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Clinics nowadays may get new patients thanks to internet and other new medias but that is not enough. Our goal is to help you getting new patient through our connection tools. Getting a new lead is not all, this is not just an email sent or a simple click, you need to be able to exchange with patients.

Our online tools enable you to get new patient leads, discuss freely with them, share documents, get a full online account with all relevant data, medical file and all what is necessary to focus on the treatment for your new patient.

6 good reasons to get listed with 123.Clinic:

Add Your Clinic for Free
Convert Leads with our Tools
Get New Patients Leads
Provide discussion, quotes & bookings
Only pay for Results
Get Business Support

Create easlily your online Clinic account for free in 2 steps. The first step takes a few seconds and will be reviewed without 48h by a member of our Team that will help you going on with the registration process.

Start getting new patients from various markets, developp your web presence, help abroad potential patients to know your Physicians. Our platform tools help you saving time to get patient leads and most of our Clinics confirm that they save time with all online relevant data they need.

To start the registration process we just need the name of one contact in your Clinic that will be our contact with our Team, all data being able to be changed later.

Start Registering Your Clinic and Create New Business Opportunities

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