Penoplasty: Penis Enlargement Methods That Work in 2024

Penoplasty: costs, Countries and Penis Enlargement Methods That Work

  1. Understanding the Distinction: Penoplasty vs. Phalloplasty - Why It Matters
  2. Separating Size from Function: Importance of Distinguishing Penis Enlargement from Erectile Problems
  3. Considering Penis Enlargement: Is It the Right Choice for You?
  4. Unveiling Complications and Techniques in Penis Enlargement: What You Need to Know
  5. Exploring Penile Surgeries: Injection of Acid or Fat for Enlargement
  6. Debunking Myths: Is Penile Surgery the Only Effective Method for Penis Enlargement?
  7. Beyond Size: Exploring Different Approaches to Penis Enlargement
  8. Financial Considerations: Understanding the Cost of Penile Enlargement Procedures
  9. Insights and Experiences: Opinions and Testimonials on Penis Enlargement
  10. Making Informed Decisions: Choosing the Best Penis Enlargement Technique based on Experience

It is crucial to avoid confusing penoplasty and phalloplasty as they refer to distinct procedures with different goals. Penoplasty focuses on the aesthetic enhancement of the penis, primarily through techniques like lengthening or thickening. On the other hand, phalloplasty is a complex surgical procedure typically performed for transgender individuals seeking gender-affirming surgery to construct a neopenis.

It is also essential to understand that the desire for penis enlargement should not be conflated with erectile problems. Penis enlargement procedures are cosmetic in nature and are not designed to address issues related to erectile dysfunction or other medical conditions. If you are experiencing erectile problems, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide appropriate guidance and treatment options.

Determining whether penis enlargement is the right choice for an individual is a personal decision. It is important to consider various factors such as personal motivations, expectations, physical health, and psychological well-being. Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional or specialist in urology or plastic surgery can help provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances.

Like any surgical procedure, penis enlargement techniques carry certain risks and potential complications. These may include infection, bleeding, scarring, changes in sensation, dissatisfaction with the results, or psychological effects. It is crucial to thoroughly discuss these risks with a qualified healthcare professional and weigh them against the potential benefits before making a decision.

Penile surgeries involving the injection of acid or fat are known techniques for penis enlargement. However, it is important to note that these procedures have proscribed risks and potential complications. These may include uneven distribution of injected substances, lumps or nodules, and possible migration or absorption of the injected material over time. Discussing these techniques with a qualified healthcare professional is essential to understand the associated risks and limitations.

Penile surgery, such as lengthening or thickening procedures, is considered one method for penis enlargement. However, it is essential to note that individual results may vary, and no surgical technique can guarantee specific gains in size or satisfaction. It is recommended to have realistic expectations and thorough discussions with a qualified healthcare professional regarding the potential outcomes of such procedures.

►► More about the different costs of penis enhancement procedures in some countries

In addition to surgical options, various non-surgical methods, such as devices, exercises, or medications, are often marketed for penis enlargement. However, their effectiveness and safety may vary, and it is crucial to approach such methods with caution. Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional can help determine the appropriateness and potential benefits of these alternative approaches.

The cost of penis enlargement procedures can vary depending on factors such as the chosen technique, geographical location, clinic reputation, and specific patient requirements. It is recommended to research and obtain detailed cost estimates from reputable clinics or healthcare providers before making any decisions. Additionally, it is important to consider other factors beyond cost, such as the qualifications and experience of the medical professionals involved.

Opinions and testimonials regarding penis enlargement can vary widely. It is important to approach such information with critical thinking and consider the credibility and expertise of the sources. While personal experiences can provide insights, they may not necessarily reflect the typical or expected outcomes for everyone. Relying on evidence-based medical information and consulting with qualified healthcare professionals is crucial when making decisions about penis enlargement.

Selecting the most suitable penis enlargement technique should be based on individual circumstances and professional advice. Healthcare professionals experienced in urology or plastic

If you read these lines, it is that we have at heart to bring you real information about penis enlargement procedures despite the overload of information on the internet and the myths surrounding the subject since the dawn of time.

