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Yan Hee Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand

Hair transplant 1000+ (FUE/FUT) in Thailand

Hair transplant 1000+ (FUE/FUT)
Price: from 1400 €

Where to Find Yan Hee Hospital

454 Charan Sanitwong Rd, Khwaeng Bang Ao, Khet Bang Phlat, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, 10700, Bangkok


Recently, Yanhee Hospital has become one of the best hospitals located in Bangkok, this is because of the fact that it has constructed multi-specialty treatment centers for the booming needs for health of the local and international communities. And also as a leading medical tourism destination located in Thailand, Yanhee provides services to thousands of local and international patients yearly, filling an important niche in plastic surgery and general medicine.

The brand treatments in Yanhee’s hospital are unique. Beauty treatments and plastic surgeries are integrated into the framework of a 400-bed medically licensed institution, promising the highest quality of medical services. At Yanhee’s hospital, Doctors possess excellent training backgrounds reinforced by years of experience, thousands of patients treated, and procedures performed.

At Yanhee Hospital, the medical support staff is composed of professionals groomed to deliver services carefully and efficiently, and always reminded of the fact that tender loving care is essential for the healing process of patients, especially for foreign patients who are far from the comforts of home.

The wide range of cosmetic, plastic surgery, and various medical services offered – at Yanhee’s Hosital ranges from the heart, kidney, obstetrics, pediatrics, and other medical centers, to breast augmentations, facelifts, tummy-tuck procedures, liposuctions, botox injections, dental whitening, facial treatments, hair transplants, etc. – makes Yanhee a “one-stop shop” for health and beauty.

The rates for services at Yanhee are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive in Thailand, but undoubtedly Yanhees’s Hospital provides the best health service that money can buy. These rates are reasonable, affordable, and above all, transparent.

Reasons Why You Can Confidently Choose Yanhee?:

High satisfaction rate among patients

There is no argument against success. Almost 75% of Yanhee’s international patients are either former patients or word-of-mouth referrals from previous patients.

Affordable, transparent rates

Yanhee’s prices are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest in the region but definitely the patients are assured that they get the best for their money’s worth. As posted in the Yanhee websites, printed in brochures, and readily available upon any inquiry, Yanhee prices carry no hidden charges.

Yan Hee Hospital Facilities

  • Family accommodation
  • Accessible disabled people
  • Private rooms for patients
  • Open weekends
  • Public transport access
  • Phone in the room
  • Accessible disabled people
  • Private rooms for patients
  • Parking
  • TV in the room
  • Open 24 hours
  • Emergency service
  • Wireless access
  • Medical records transfer
  • Open weekends
  • Public transport access
  • Phone in the room
  • Interpreter services
  • Special dietary requests accepted
  • Personal assistance

Yan Hee Hospital Pricing details

  • Doctor's fee

  • Anesthesia fee

  • Medical Team Fees

  • Clinic Fees

  • Clinic Equipment

All Hair Restoration Treatments in Bangkok, Thailand

Hair transplant 1000+ (FUE/FUT)
Price: from 1400 € Contact

Plastic Surgery /Body

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
Price: 3180-3500 € Contact
Breast Augmentation
Price: from 2650 € Contact
Breast Lift/Mammoplasty
Price: 2915-3313 € Contact
Breast Reduction
Price: 3313 € Contact
Buttock Implants
Price: 3975 € Contact
Price: 795-1325 € Contact
Price: 1458-2650 € Contact
Liposuction (various areas)
Price: 1325-2783 € Contact
Plastic surgery clinics
Price: from 10 € Contact
Thigh Lift
Price: 2915 € Contact
Price: 795-1749 € Contact


All-on-4 Dental Implant
Price: from 8500 € Contact
All-on-6 Dental implant
Price: from 11500 € Contact
Dental Implant
Price: from 500 € Contact

Hair Restoration

Body Hair Transplant
Price: from 1400 € Contact
Hair transplant 1000+ (FUE/FUT)
Price: from 1400 € Contact

Plastic Surgery/Face

Price: from 2650 € Contact
Price: 2385 € Contact
Price: 2120 € Contact

IVF/Fertility Treatment

Fertility clinics
Price: from 10 € Contact
I.V.F. In Vitro Fertilization
Price: from 3200 € Contact