Your weight loss surgery consultation

Your first consultation is a very important starting point for the surgical procedure for weight loss. During the consultation, you will get an overview of all the weight loss procedures and give details of what you are interested in. Most importantly, the way in which all the procedures will work will be explained and also those things that are required to achieve your weight loss goals. The first step to success is having knowledge of how the procedure works.

1. Before you see a surgeon, you will have accurate weights and heights. This will be done to check your current BMI.

2. Your surgeon will make a final decision if you are a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery.

3. All different surgical procedures involved in bariatric surgery will be explained to you by your surgeon and also the risks and benefits of each of them. This is a chance for you to ask questions from your surgeon and to understand what it is all about.

4. When selecting the surgical procedure you want, you will sign an agreement with Weight Loss Surgery Inc. and at this point, you will select the date for your operation.

5. You will have 1 week to key into the date of your surgery by making a non-refundable deposit of $5,000. In the event that you failed to this within that time, the next qualified patient for the operation and who wants this date will be able to take it.

6. Appropriate appointments for your pre-admission testing and estimates will be made for you. This may include:

  • Blood tests
  • X-ray recording of the chest
  • Electrocardiogram
  • History and Physical Examination
  • Consultation and preoperative teaching with your physician
  • Preoperative education this will be done by bariatric nurse specialists
  • Register and enroll in the remote patient monitoring program

7. Depending on your weight, you will be prescribed a 2-4 week diet high-protein diet, low-carb (VLCD) diet and instructions on how to take it.

Amid your consultation, you and your surgeon will thoroughly examine the suitability of the surgical procedure for your particular problem and determine which suitable surgical procedure is best for you. After reviewing your disease history and goals, you and your surgeon will develop the expected results in terms of weight loss and obesity-related disorders.

Even more, this initial consultation is the beginning of a long-term relationship between you and your surgeon. This relationship will not end when the transaction takes place. On the contrary, the relationship with you will continue many years after the operation in the form of regular meetings and support groups.

First, you can take advantage of your first consultation by preparing yourself for a sincere discussion of your life as it is now and where you want to be in the future. The more you share the physical and emotional struggles with obesity, the more you help to develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals. And do not be scared to share your feelings. The weight loss process is as emotional as it is physical.

The importance of your first consultation cannot be emphasized enough. And part of any successful weight loss program is an amazing support team.

Bariatric Surgery Consultation

Bariatric Surgery Consultation

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