I.V.F. + egg & sperm 2024 cost

The June 2024 average cost of I.V.F. + egg & sperm is 7647 €

The June 2024 Price range is 6841-8453 €

The typical average cost and price range for I.V.F. + egg & sperm are taken from 331 Clinic prices and fee lists among 1821 Doctors. 

I.V.F. + egg & sperm June 2024 cost

Clinic Average/As of Price
HYGEIA IVF EMBRYOGENESIS, ( Greece) Package price:from 7500€
Ibiza Policlinica Del Rosario, ( Spain) Package price:7400€
Northway Medical and Surgical Center, ( Lithuania) from 4900€
Santaros General Clinic, ( Lithuania) from 6500€
Fertility Center Bangkok PGS, ( Thailand) Package price:7800€
Palladion Rehabilitiation Clinic, ( Greece) from 7900€
Dunya IVF, ( Cyprus) from 6500€
Sunfert Clinic, ( Malaysia) 7162€
Fertility A Clinic, ( Malaysia) from 7000€
Cyprus Fertility Centre, ( Cyprus) 5750€

What is I.V.F. + egg & sperm

In vitro fertilization (IVF) with sperm and egg donation is a fertility treatment option for couples or individuals who are unable to conceive using their own gametes (sperm and eggs). This procedure involves using donated sperm and/or eggs to fertilize and create embryos, which are then transferred into the uterus of the intended mother or a gestational carrier. Here are the main steps:

After having discussed with your fertility doctor over the phone and received a quote, you with start by the selection of donors. The woman will then start the ovarian Stimulation and Egg Retrieval. Then comes the sperm phase.
The donated sperm is prepared by removing seminal fluid and isolating the most motile and viable sperm.
The retrieved eggs and prepared sperm are then combined in the laboratory using conventional insemination (placing sperm near the eggs) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), where a single sperm is injected directly into each egg.
Fertilized eggs are cultured in the laboratory for several days, typically 3 to 5 days, to allow them to develop into embryos.
Embryologists monitor the embryos for signs of proper development and quality.
The highest quality embryos are selected for transfer into the uterus of the intended mother or gestational carrier.
The embryo transfer procedure is typically performed 3 to 5 days after egg retrieval and fertilization.
A thin catheter containing the embryos is inserted into the uterus through the cervix, and the embryos are gently deposited into the uterine cavity.
Following embryo transfer, the recipient may receive medications such as progesterone to support the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and improve the chances of embryo implantation.

Tip: compare this technique with embryo donation that is a common option with ivf surgeries.

The cost of this fertility treatment depends of the country where it is performed and the costs of different donors.

All Services included in the average price

In average the price for I.V.F. + egg & sperm includes 8 services. All data and prices are for information purposes only and are only one criteria in your decision making. A proper quotation (without transportation) with your medical records shall only reflect the final price unless you opt for a package price.

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Compare June 2024 I.V.F. + egg & sperm prices in different countries

Cyprus Fertility Centre

Nicosia, Cyprus

Price: 5750 €

Northway Medical and Surgical Center

Vilnius, Lithuania

Price: 5880 €

Sunfert Clinic

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Price: 7162 €

Ibiza Policlinica Del Rosario

Ibiza, Illes Balears, Spain

Price: 7400 €

Santaros General Clinic

Vilnius, Lithuania

Price: 7800 €

Fertility Center Bangkok PGS

Bangkok, Thailand

Price: 7800 €

Dunya IVF

Kyrenia, Cyprus

Price: 7800 €

Fertility A Clinic

Selango, Malaysia

Price: 8400 €



Price: 9000 €

Palladion Rehabilitiation Clinic

Tripoli ARKADIA, Greece

Price: 9480 €
Last update: 2024-05-15