Hair loss consultation is free for men and women suffering from thinning hair complications. The following are the various methods of diagnosis and treatments available for numerous hair loss conditions:

Male hair loss such as Male hair loss, male pattern balding, androgenic alopecia, androgenetic alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, and male stress-related hair loss, male premature balding, hair loss due to malnutrition, post-surgical hair loss, and trauma-induced balding.

Female hair loss, female pattern balding, female alopecia, diffuse hair loss, post-menopausal hair loss, hair loss post-childbirth, hair loss due to malnutrition, post-surgical hair loss, female stress-related hair loss, trauma-induced balding, scalp hair loss.

Undergoing hair consultation process

Hair loss consultation is initially done free of charge. During the course of this consultation, research on the reason behind your thinning hair is carried out and numerous treatment procedures will be made accessible for you to choose from.

Using a Proscope, a highly robust magnifier is connected to a computer device, your trichologist can inspect your hair and scalp closely, taking footage for assessment and comparison later. You may even be asked a series of questions that are geared towards instituting the overall state of your health. These questions can be related to medications, diet, history of your family, your way of life and present hair grooming system.

There are forty-six dissimilar possible reasons for hair loss in humans. It may take place at any time, having affecting males and females at any stage and boys as young as sixteen years have been known to be affected by hair loss. The good news remains that, however, that as long as an individual affected by hair loss sought out treatment early enough, it's closely always possible to prevent additional loss of hair and also the commencement of baldness.

You may be required to get in touch with your general practitioner and you may be referred back to your doctor if it's supposed that a medical disorder or the side effects of any medication are the reason behind your hair loss. Upon conclusion of your initial consultation appointment, a treatment procedure will be recommended to you for combating and treating your hair loss.

What happens after hair loss consultation?

Having found the reason behind your hair loss, recommendations are given on a course of treatment. Treatments vary greatly from person to person and are particularly gender base. This depends on the transplant medical center you visit, all available treatments are hundred percent safe and natural.

Male Treatments

The treatments carried out on males can prevent further loss of hair in future and stop additional follicular miniaturization. Hair regrowth is additionally witnessed by some individuals. There aren't any side effects to the treatments that you may be subjected to and it's suggested that a male individual ought to go through a course of treatment for at least of six months, particularly if the reason behind hair loss is genetic.

Female Treatments

The treatments given to females undergoing hair loss can be determined by different causes. In several circumstances, these deciding factors are influenced by the woman’s state of health and also the sense of balance of her hormones. Stress, pregnancy, anemia, and changes in life (menopause) may all be a trigger for hair loss, and also the kind of contraceptive she is making use of and whether or not she is in poor health. If the reason behind her hair loss is found to be genetic, it's suggested that she go through a course of treatment for at least three months.


Many patients that underwent air loss gave testimony on positive results after proven air loss treatment methods. These consist of preventing additional hair loss and in several circumstances, hair regrowth is seen.

Hair Loss Consultation

Hair Loss Consultation

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