There are many people who grow up with the conviction that they have been born in the wrong body, which represents a huge identity problem and disadvantages in the development of the personality since childhood. Some experts have the theory that there are many reasons (specifically biological and psychological) to feel this way; however, no specific cause has been identified yet.

As this condition is very common, some experts have carried out many studies and agree that it is better "adapting the body to the mind" and not "the mind to the body" to relieve the patient's suffering. This is why they have developed a new surgical procedure called gender or sex reassignment. This surgery can be used to change a female body to a male body or vice versa as it will be explained later.

What Is a Sex Reassignment Male to Female?

According to the Michigan University experts, the sex reassignment Male to Female (MTF) can be defined as a variety of surgical procedures that have the main objective of changing the male anatomical traits of the patient for some traits more similar and appropriate with a female body and identity.

It is important to know that all sex reassignment male to female must be performed in different stages and includes different procedures. The most requested procedures are facial feminization surgery, breast augmentation, voice feminization surgery, tracheal shave and even buttock augmentation.

A Breast Augmentation Procedure in the Context of a Sex Reassignment Male to Female

The breast augmentation performed in a sex reassignment male to female is the first surgery performed to achieve the sex change. The surgeon creates an aesthetically pleasing female chest, this way the patient will experience the female role more easily (at least for 12 months) and only when he/she is completely sure about wanting to complete the sex reassignment, the genital surgery (vaginoplasty) will be performed.

In most cases, the surgeon resizes and repositions the nipple-areola complex and tries to minimize the chest-wall scars. Likewise, the experts suggest using small breast implants and progressively change them for bigger ones for two reasons. The first reason is that the skin of the chest should be progressively stretched, and the second reason, that the patient must be comfortable with the breast size.

How Is a Sex Reassignment Male to Female Performed?

The sex reassignment male to female is not new and have suffered a lot of modifications through the years. The main objective in this procedure is to create a functional and sensitive vagina. Although there are many methods to perform the procedure, the most common one includes the use of the penis and scrotum's skin to form the new labia and vagina. This has the advantage of avoiding aesthetically unpleasant results caused by large or deep skin grafts.

It is also important to highlight that the preservation of the vaginal cavity must be assured by using an artificial device with vaginal form.

In the second place, during a sex reassignment male to female, the surgeon must carefully dissect the penile corpora cavernosa and relocate some of their sensitive nerves in a small amount of erectile tissue to function as clitoris. This allows the patient to have powerful feelings of sexual arousal and achieve the orgasms just like a person who was born as a woman.

It is important to know that the prostate is left intact during a sex reassignment male to female and it can also suffer some spasm during orgasm. However, the spermatic cords are clamped and ligated. The surgeon must also cut the urethra and create a new urethral meatus (the site where the urethra finishes) to give it a look very similar to the female urethra.

How Must I Prepare Myself for a Sex Reassignment Male to Female?

The first step is consulting a qualified doctor with an extensive knowledge of sex reassignment surgeries. Only a qualified doctor can determine the best way of treatment for each patient and determine the surgeries that will be needed to achieve the best and more natural results. The patient must be mentally stable and must be sure that he/she wants to undergo the procedure. So, a proper psychological assessment at this stage is extremely important.

It is also important to know that before sex reassignment male to female surgeries, the patient usually needs a hormone treatment (approximately 12 months before the breast augmentation and vaginoplasty) to prepare the body and medically produce some changes.

How Much Does a Sex Reassignment Male to Female Cost?

The cost of a sex reassignment male to female will widely vary according to the type of changes that the patient desires, the number of surgeries that must be done, the need of using silicone or saline implants, the additional procedures that will be done (such as liposuction or Botox injections), the patient's age and general health conditions, the country’s laws, among others.

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