Even in 2024, there are certainly as many techniques and miracle cures as different forms of penis and if many are to be proscribed and dangerous, the good news is that the actual penis surgery is finally mastered but not by anyone.

Yes, now any man can expand and especially lengthen his penis having a micro penis or not. His goals and motivations are his only concern, but he must distinguish above all penoplasty from other techniques or penile surgeries such as phalloplasty.

We have noticed many changes in 2022. The main one is that the so called suspensory ligament technique (by far the best) is now available in a new country, Lithuania.

The second main point is that inflation affects all most clinic offers. We have noticed sometimes a 25% increase in mid 2022. For example you now need a budget of 10800 euros to have a combined surgery (length + girth) in Germany in the leading clinic compared to 9900 euros back in 2022.

As one can read about anything and everything on the subject, what is called penile surgery or penile enlargement surgery (or penis enlargement) differs widely from phalloplasty. Even if the etymology seems similar since a plasty of the phallus seems to mean the same thing (especially in English or German) the surgery is by far different.

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The phalloplasty aims to repair a damaged penis, injured for example or to build it ex nihilo. In one case it is a reconstruction often linked to an injury, in the other it is for transgender people wanting to create a penis and having no or almost no penis.

Penoplasty is therefore more about changing the initial shape (the length and / or width) of the man's sex because many do not feel comfortable with the size or girth of their sex for various reasons. It is an annoyance that can be repaired if the right method of surgery is fully considered.

We can say without doubt that all the men that had a penoplasty with the right technique in the right clinic are satisfied with it.

Note that if the questions coming from the outset are "how many centimetres" or "how wide can I expect" no serious clinics can commit to a result. If we sometimes talk about 6 centimetres in length gained (while not erected), it is certain that there is a result and that the specialized plastic surgeons do in fact the maximum of what the nature allows you to have, "by forcing the nature". It should be noted that the initial size of the sex does not play in lengthening and that therefore men having what is sometimes called a "micro-penis" (which would theoretically be a penis less than 8 cm) are not disadvantaged, far from it.

Remember also that each man has a different penis and that there is a strong difference between an erection from one man to another. In other words, it makes more complicated any commitment as regards of any results but also on the perception from one person to another in general.

A study by the American urologist Brahmbhatt showed that penises retract in the winter and can lose up to 50% of their size (compared to summer time under the influence of heat and dilation of blood vessels) It is understandable that many factors can affect the length and width of the penis. It was also proven that the life we have, and especially the famous "stress factor" may have a temporary impact.

What is penis enlargement and what is not penis enlargement

Phalloplasty is in fact totally different from penoplasty (or penis enlargement / penis enhancement). If one is considered as an improvement (even if the term is not always well chosen for the one who sometimes lives a real drama or wants to repair this suffering) the other is considered as a repair or reconstruction.

If minor problems such as epididymitis or other varicoceles occur frequently in the testicles, it seems less well managed when it comes to a sex-related accident directly. This is where the urologist (the first one we consult) will intervene at a advanced level if he is also a surgeon (in which case it will be another specialist, especially one of the few specialists that we can recommend).

Without listing all the accidents that can happen to the penis, there is also a second type of request that is that of reconstruction or construction.

There is reconstruction in case of a major loss or ablation and there is construction when a person does not have a penis and wants one.

In the latter case we will talk about transgender demand where a person of sex said to be female or sometimes of indeterminate sex (we will generalize when speaking of hermaphrodite) will want a creation of a penis from scratch.

It is obvious that apart from the ethical questions this surgery is very complex and will require to be surrounded by the best world specialists.

Why is it important to disassociate the need to enlarge one's penis with erectile problems?

In the process of enlarging his penis, a man must put aside issues of impotence or at least erectile problems.

There is indeed no relationship between one and the other even if the psychological dimension plays a large role on the erectile part and therefore if the amalgam between loss of self-confidence can be made on both levels, many men do not dissociate problems.

In a way the treatment of erectile problems is more complex and will not necessarily be treated by surgery as it can only be for penis enlargement.


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It is imperative to forget all ancestral solutions and other creams to enlarge your penis and focus only on surgery. This does not mean that she psychological evaluation and a constructive exchange with the surgeon should not be done.

