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123.Clinic Connected Healthcare

You can connect with 123 Clinic tools to different services that will help you comparing at a glance different information and find the right healthcare service.

You are using a medical device that provides data for your family Doctor and to be shared with a physician expert, share your medical device data!

Use our 123.clinic Search Engine for Clinics, Doctors, prices and services

Enter any treatment you are looking for and select the country, the Region (for instance “Europe”) or even worldwide.

From each profile you know the location of the clinic, its services, its prices and procedures, its rating.

Click on the desired Clinic profile and you can have a view of the different procedures but also check the Doctors

Interact anytime


For any procedure ask us: ask us immediately about the treatment you are looking for, from prices to technical question.

You might be interested? Then get a quote: ask a quote immediately and you will receive an offer in a couple of ours. Not sure where and how: just clicked “extended countries” to find the best offer and in the empty box you can comment.

Have a technical question that needs to be answered by a Doctor, need a second opinion? Then Ask a Doctor button is here for you.

All is clear, and you need booking? Then book immediately a consultation or even a procedure with the desired date or range of date. Wait of course for a formal confirmation from the medical team according to their own planning and booking policy (each one is different, but we do the job for you).

Specific Search


You are looking for more and need deeper search, we are here for you. Ask our Care Team to search for the best Clinic and Doctors for your treatment. You will save time and money and even be reimbursed.

Online quote


How is a medical offer materialized? Once you have starting the quote process you’ll get many dedicate personal information and be able to have online all what is necessary to make your decision from options to full treatment plan made online by Clinics and our Team.

 Second opinion


As your health matters above all, ask for a Second Opinion from Doctors and Clinics around the Globe.

You rely on one opinion and you need trust for a treatment that is complex, just simply contact us to request a second opinion.

Online opinion, consultation appointment, additional laboratory tests, opinion from a pool of doctors, different treatment plan..all is possible and strongly recommended.

Contact us now to get a second opinion


Medical Tourism Services


Medical tourism or medical travel, health tourism, dental tourism etc. are all the practices of seeking health care abroad.

The word tourism means that an overall organisation for foreigners is behind a medical service as it involves travel management, accommodation, various options for foreigners, eventually some specific services for patients that have disorders, that need to be treated as patient, before the procedure and even after surgery.

Our team is well known to be helpful, tell them what you need and they will help you thanks to our various medical tourism packages.



Follow the below 3 steps to get Your Right Treatment by using our FREE Services and add our Additional Care Plans if needed

Use the FREE Services below to carry out each step

  • ✔ Costs and booking of your healthcare deal Find, compare clinics, prices, treatments, doctors, information
  • ✔ Prepare my Treatment Plan Easily book online your consultation and get follow-up
  • ✔ In Clinic Care with options Get follow-up in this during and after step folllow-up
  • ✔ Medical Quotes & Doctor's opinions Enquire about their treatment plans & expertise with secured data
  • ✔ Book Consultation/Procedure Book in one time your Consultation and following procedure
  • ✔ We search for you Once your treatment is selected simply ask us a free quote
  • ✔ In Clinic Care with options Get follow-up in this during and after step folllow-up
  • ✔ After Care Follow-up Assess your consultation/procedure and Review, follow-up your experience