Egg Freezing 2024 cost

The April 2024 average cost of Egg Freezing is 2260 €

The April 2024 Price range is 1897-2624 €

The typical average cost and price range for Egg Freezing are taken from 331 Clinic prices and fee lists among 1821 Doctors. 

Egg Freezing April 2024 cost

Clinic Average/As of Price
American Hospital Paris, ( France) from 350€
Antiaging Barcelona, ( Spain) from 350€
Kardiolita Hospital, ( Lithuania) from 3500€
Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, ( Thailand) from 350€
Bangkok BPK 9 Hospital, ( Thailand) from 350€
Athens Central Clinic, ( Greece) from 4000€
Adonis Clinic, ( Ukraine) from 350€
Invicta Clinic, ( Poland) from 2250€
Hospital Xanit, ( Spain) from 4500€
Imed Hospital, ( Spain) from 4500€
Procrea Tec Clinic, ( Spain) from 4600€
Ibiza Policlinica Del Rosario, ( Spain) 800€
Medicon Skupina klinik, ( Czech Republic) from 320€
Academic Hospital Koln, ( Germany) from 300€
Beacon Hospital, ( Ireland) from 300€
IAMCE Vidaestetica Clinic, ( Chile) from 1150€
International Medical General Center, ( Egypt) from 1150€
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, ( Thailand) from 4500€
Almater Hospital Mexico, ( Mexico) from 4232€
Beijing Puhua International Hospital, ( China) from 329€
Bangkok Hospital Samitivej, ( Thailand) from 76€
Beacon Malaysia, ( Malaysia) from 4500€
Palladion Rehabilitiation Clinic, ( Greece) from 4500€
Dunya IVF, ( Cyprus) 500€
Bangkok Hair Transplant Center, ( Thailand) from 350€
Art Implant Dental Clinic, ( Romania) from 3000€

All Services included in the average price

In average the price for Egg Freezing includes 7 services. All data and prices are for information purposes only and are only one criteria in your decision making. A proper quotation (without transportation) with your medical records shall only reflect the final price unless you opt for a package price.

Egg Freezing: Compare its prices in other countries

Our comparison table lists the clinics that have the 2024 lowest and highest price offers for Egg Freezing.

Please click on the Ask/Book button of a clinic in order to have more information, get a quote with details or even book a procedure directly. This clinic list shows the most requested treatments and is not exhaustive as some clinics might not disclose their prices and as some treatments might have some related treatments.We advise you to contact us for in order to have a proper quotation, be able to answer your questions, get the final real price (transportation and accommodation as well – please bear in mind that it costs in average much less than 10% of the given treatment price.

Compare April 2024 Egg Freezing prices in different countries

Bangkok Hospital Samitivej

Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 91 €

Gyncentrum Clinic

Katowice, Poland

Price: 156 €

Azencot Medical Center


Price: 325 €

Ahmed Kathrada

Lenasia, South Africa

Price: 360 €

Beacon Hospital

Dublin 18, Ireland

Price: 360 €

Academic Hospital Koln

Köln, Germany

Price: 360 €

Medicon Skupina klinik

Praha 4, Czech Republic

Price: 384 €

Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Beijing Shi, China

Price: 394 €

Bangkok Hair Transplant Center

Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 420 €

Antiaging Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Price: 420 €

American Hospital Paris

92200, France

Price: 420 €

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Price: 420 €

Adonis Clinic

Kyiv, Ukraine

Price: 420 €

Bangkok BPK 9 Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 420 €

Dunya IVF

Kyrenia, Cyprus

Price: 500 €



Price: 540 €

Ibiza Policlinica Del Rosario

Ibiza, Illes Balears, Spain

Price: 800 €

Clinic Gen Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Price: 1000 €

International Medical General Center

Cairo, Egypt

Price: 1380 €

IAMCE Vidaestetica Clinic

Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Price: 1380 €

Instituto de Fertilidad

Palma de mallorca, Spain

Price: 2640 €

Invicta Clinic

Warszawa, Poland

Price: 2700 €

Art Implant Dental Clinic

București, Romania

Price: 3600 €


Marbella, Spain

Price: 3840 €

Kardiolita Hospital

Vilnius, Lithuania

Price: 4200 €

Cancun Fertility Clinic

Cancún Q. Roo. México, Mexico

Price: 4490 €

Athens Central Clinic

Athens, Greece

Price: 4800 €

Familia Clinica

Mexicali, B.C, Mexico

Price: 4820 €

Almater Hospital Mexico

Mexicali, Mexico

Price: 5078 €

Fertility A Clinic

Selango, Malaysia

Price: 5400 €

Imed Hospital

Benidorm, Alicante, Spain

Price: 5400 €

Palladion Rehabilitiation Clinic

Tripoli ARKADIA, Greece

Price: 5400 €

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Banglamung, Chonburi, Thailand

Price: 5400 €

Hospital Xanit

Benalmádena Málaga, Spain

Price: 5400 €

Beacon Malaysia

Jaya Selangor 46050, Malaysia

Price: 5400 €

Procrea Tec Clinic

Madrid, Spain

Price: 5520 €
Last update: 2024-04-15