Erectile problems are treated in many ways and at many levels. If this is not our purpose here, remember that among the techniques there are waves or other ultrasound techniques that can help the vascularization.

Some men feel helpless, think of what are called penile implants or other implants to replace the penis, saying that it will deal with two problems, one of erection, the other of size with a longer and more "resilient" prosthesis. This obviously has nothing to do.

About erectile problems it is important to have an open psychological approach, to carry out a complete blood and urine analysis. Recall that factors such as stress, transient anxiety, depression, diabetes, prostate problems in some cases etc. contribute to all this.

Is penis enlargement right for me?

As explained men with erectile dysfunction are not concerned with penis augmentation surgeries.

Thus, the penoplasty will not repair erectile problems even if there is a self-confidence immediately noticeable after penis length or girth enlargement and it is an improvement on the psychological level.

If sexual problems exist such as premature ejaculation or the opposite for example, it will not change anything.

There are also no criteria for determining the good of the bad candidate but let's say that the one who is concerned by the enlargement of his sex is the one for which this is a recurring concern.

With experience, we can also say that age is an important factor because the maturity will be taken into account with the motivation on the one hand to really be treated, and on the other hand, once penoplasty surgery has been carried out, realize in some way that it has been practiced (it seems obvious but not for all).

The preparation for the penoplasty requires the usual one for any medical procedure. So, avoid smoking before, do not eat or drink just before, etc. Consultation with the urologist or surgeon specialized in sex enlargement surgery should focus on the motivations of the patient. In particular, he will have to answer questions about sexual, erectile, blood test problems, what has been used in the past (creams, lotions, spreaders and other exotic objects).

As the penis enlargement is a day surgery the procedure is not considered as invasive and the patient will come out without any side effects or postoperative stress. Everything will be prescribed before if necessary, as a spreader, painkillers etc. but we can say that it is not a heavy procedure and that it will obviously have had before a consultation with the surgeon, the laboratory team and the anaesthesiologist.

If for some men the size of their sex is a real traumatism, we do not hesitate to assert with many testimonies as support that once the penoplasty is over, for some it is a real “miracle”. Self-esteem leaps from one's neck, the sex life is really changed. All men who have had a penoplasty feel much more "powerful" according to the testimonies.

Penile surgeries by injection of acid or fat

There is a lot of techniques to always enlarge a penis but only two are to remembered, one by injection, the other one being perfectly surgical (day surgery).

To enlarge your penis and especially expand it, it is named autologous transplant, or lipofilling of the penis, in short it is to take your own fat to inject it in your penis (nothing to do with the so called stem cells penis procedure).

The first step will consist of liposuction. The donor areas are to be determined with the patient, but it will often be in the thigh or the belly. It may be that in rare cases it is the pubic area if the patient really has access to fat.

The patient's fat is removed and treated. Depending on the protocols of the clinics, the place where it is injected differs. Some clinics do not disclose these places and especially how they do it.

Injecting your own fat will allow your penis to enlarge and gain some length. Length gained through fat is not always deemed to work according to length penis surgery practitioners.

It is important to measure the result as any lipofilling from 8 weeks because you must wait until the fat is assimilated by your body, in fact that surplus is somehow considered by your body. You will lose volume in the first weeks, which will be perfectly normal.

It is impossible to say how much volume you have in terms of width or length because some people say that it melts little and others fall short of their expectations. It seems that each morphology being unique, it will be case by case. People who are a little "dry" in body tend to be less tolerant of fat retention, but this is only a general statement.

Finally, apart from its own fat, it is possible to inject other "filling" substances like the classic hyaluronic acid, or we do not know what some cosmetic surgeons reserve and can use in their palette of "dermo fillers". In any case the conclusive results have never been established and we do not recommend these practices.

If we do not recommend here using these techniques that have no tangible effects, apart from the real penile surgery, only the injection of fat seems to present a first solution even if its effects and durability by compared to surgery are not comparable.

Potential complications and techniques of penis enlargement

Any operative intervention, whether ambulatory or not, is inherently risky. These risks are increased in penile surgery since this area is highly technical and undeveloped by cosmetic surgeons and by scholars. Thus, we will not find this surgery in the program of aesthetic surgery training and it is essentially the practice (often kept secret) that will tell what method works or not.

