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How does 123 Clinic works

The 123 Clinic FREE Services in 3 steps

  • Step 1 - Find the Right Clinic Find a clinic, Compare Prices and Treatments, Get a Second Opinion from Doctors etc.
  • &...Discuss With Doctors Make inquires about treatment plans and share your data with your selected doctor.
  • &... Ask a Quote Once Your Treatment is selected simply ask us for a Quote for your treatment/ other Services.
  • Step 2 - Book My Consultation Easily Book Your Consultation Online, Share Your File and get feedback from your doctor.
  • Book Procedure (+Consultation) Book and start preparing for your Procedure.
  • Use Our Free Payment Plan Use our free plan to pay in advance for your treatment and other Administrative costs.
  • Step 3 - In Clinic Care Get Care in clinic with your data and Medical File Prepared in advance.
  • After Care Follow-up Get after care follow-up after your Procedure or Consultation.