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Cuevas Queipo is an advanced multidisciplinary dental and maxillofacial surgery clinic. With more than 25 years of constant progress, we have succeeded in becoming a reference in the field of dentistry, in which we have resolved complex cases and have functionally and cosmetically rehabilitated all kinds of smiles with our state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Cuevas Queipo dental clinic is located in Malaga.

Our Clinic complies with all quality requirements and holds a certificate in quality control from Malaga's dentistry college. For data protection purposes, we subscribe to the code of practice of the General Council of Dentristry Colleges in Spain.

In a completely renovated historical building in the heart of Malaga, the clinic has various spaces that are specifically adapted to purpose. Each room benefits from the installation of materials and equipment necessary for optimal operation.

Here are some of the rooms: New generation sterilisation room with two autoclaves (sterilisation machines), Comfortably appointed waiting rooms adjacent to the reception, Preoperative and postoperative recovery room for the best in relaxation for our patients.

State of the art instruments including, State of the art dental equipment with cold light circuit in all instruments, Surgical and prosthetic equipment, Cold light ultrasound, Computer micro surgery, Resuscitation equipment and CEREC.

Clínica Cuevas Queipo has several units formed by highly specialised medical teams of national as well as international reference. Cuevas Queipo units can assist you in terms of implantology, maxillo facial surgery, snoring, sleep apnea and paediatrics dentistry.
And now, Clínica Cuevas Queipo is the trendiest in:

Dentist without pain

Five years ago, the clinic replaced the traditional drill (or turbine) with the dental laser. This technique has marked a before and after in the treatments: pain, noise and anesthesia have disappeared.



  • Accessible disabled people
  • Emergency service
  • Wireless access
  • Public transport access
  • Personal assistance

CLÍNICA DENTAL CUEVAS QUEIPO - Pricing details and cost breakdown

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Alberto Cuevas Millán

Alberto Cuevas Millán

Alessandra Ortiz Alvés

Alessandra Ortiz Alvés

Teresa Queipo de Llano Ruiz

Teresa Queipo de Llano Ruiz