Penis enlargement procedure is inherently risky not only because of the nerve ramifications, the urinary canal but also because of the complexity of the cavernous body and the general sensitivity in this area. No reasonable man would want to have a failure here and it would not be comparable to poorly performed liposuction.

This does not prevent many men from trying anything or giving in to the marketing hype of some unscrupulous cosmetic surgeons.

From a reliable source we can say that there are daily risky practices in the world and there are many men who not only have paid a high price for an ineffective service, see fraudulent but will still have to pay more to have a chance to recover a "normal" penis. Some plastic surgery centres that master real surgery have a mixed approach on possible catch-up.

If their duty as a doctor is to meet a need, it is difficult for them to catch up with the mistakes of others. So, we will say that a failed penis procedure will not always be overtaken unfortunately.

Similarly, the use of tools or other miracle formulas is prohibited if you want to have a real surgery. We do not recommend using devices like extenders or other miracle creams if you want to go one a step further and have real penile surgery.

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It is however possible to find a competent centre that can accept to repair the errors of others, but this will be accepted on a case by case basis and with an obvious additional cost. As an example, in a competent centre the length surgery with repair will cost more than 11,000 $.

It should also be noted that the use of objects allowing an extension can to have adverse consequences on a potential future surgery especially in terms of vascularization or blood circulation. Thus a "penis repair" will be useful but in some cases will not be able to completely repair past mistakes.

In addition, it should be noted that this repair will be possible only a few months after the “shutdown” of the device in question.

Penile surgery the only method to enhance your penis

As above explained, the feedback from men who have used various techniques and recent mastery of surgery for about 20 years allows us to say that there are only two techniques of penis enlargement.

The first is that of injecting your own fat, the second is the complete penile surgery using the so called suspensory ligament technique.


It can be said that only surgery gives satisfactory long-term results. This surgery includes "pulling" the part of the penis that is in your body to bring out. In more medical terms we will talk about the fact that the plastic surgeon will release a suspensory ligament at the base of your penis and thus allow its lengthening.

In a certain way nature helps you in the measure of the visible part of the invisible part (the part of your penis inside your body) are almost equal. So, in a way, there is potential even if everything cannot be "used". Technically a small incision in the pubis will be practiced releasing the ligament explained while maintaining some stability. This stability is the key to surgery and if it is not disclosed as to its method, its purpose is explained in general to the patient and it must be made clear that there is no addition of foreign material to the body.

Moreover, it is also important that the surgery is not intended to touch the penis with scars and specially to preserve the cavernous body, the nerves and the urinary canal.

In terms of penis enlargement and technique used for penoplasty, what will be required is not a simple injection under the skin but more than that, a true autologous transplant with a controlled technique, a logical distribution along the penis and especially, a compression for maintain everything postoperatively.

In addition, since penile surgery is an undisclosed method and kept secret by certain clinics, it is important to know which is the best clinic for this. Our reports and results on our 29,542 clinics around the world and our 717 active clinics allow us to advise you the best clinic and the best medical team in the world that will allow you to really enlarge your penis (length, girth or combined procedure).

Depending on the methods of a clinic to another, the surgery will be ambulatory or not and will require the same medical protocol that any surgery is preparation material (do not eat, drink before, avoid aspirin etc). Postoperative follow-up is not necessary, but it may be important to use an extender for a few weeks to sustain the effect of the surgery. Sex will be outlawed for a while. The reason is the need for the threads of very small scars to subside and the pressure in case of contact during sexual intercourse would unnaturally compress the penis, especially the areas where the fat has been distributed.

According to men side effects are not painful and some say it "pulls", which is perfectly normal.

How many centimetres in length and width can I expect to enlarge my penis?

This question makes sense and is recurrent with all men. In fact, if each man certainly has in his childhood or not measure the size of his sex at rest and erection, before penile surgery, the knowledge of measurements or even a photo will be of no use to the surgeon. The surgeon essentially needs to understand the person's motives, medical history, and anything that could generally affect surgery involving local or total anaesthesia.

