Lung Cancer Treatment


Lung cancer is often divided into small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer, they are treated differently.  

Small cell lung cancer begins when healthy cells in the lung change and grow uncontrollably, forming a mass called a tumor, a lesion, or a nodule.The term “small cell” refers to the size and shape of the cancer cells as seen under a microscope.

A tumor can be cancerous or benign. Once a cancerous lung tumor grows, it may or may not shed cancer cells. These cells can be carried away in blood or float away in the fluid, called lymph, that surrounds lung tissue. Lymph flows through tubes called lymphatic vessels that drain into collecting stations called lymph nodes, the tiny, bean-shaped organs that help fight infection.

The following tests are often recommended: Sputum cytology, a biopsy, bronchoscopy, Thoracentesis, Needle aspiration/core biopsy, Mediastinoscopy, Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy.

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