Although traditional dentists are very important because they help to maintain the oral hygiene and help to prevent, diagnose and treat oral diseases (please follow the link to read more on Dentist Consultation), there are other areas of dentistry that are trending nowadays, including the cosmetic dentistry.

The Consumer Guide to Dentistry experts define the cosmetic dentistry as the area that is focused on improving the appearance of a person's mouth and teeth, which in consequence, also improves the person’s smile.

The main difference between the restorative and cosmetic odontology is that restorative dentists and their procedures are usually searched by the patients when they are necessary, while the cosmetic dentists and their procedures are searched by the patients to improve their looks, and they are considered elective or desired procedures.

What is a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation?

A cosmetic dentistry consultation is defined as the meeting between a patient and a cosmetic dentist that allows the doctor to check the health of the patient's mouth and teeth before deciding the best way to improve the smile appearance. 

Likewise, during a cosmetic dentistry consultation, the cosmetic dentistry and the patient can talk about the patient's desires and expectations in order to determine whether they are realistic or not.

It is important to know that although certain cosmetic treatments can also bring restorative benefits for the patient, the main objective of this dentistry branch is to improve the look of the smile.

What are the Main Benefits a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation Brings?

Many experts say that when a patient recovers a beautiful smile, he/she also recovers his/her self-esteem, and he/she can even improve the quality of his/her social and labor relationships, which is a great benefit of cosmetic dentistry consultations.

Likewise, some restorative and cosmetic treatments can be combined to provide both restorative and cosmetic benefits. For example, the current dental fillings match with the colours of the teeth (when they are made of porcelain and other composite materials), so they are less noticeable than traditional fillings that were composed of gold, amalgam or other dark materials.

Which are the Most Trending Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Among the most trending cosmetic dental procedures, the "Inlays" and "Onlays" can be included. These cosmetic procedures consist in using innovative dental fillings which are created in a dental laboratory, with the dimensions needed by the patient, and they are later adhesively bonded into their place by the dentist. They are less noticeable than traditional fillings and the result is long-lasting.

Another trending procedure that can be performed during a cosmetic dental consultation is the composite bonding. This is a material which is very similar to the natural enamel that can be applied to a tooth surface or a cavity to be sculpted to restore the teeth. As the material is pretty similar to the natural enamel, the results are very natural and the teeth that were fixed look like the natural ones.

The teeth whitening is also a commonly requested cosmetic dental procedure. It is recommended and useful for those people who have their teeth stained by smoking, drinking certain dark liquids (like coffee, tea and red wine), having a poor oral hygiene, among others. A teeth whitening can help to restore the natural colour of the enamel and recover a beautiful and healthy smile. When a teeth-whitening procedure is not enough to achieve the desired results, the dentist can recommend using dental veneers.

Finally, the orthodontic treatments and the procedures that allow recovering missing teeth are also commonly requested by people. Nowadays, having all the teeth, and having them properly aligned is considered both an aesthetic and a functional need. So, the patient can recover a beautiful smile and a proper bite by undergoing an Invisalign, All-On-4 or even an All-On-6 treatment.

How Must I Get Prepared for a Cosmetic Dental Consultation?

When a person is going to a cosmetic dentist consultation, he/she doesn't need an especial preparation. He/she only has to brush and floss his/her teeth as he/she usually do to obtain a proper evaluation and recommendation from the cosmetic dentist. What about envisaging veneers?

How Much does a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation Cost?

The cost of a cosmetic dentistry consultation always varies according to the type of changes that the patient wants, the number and types of procedures that the dentist will perform, the need of additional tests (including blood and image tests), the need of prosthesis, veneers or orthodontic devices, the patient’s mouth health, the patient’s age, among others.

So, if you are interested in undergoing a cosmetic dentistry consultation, please contact us at and we will gladly answer all your questions and will look for the best cosmetic dentist to create a personalized plan of treatment and budget for you.


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Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

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