So, no reasonable clinic will come forward to give you figures. In fact, let's say generally that a good medical team will do the best that nature can do by forcing it. Often calculated at rest in general one sometimes finds an average increase of six centimetres in length.

About penis girth, it is more difficult to measure, and the result will be complete after about 8 weeks in average.

Penis enlargement and other enlargements of the penis

As you understand, the main penis surgery is about enlargement. The main demand from men is about length but in 50% of cases they also want to increase the circumference of their penis because they consider that the two go together in general.

It will of course be more interesting to combine both because economically you can save more than 3000 €.

So, you can opt either for penile surgery in length, in girth or both at the same time.

This also applies to the technique of increasing by fat in general.

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Are there other types of penile surgery to consider?

There are many penis surgeries invasive but only some shall be retained.

So besides increasing the penis in girth or length, you can also increase your glans.

It is indeed a differently treated area. If you use this procedure, it cannot be combined with length or girth (or with combined procedure).

If you have penis enlargement surgery first, in length or circumference, it is recommended to wait about 4 months for an augmentation of the glans.

As explained at the beginning, we must put aside the other penile surgeries concerning erectile problems and we can list many procedures and techniques but we will keep essentially the question of the penile implant with or without pump which is a marvel of technicality for men with diabetes, for example.

How much for a penis lengthening or girth increase?

To the question "how much does it cost to enlarge my penis" there are many possible answers. You have understood, if you choose any device such as for example a penis extender less than few dollars ultimately it may cost you far more than 10,000 € / $ which will repair a poorly done work (and sometimes avoiding some pains and traumas).

Regarding the technique of fat injection or that of the complete surgery, it is necessary to consider the usual costs which are the consultation of the plastic surgeon, the expenses of laboratories, the anaesthesiologist, clinic staff and premises and eventually drugs if needed.

The minimum price of these costs excluding surgery starts at 3000 $ or to go to 15000 $ according to each clinic policy for Europe in 2024. It will obviously be necessary to add surgery costs in themselves and there are many disparities, from one country to another, from one clinic to another but also from one technique to another. The price of penis enlargement in Turkey will be 3600 € for example for the length and 2750 € with the width.

In Lithuania in Vilnius, the penoplasty starts at 3200 € and is rated as best value for money in 2024. Why because first the price is fair and the technique is for a combined surgery with the best technique, the suspensory ligament technique.

At these costs must be added the recommended time or not to stay on site. Each clinic having its method and its own protocol, it will be necessary to add according to the nights of hotels or because some practice that of ambulatory and others do not.

The actual surgery that works is not easy to find and it is important to know more about the sort performed through our hundreds of active clinics and more than 23,000 clinics contacted so far, especially regarding this procedure.

It should be noted, for example, that penis enlargement surgery cost in Germany is 8600 €. Penis girth enlargement procedure in Germany costs 7200 €. Both surgeries being combinable and would be done in around 3 hours for a day surgery for 10800 €.

While we still have hundreds of awards from around the world, we chose to use only these examples based on our report. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to ask for the report.

Opinions and testimonials about penis enlargement

It is obviously difficult to collect testimonies on the topic. On the one hand, because in general men speak less than women about body matters and on the other hand because there is obvious discomfort not only before but after. We can synthesize many testimonies but in a private way because if before discretion seems obvious, after there is a real positive reaction but that seems to mean that we want to avoid talking about before.


Most testimonials are positive about the technique of surgery that we recommend, it must be said that a maximum risk is set aside, and that this surgery works for a few years only. In terms of fat injection, the comments are various and sometimes mixed. In fact, it is the distribution of fat and its duration in time that are sometimes criticized. Depending on the morphology, it may be necessary to make a second one sometime later, hence some legitimate questions between the method of fat injection and the very day surgery.

Which penis enlargement technique is best based on experience?

The technique used and the comments of thousands of men who have undergone penis enlargement surgery by length as well as by size or circumference now allow us to have a clear feedback.

In general 90% of men choose to do both (penis length and girth enlargement) and only 10% choose to do one or the other.

