Letônia: Blefaroplastia Preço, custo real

O custo médio de Blefaroplastia em Letônia é 1140 €

A faixa de preço é 950-1330 €

O custo médio típico e a faixa de preço para Blefaroplastia são retirados de 7 Preços de clínicas e listas de taxas entre 39 médicos.

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Blefaroplastia !Preço

Clínica Preço médio / a partir do preço
Aesthetic Surgery Center ( 3, Gertrudes Street, 1010, Riga) from 950€
Aesthetic Clinic LIPEX ( Dzirnavu street 23, LV1010, Riga) from 950€

Mais informações sobre Blefaroplastia em Letônia

All the races tend to have specific facial and body structures that established them apart from others. In most cases, people from every race are happy to have these "bodily distinctions" and wear them with pride, but in other situations, some facial features can result uncomfortable and unattractive.

For example, Asian people have a puffy upper lid with a very small crease that may difficult the opening of the eye or applying makeup (specially the eyeliner). Although most Asian people are happy with their element, in some cases, the top lid becomes saggy and it is necessary to lower it to improve the vision and make some daily activities easier.

What is an Asian Blepharoplasty in Latvia?

The Asian blepharoplasty (also called double-eyelid surgery), is defined by the MedScape experts as the surgical procedure destined to create a pretarsal crease in those Asian people who don’t have one. By creating this fold, the patient will have a fresher look and a better visual field because the plastic surgeon removes all the extra fat tissue and the puffy higher lid will look thinner.

It is important to highlight that this procedure is not performed to westernize the patient's appearance or modify his/her ethnic factor, the surgeon only looks for improvement in the individuals' upper eyelid appearance.

Can I Undergo an Asian Blepharoplasty in Latvia?

In general terms, experts recommend the Asian blepharoplasty for Asian people (as its name says) because 50% of Latviaese, Chinese and Korean people do not have a pretarsal crease. However, in some instances, people of other ethnicities may be born without a pretarsal crease in one or both eyes, so they can also benefit from this procedure.

It is necessary to know that most surgeons recommend undergoing an Asian blepharoplasty when the upper lid is too fatty and it results annoying to apply eyeliner or even to open the eyes. Likewise, when Asian people get old, the upper lid loses its extra fat tissue and turns into saggy and this can reduce the patient’s visual field.

The experts say that the sufferers who usually request for this procedure are Asian women who are younger than 20 years. However, it is also common in Asian guys between 20 and 30 years.

Finally, those who have undergone an Asian blepharoplasty in their youth, but the aging process provides altered the upper lid aspect, can undergo this procedure to recover a more youthful look.

Which is the Difference Between Asian and Non-Asian People Upper Eyelid in Latvia?

In Asian people, the normal height of the top lid crease is between 8 and 10 mm from the lash line, which is lower than the normal location of this crease in non-Asian people. Similarly, the aponeurosis or cells where the higher eyelid levator muscle tissue gets inserted is leaner and can join the eyelid dermis or not, which creates a lower crease or not really crease at all.

How may be the Asian Blepharoplasty Performed in Latvia?

To perform an Asian blepharoplasty, the individual will be under local anesthesia and sedation, or general anesthesia. As it was explained before, Asian folks have a different joint between the eyelid dermis and the levator aponeurosis, so during an Asian blepharoplasty, the cosmetic surgeon will fix and elevate the union between these structures to create a correct pretarsal crease.

Likewise, the plastic surgeon will remove all of the extra fat tissue that can alter the upper eyelid appearance. Generally, the cosmetic surgeon uses non-absorbable sutures in the inner area of the eyelid to produce a long-long lasting result (please follow the link to read on Cosmetic Surgery Consultation).

In additional cases, the plastic surgeon creates an external incision to remove the fat tissue and create a pretarsal fold. Finally, the cosmetic surgeon can use a hybrid technique during the Asian blepharoplasty, which, as its name says, combines the various other two techniques.

Only a qualified surgeon can determine the easiest way of treatment for each patient. It is also important to know that although the Asian blepharoplasty is considered a safe treatment (with little odds of complications), the individual is not exempt from suffering bleeding, illness of the manipulated area, scarring, among others.

How Much euro does an Asian Blepharoplasty Cost in Latvia?

The expense of an Asian blepharoplasty will vary according to the reason why the procedure will be performed, the patient’s age and general health condition, the amount of skin and fat tissue that must be removed, the type of anesthesia which will be used (general or local), amongst others.

Riga, Letônia

Price: from 950 €
Riga, Letônia

Price: from 950 €