthodontist Consultation
Price: Enquire Contact
Periodontal Surgery
Price: Enquire Contact
Price: Enquire Contact
Restorative Dentistry
Price: Enquire Contact
root canal (1 canal)
Price: from 180 € Contact
Sinus Lift
Price: from 2700 € Contact
Straumann Implant
Price: Enquire Contact
Tooth Extraction
Price: 60-180 € Contact
tooth filling
Price: from 40 € Contact
Tooth Reshaping
Price: Enquire Contact
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Price: from 180 € Contact
Zimmer Implant
Price: Enquire Contact
Zygomatic Dental Implant
Price: Enquire Contact

Cosmetic dentistry

Ceramic Crown
Price: Enquire Contact
cerec Veneer
Price: from 180 € Contact
Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation
Price: Enquire Contact
Dental Crown (Porcelain/zirconium)
Price: from 380 € Contact
Emax veneers
Price: from 495 € Contact
IPS Empress Veneers
Price: 540 € Contact
Lumineers Veneers
Price: 720 € Contact
porcelain-composite veneers
Price: Enquire Contact
zirconia Veneers
Price: Enquire Contact
Zirconium Dental Crown
Price: 650 € Contact


Alberto Cuevas Millán

Alberto Cuevas Millán

José Montes Jiménez

José Montes Jiménez