Most men focus on the issue of length, which for them is paramount. Doing the length and the circumference doesn't change anything, one doesn't influence the other or at least doesn't hinder the other.

For the circumference there are not several techniques, it is always an enlargement by injecting one's own fat or technique called "lipofilling". This is the only way to increase the circumference and you have to forget about all other techniques such as implanting plastic or other solutions based on hyaluronic acid.

The circumference increases by about 30% and it is necessary to wait several weeks to see the final result, especially because the body must assimilate the fat and absorb some of it. Thus, it is necessary to expect a small loss before stabilization.

We must say that there is no better clinic than another for this procedure and that most clinics offer this service with some consistency. However, we must add that if the technique for the circumference is the same for the length, it is important to know if the patient should choose the technique for both or the other technique for the ligaments.

Finally, we have noticed that some clinics in Europe in particular are better specialized in this technique than others because they filter the fat better and know how to inject it in different points of the penis to avoid having balls of fat that are badly distributed.

As far as the length of the penis is concerned, we have noticed many differences from one clinic to another but also many bad practices so we have to be careful.

As we believe that any solution consisting of injecting something other than one's own fat or inserting implants or hard materials should be avoided, we believe that there are only two techniques for length.

The first one is the one explained by injecting one's own fat and the second one is the one called suspensory ligaments.

The technique of lipofilling is quite traditional because it is found in most clinics doing penis surgeries and for many surgeons it is just a variation of what they already know how to do, i.e. taking fat from the thighs and injecting it in the buttocks, in wrinkles or in the breasts for example. 

The question is above all, do these surgeons really know how to do this?

This is not sure because we have met many dissatisfied men. Indeed, it is necessary to select clinics that perform lipofilling in general. Thus a plastic surgeon who proposes to do breast augmentation (the main procedure of all surgeons) with implants and not fat and who proposes to do a "lipofilling" of the penis will be to proscribe. 



Indeed, there is a strong chance that they do this on an anecdotal basis and therefore do not have a good command of the matter.
It is therefore necessary to ask your surgeon what are the most common procedures and what other procedures with lipofilling are offered. You should also ask how the fat is distributed on the penis, how much fat should be removed, where it should be removed (the thighs are recommended) and is the fat filtered by machines?


Finally, the experiences and comments on fat injection and the result in centimeters on the length are quite different from one man to another. The result, as for the circumference, will be optimal after several weeks.
The main advantage is the price. The disadvantage is that in some clinics, such as those in Turkey, the protocol sometimes requires about 4 days on site, while in others, such as Greece, only one day on site is necessary.

Let's move on to the second technique called the suspensory ligament technique and compare it to the fat injection technique.
The second technique is more recent in time, although it has been mastered for about ten years now. With several thousand men having had highly sophisticated services concerning this technique, we can now have a good feedback.


The technique consists in bringing out the hidden and internal part of the penis. Every man knows and even feels that his penis comes from inside his body and that what he sees is the external part of his penis. He can also feel the passage of the penile shaft under his testicles.


The technique consists in bringing out this internal part towards the outside by keeping the internal part in a natural way but by avoiding the curves inside and by playing on the shape produced by the erection.

Thus mechanically the penis becomes longer. To retain the penis so that it does not go back into the body after having been stretched, everything is in the technicality deployed by the surgeon to play on the retention of the ligaments and maintain everything.

The technique has the advantage of being non-invasive because nothing is added, the surgeon only forces nature. The optimal result is like lipofilling after a few weeks because it is necessary to help the penis to maintain this new shape, generally thanks to extenders.

Moreover, surgeons and patients all agree that there are results because no man who has had his penis removed, even those with small penises (less than 8 centimeters), have said they were disappointed. 

However, the comments are very different from one man to another because the results depend on the anatomy of each one but also on the expectations of each one. It is also important not to have unrealistic expectations such as doubling the size of your penis.

The advantage is that the procedure is not painful and is often considered ambulatory and therefore quick once on site. Finally, we note that even if the optimal result is after a few weeks, men already have the satisfaction of seeing a result with their penis at rest. It is the use of extenders that will help the penis to maintain a new length once erect.

