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Geneva, Switzerland


Incorpore Medical Centre functioned as a service enterprise for the organization of health care in Switzerland. In the course of this period, it succeeded in building up a network of the finest doctors renowned all over Switzerland and Europe including celebrities in various field of medicine. Such as, Dr Olivier de Frahan, a well-known plastic surgeon in the world consults in the medical centre.

On March 27th 2014, the enterprise received it medical license, and currently Incorpore Medical Centre functions in two fields, as an ambulatory diagnostic medical centre and as a service company in the field of medicine.

Its medical centre is situated in the heart of Geneva. It partners with top specialists in Geneva and Switzerland, Providing patients with the cutting-edge and technological advanced opportunities in the medical field.

Diagnostics, anamnesis, discussion of the results of the examinations carried out directly in the medical centre. If an individual is required to undergo invasive procedures, surgery, or a rehabilitation program, specialists of in the medical centre will select the doctors, professionals specializing in a precise medical field, additionally with well-equipped clinics, optimally adapted to the essential requirements. The primary job of Incorpore medical centre is to deliver the best proficient services in medical field.

Inсorpore Medical Centre is surrounded with the many professionals and highly skilled & experienced medical personnel in Switzerland, with an outstanding reputation both among doctors and among patients, coupled with many years of experience doctors, medical professionals, professors, associate professors, specialists FMH. The medical centre can make available professionals who specialize precisely on medical problem and practice in the clinic, utmost technically ready for efficient examination and surgery. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) the Swiss system of public health services is one of the most effective in the world. Thus, treatment in Switzerland is very efficient with leading-edge technology and equipment of last generation and, of course, the high-qualified doctors. Treatment and Diagnostics in Switzerland with Incorpore Medical Centre are very effective and highly convenient.

sIncorpore Medical Centre is collaborating with numerous private clinics, additionally with public hospitals, which enables the medical centre to provide patients with numerous varieties of the most innovative medical and technical service. It should as well be noted that doctors, with whom the centre work in partnership, are proficient in various medical fields such as heart surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, rehabilitation after stroke and other neurological diseases, treatment of infertility, obstetrics, rejuvenation, plastic surgery and others.

Incorpore Medical Center formed different medical examinations (check-up) for its patients:

•Basic check-up
•Executive check-up
•VIP check-up
•Urological examination
•Gynecological examination
•Cardialogical examination
•Fertility testing
•Check-up for ladies over 40 years old
•Endocrinological examination
•Neurological examination
•Hepatitis C
Preventive medical examinations

• Prevention and age management check-up
• Oncology and Nutrition preventive check-up
•Oncology preventive examination
•Women’s health
•Man health preventive check-up
•Chronic back pain
•Weight and health management
•Sarcopenia and muscular weakness
•High blood pressure

Ambulatory diagnosis (check-up, medical check-ups) and preventive examinations is the primary specialization of Incorpore Medical Centre.

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In Corpore Clinic - Pricing details and cost breakdown

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Cardiovascular Assessment
Package price: 5690 € Contact

General Medicine/Surgery

Diabetes Consultation
Package price: from 1600 € Contact

IVF/Fertility Treatment

fertility Assessment
Package price: 3900-5200 € Contact


Gynecology Consultation
Package price: from 3200 € Contact


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