Keratopigmentation 2024 cost

The July 2024 average cost of Keratopigmentation is 8736 €

The June 2024 Price range is 7320-10151 €

The typical average cost and price range for Keratopigmentation are taken from 310 Clinic prices and fee lists among 1705 Doctors. 

Keratopigmentation July 2024 cost

Clinic Average/As of Price
Vienna AKH Hospital, ( Austria) from 8500€
American Hospital Paris, ( France) from 7200€
Clinic KCM, ( Poland) from 7200€
Clinic Crooke, ( Spain) from 6999€
Antiaging Barcelona, ( Spain) from 7200€
Humanitas Hospital, ( Italy) from 9000€
EIO, ( Italy) from 7200€
Saint-Luc Hospital, ( Belgium) from 7999€
Formé clinic, ( Czech Republic) from 7150€
Isar Klinikum, ( Germany) from 6850€
Hospital Helios, ( Germany) from 6900€
MHH Hannover, ( Germany) from 7200€
Hygeia Hospital, ( Greece) from 7200€
Hermitage Clinic, ( Ireland) from 6999€
Kardiolita Hospital, ( Lithuania) from 7900€
Koo Foundation, ( Taiwan) from 7000€
Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, ( Thailand) from 6399€
Preciz Dent Clinic, ( Hungary) 9200€
Dr. Borzási, ( Hungary) from 8600€
Estúdio Oral, ( Portugal) from 6000€
Beijing Puhua International, ( China) from 7162€
Meoclinic, ( Germany) from 7250€
Santaros Clinic, ( Lithuania) from 7250€
Bangkok BPK 9 Hospital, ( Thailand) from 9500€
Fertility Center PGS, ( Thailand) from 6500€
As-Salam Hospital, ( Egypt) from 2946€
Istanbul Aesthetic Center, ( Turkey) from 6500€
Dunya IVF, ( Cyprus) from 6100€

What is Keratopigmentation

Keratopigmentation, also known as corneal tattooing or corneal pigmentation, is a cosmetic procedure performed to change the appearance of the cornea by adding pigment to its surface. It is primarily used to mask corneal scars, irregularities, or discolorations resulting from trauma, surgery, or other conditions.It is nowadays used mainly for aesthetic purposes and mainly from those that have brown eyes (82% of people on earth have brown eyes) whishing to have them often blue or green though many types of pigments exist.

Before undergoing keratopigmentation, the patient undergoes a comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist to assess the health of the cornea, evaluate any existing corneal abnormalities, and determine if they are suitable candidates for the procedure. These lab tests last around 15mn only and are done in clinics before the procedure and can be done almost anywhere in a nearby clinic when the future patient expects to travel to change his eyes' color.

All can be done remote in the first step: you are adviced about the whole process, explain the risks and potential complications if the right laser and or right medical grade pigments are used. You are also advised about the color choice, how many pigments are necessary, the overall cost and practical details and of course, the keratopigmentation protocol:

Keratopigmentation protocol lasts 1h max: consultation then eye color simulation and presentation with few papers to fill out, only few minutes per eye under local anesthesia with drops in the eyes and its done! You are advised to spent one night in a nearby hotel for a 30mn visit control and no post op are required for an amazing lifetime result!

The ophthalmologist selects a suitable medical grade pigment color based on the patient's natural eye color, skin tone, and desired cosmetic outcome. The pigment used in keratopigmentation is typically a medical-grade tattoo pigment that is safe for use in the eye area. It is has to be certified and CE mark in the EU as deemed to be a medical device and is not yet approved in different countries such as the FDA in the USA.

Using a specialized tattooing device or micro-needle, the ophthalmologist carefully applies the pigment to the surface of the cornea in a controlled and precise manner. The pigment is deposited in the superficial layers of the cornea to achieve the desired color and coverage.

It's important to note that keratopigmentation is a specialized cosmetic procedure that should only be performed by a qualified ophthalmologist with expertise in corneal surgery and pigment application. There are around 10 specialized ophthalmologists in the world that master the real and safe keratopigmentation! 

The cost depends of how many pigments you use, in what country you do it and the availability of clinics based on supply and demand.

All Services included in the average price

In average the price for Keratopigmentation includes 7 services. All data and prices are for information purposes only and are only one criteria in your decision making. A proper quotation (without transportation) with your medical records shall only reflect the final price unless you opt for a package price.

Keratopigmentation: Compare its prices in other countries

Our comparison table lists the clinics that have the 2024 lowest and highest price offers for Keratopigmentation.

Please click on the Ask/Book button of a clinic in order to have more information, get a quote with details or even book a procedure directly. This clinic list shows the most requested treatments and is not exhaustive as some clinics might not disclose their prices and as some treatments might have some related treatments.We advise you to contact us for in order to have a proper quotation, be able to answer your questions, get the final real price (transportation and accommodation as well – please bear in mind that it costs in average much less than 10% of the given treatment price.

Compare July 2024 Keratopigmentation prices in different countries

Bangkok Dental Center

Bangkok, Thailand

Price: Enquire

As-Salam Hospital

Cairo, Egypt

Price: 3535 €

Estúdio Oral

PORTO, Portugal

Price: 7200 €

Seoul JK

Seoul, South Korea

Price: 7200 €

Dunya IVF

Kyrenia, Cyprus

Price: 7320 €

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Price: 7678 €

Fertility Center PGS

Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 7800 €

Istanbul Aesthetic Center

Istanbul, Turkey

Price: 7800 €

Isar Klinikum

München, Germany

Price: 8220 €

Hospital Helios

München, Germany

Price: 8280 €

Hermitage Clinic

Dublin 20, Ireland

Price: 8398 €

Clinic Crooke

Marbella, Málaga, Spain

Price: 8398 €

Koo Foundation

Taipei City, Taiwan

Price: 8400 €

Formé clinic

Praha 3, Czech Republic

Price: 8580 €

Beijing Puhua International

Beijing Shi, China

Price: 8594 €


Milan, Italy

Price: 8640 €

Clinic KCM

Jelenia Góra, Poland

Price: 8640 €

Phalloplasty & Urology Center

Darmstadt, Germany

Price: 8640 €

Antiaging Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Price: 8640 €

Thessaloniki Cosmetic Institute

Thessaloniki, Greece

Price: 8640 €

Hygeia Hospital

Marousi, Greece

Price: 8640 €

American Hospital Paris

92200, France

Price: 8640 €

MHH Hannover

Hannover, Germany

Price: 8640 €


Berlin, Germany

Price: 8700 €

Santaros Clinic

Vilnius, Lithuania

Price: 8700 €

Preciz Dent Clinic

Budapest, Hungary

Price: 9200 €

DR Klinika Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania

Price: 9360 €

Athens Central Clinic

Athens, Greece

Price: 9360 €

Kardiolita Hospital

Vilnius, Lithuania

Price: 9480 €

Fix Clinic Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

Price: 9480 €

Saint-Luc Hospital

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium

Price: 9598 €

As Salam Katameya

Cairo, Egypt

Price: 9598 €

Vienna AKH Hospital

Wien, Austria

Price: 10200 €

Dr. Borzási

Budapest, Hungary

Price: 10320 €

Humanitas Hospital

Milan, Italy

Price: 10800 €

Bangkok BPK 9 Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 11400 €
Last update: 2024-07-15