The general comments on both techniques tend to say that the second technique gives more results on the length. Indeed, if it seems obvious that stretching a penis can only give results, even if they are uncertain, it is easy to understand that adding fat does not help much to give results for the length. 

It should be noted that the technique of fat augmentation gives more or less always the same results in length for all men while the second one of suspensory ligaments gives results but quite variable from one man to another. It should be noted that this second technique does not allow one to know in advance how many centimeters one will be able to gain because even a scan does not reveal anything.

When it comes to penis enhancement, men want results first, cost, location and other services are considered after.

They all want the longest and or largest results and if possible for a life time.

If results might be different for each men, expectations are more or less the same apart from those who expect too much.

So the first question is often what do you exactly expect from your penis enhancement surgery? This question is the first one asked by good plastic surgeons and if the answer is not reasonable, it is the job of the surgeon to explain what results you may expect though it is not possible in advance.

There is a difference between length and girth. In 80% of cases in 2024, men are more focused on increasing the length of their penis than their girth.

In about 92% of cases in 2024 men that decide to have a penis surgery choose to have a combined one meaning a length and girth enhancement at the same. They take the opportunity to do the two at the same time though most of the time the length is the main objective.

In terms of cost, having each procedure separately would cost around 70% more so it is worth doing the two at the same time.

Now the recurring question is what is the main and most recommended penis surgery method?

We donnot recommend dermo fillers or acid injections as if they are not exactly surgeries and so have potential less complications, they give no results most of the time.

Hyaluronic acid is sometimes advices by some beauty clinics or so called experts, in most cases injecting hyaluronic acid is like injecting water, it has no effect at all is disappear after several hours according to some documented cases.

It is not worth trying some unknown or not main stream surgery technique such as unknow component injections or implant that could be similar to those for erectile dysfunction.

Penile implants are only for those that have erectile dysfunction and have nothing to do with penis enhancement. At last as mentioned sex reassignment procedure is a very different procedure than penis enlargement.  

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Therefore in 2024 you still have two main penis surgery techniques: the lipofilling technique (fat crafting) and the suspensory ligament technique.

Penis enhancement using your own fat is a standard lipofilling surgery technique. The plastic surgeon will take your own fat in some specific areas of your body. The first step is then a liposuction. Don’t expect to have a real liposuction and get rid of your fat in some areas while having a penis augmentation procedure. The fat is always taken first in your thighs and after in your belly if there is not enough fat. In terms of cost surgeons count 1 or 2 liposuction then 1 injection (though in several areas).

The second step is to filter your fat with a special equipment and then only inject it in your penis.

The third step is the main and most technical one as this whole procedure is about how and where to inject your fat in your penis areas. It will be injected a bit of everywhere to avoid having little balls along your penis shaft. The fat has to be well split.


The key question is for the length: where is the fat injected and how as it can be into the glans (the glans enhancement procedure is a separate procedure that cannot be performed at the same time as the girth and or length surgery).

The suspensory ligament procedure is a very different technique. Like the lipofilling procedure it is not invasive as there is no injection of dermo fillers or foreign material.

The main goal of the suspensory ligament penis surgery is to somehow take out the hidden part of your penis that is automatically longer because all penises have curves in the internal part.

The suspensory ligaments of the penis are the ones that play in role in the erectile dysfunction. The surgery consists of cutting the suspensory ligaments that are between the penis shaft and the pubic bone and somehow release the penis when flaccid. The result is immediate for all men after the surgery as you can easily see a difference when flaccid.

 Suspensory ligament penis surgery versus penis lipofilling surgery

Suspensory Ligament Surgery Advantages


Potential increase in visible penile length, particularly in the flaccid state. All men say that this procedure when done properly enables to have a longer penis in centimeters than the lipofilling one.

Minimal scarring with minimally invasive technique.

Shorter recovery time compared to more invasive procedures. The surgery is done in about 1 hour and the protocol is often a day procedure meaning you can go back home the same day. Also often a deep sedation is used enabling to safely go back home a couple of hours after surgery.

Results are life time results compared to lipofilling surgery that needs to be done every 2 years in average.




Loss of stability but so far no proven complications

 Risks associated with any surgical procedure such as infection.

Considered a cosmetic procedure and not covered by insurance in most cases.

Psychological impact and unrealistic expectations may arise. It is therefore to discuss it with your surgeon or specialist and explain what you expect.


Lipofilling (Fat Transfer) Procedure




Potential increase in penile girth or circumference by using the patient's own fat for augmentation. Most cases have reported to have an average increase by 25% to 40% in girth.

Natural-looking results with the use of the patient's own tissue.

Can be combined with other procedures for more comprehensive enhancement but not glans enhancement and not penis length if the forehead has too much skin.

Minimally invasive procedure with minimal scarring.

The procedure can be found almost everywhere as for surgeon there is no real difference between this technique applied to penis or to buttocks BBL, breast fat crafting or face wringles.


Not typically used for increasing penile length, as it primarily focuses on girth or circumference. The reported gain in length is always less than 1 centimeter. Some would argue and question how can a penis be increased in its length by fat?

Fat survival rate varies, and multiple sessions may be required for desired results. The optimal result is about 3 to 5 months after the surgery when most fat is absorbed by the body. So after month 3 or 5 you may expect a decrease by 25% in average of your girth. Then it stabilizes but you might need between 2 to 4 years to start it again.

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Post-surgical complications such as pain, discomfort, swelling, bleeding, infection, and adverse reactions to anesthesia but this is often limited. You have to enquire and ask how is the fat filtered.

Risks associated with any surgical procedure.

This cosmetic procedure is not covered by insurance in most cases.

Psychological impact and unrealistic expectations may arise especially compared to suspensory ligament procedure.

The cost has increased and in total it is often more expensive that the suspensory ligament procedure as needed to be redone several times in your life. The 2023 cost rise now shows that you can find it at the price as the suspensory ligament procedure in some countries which was not the case in 2020 for instance.

It's important to note that the suitability of a particular procedure depends on individual factors such as medical history, anatomy, goals, and expectations.  

Even today in 2024 when you search on the internet for penoplasty in the US or UK, you will see that most of the results, whether sponsored or not, offer hyaluronic acid injections or fat injections by well-established doctors or clinics. We advise you to think twice and discuss it with a specialist, because it doesn't help...anything at all.

Long story short the suspensory ligament technique has the main advantage to bring more results and that is what men want. The results in length are better though you have to consider that no surgeon will commit to tell you in advance how much you can gain. Somehow the procedure aims to force your own nature and you will see and get what nature will give you. It is also impossible to know in advance how much you can gain as no x-ray or technique can enable that.

To the question asked by any man about the procedure “how much shall I gain?” the answer is we cannot commit to tell you in advance and each one is different.

Based on several thousands surgeries we can say about the suspensory ligament procedure that :


  • the technique brings more results in length that the lipofilling one
  • it is a lifetime result, no need to redo it
  • in average men have always reported an increase immediately when flaccid
  • lipofilling enables to gain in average 0.6 centimeters while in average the suspensory ligament procedure enables to gain in average several centimeters
  • men that don’t have a lot of skin around the forehead are more suitable to the combined surgery
  • the angle when you erected matters because it affects your length
  • the fat around your pubis matters as well
  • the shape of your penis inside your body too has it may have curves (if so it will help when taking your penis out)
  • the penis shaft when erected is not lengthened contrary to when it is flaccid with immediate results after surgery
  • somehow the surgery enables to prepare your penis to be longer and thanks to the use of a penis extender you will slowly gain some length until reaching a maximum


Suspensory ligament technique is then by far the most efficient penis enhancement surgery based on results and comments. To achieve your goals you need to find the right clinic with the right plastic surgeon that will explain you how it works, costs and services. In conclusion, experience shows that we must above all expect realistic results and not get into our heads about excessive length or girth. You have to tell yourself that by choosing the right technique for your penis you will simply have the largest possible length and girth that nature can provide. By starting with this state of mind you will achieve your objectives and only surgery (with the right technique and the right surgeon) will allow you to have immediate results.

28 04 2024
This article was written with the help of Doctors
     Doctor Christoph Jethon
    Doctor Dainius Balciunas
  experts in suspensory ligament surgery.