Keratopigmentation is a procedure that has been improved in recent years.

It is not a new procedure as it exists since centuries but thanks to recent technologies has been improved to heal iris medical injuries and has became a key procedure to permanently change eye color in a safe way.

What are the different eye color change procedures?

What is Keratopigmentation surgery?

Keratopigmentation is an ophthalmologic surgery that changes the eye color thanks to a combination of different modern technologies using refractive techniques, femtosecond laser and certified pigments by adding new pigments into your eyes.

Men have always tried to color the iris in one way or another, using non recommended techniques. Even now some surgeon use non recommended lasers or blades to create an intracorneal tunnel to insert in one way or another pigments.

Therefore it is extremely important that you check what techniques is used to performed your Keratopigmentation. You shall also check how your surgeon creates the intracorneal tunnel, with what equipment? Is your surgeon skilled to perform such procedure, does your surgeon has the right laser and knows the software that enables to manage it?

Pigments are also a key element as you may still find in 2023 non scrupulous surgeons that use unapproved pigments used most often for food and not for medical purposes.

How to Find the right safe Keratopigmentation?

It may seem easy to find but it is not true. The safe Keratopigmentation technique for cosmetic purposes is a combination of 3 differents elements. Without one you might have a surgery at risk and put in danger your vision. 

As defined by the website, keratopigmentation is a new refractive surgery.

The first condition to have a safe Keratopigmentation is to find the right surgeon.

How to know if I am eligile to a Keratopigmentation: Is Keratopigmentation for me?

The surgeon needs to be an ophthalmologist, registered and member of the Ophthalmology Authority or local Society of his country.

In addition he or she shall be trained with refractive technologies and be really used to femtosecond laser technology.

Your surgeon has understand and know how works a femtosecond laser used in few eye's clinic throughout the world especially how to create a tunnel to insert the future pigments and master the software that will guide her or him.

Knowing how works the laser and the overall process is not all, your surgeon needs to have performed several keratopigmentation eye color change procedures in the past in order to know how it really works, what are the limits, what are the expected results etc.

As Keratopigmentation experts are less than a dozen in 2023, experience, shared reports, any track records that can be provided are essential.

The thing is that some surgeons want to keep their own patients and issue few reports to please their own local Authorities or to proove their expertise rather than to share their experience to others.

In addition some surgeons use different types of equipments and pigments.

The second condition is to have the right technology.

If you can easily find ophthalmologist near you in almost all countries, having one that uses the right femtosecond laser is not easy task.

It is an expensive investment that not all ophthalmologists or eye clinic can afford.

You need a powerful dedicated femtosecond laser using high-energy beam with a wavelength of 1056nm.

Used for refractive surgery this laser can be used for Keratopigmentation but also for other eye surgeries. That is why often Keratopigmentation surgeons are surgeons used to refractive techniques most of the time. They need to know how to use the femtosecond laser but also how to use its software, how to create an intracorneal tunnel and of course how to insert the right eye's pigments.

Then comes the question of pigments.


Knowing how to create the right tunnel without damaging the eye is a first step that needs to be done but using the right pigment is the necessary second step.

As still today you may find non safe Keratopigmentation procedures, surgeons that use non certified pigments used for food industry most of the time, it is really important that you enquire about what pigments are really used.

You have to enquire and ask the brand, the origin but also the components of your eye color change procedure pigments. Are they certified? Are they used for medical purposes as well? What is the name of the healthcare provider? Is this provider certified or Accredited by its local Authorities? What are the main components? Does the provider uses pigments for other procedures such as medical tattooing? Does your surgeon uses its own homemade pigments or uses a third party pigments?

It is important to choose a safe and certified Keratopigmentation.


The risk is that if you don't have the right pigment your vision may be altered or that the color disappear quickly. Also it was reported that the wrong pigment may leave the iris and so block the channel were you eye can clean itself (some would say where you have tears).


What shall i double check or ask my surgeon before choosing a Keratopigmentation?

 1 Ask first what is the track records of your eye color change surgeon?

 2 Then ask what laser technology is used and how ?

 3 Enquire at last about what brand, types and components are in the pigments?


You also have to enquire about the range of color, what shades of color, what would be the effect above your own current color.

Do your pigment need maintenance over time? Do you need one or several layers?

You shall also ask and make a simulation as your eye color choice will depend of what you like but also your face features, the color of your skin, your family genes etc.

Are there different types of Keratopigmentation?

Yes, as said the way it is performed there are different types of keratopigmentations. In its full extend we can say that this surgery uses any types of method in order to pigment the iris.

It is not then new as some sources say it was already used by Romans, how for what results, we don't know and prefer not to know.

You may find many online before after photos of Keratopigmentation but some might look fake and some are from fake clinics so pay attention.

You can find some before after photos of many Keratopigmentation.

It even possible to find videos of Keratopigmentation provided just after the eye color change procedure was performed.

For the last fourty years the procedure has been mainly used as a procedure to heal eye's injuries. Because of some conditions or accidents the iris can be damage and so your eye's' color.


Ask for an eye color change procedure simulation and quote now!




Some few clinics through out the world have then developped various keratopigmentation techniques to repair damaged irises and then still perform them.

Safety is the key thing when changing your eye's color and Keratopigmentation is the answer

What is new is once that onced really mastered, the eye color change procedure using keratopigmentation technique has now been used not only for medical purposes but also for cosmetic purposes.

We may even bet that once keratopigmentation technique will become mainstream as standard face plastic surgery procedure, all future technique improvement in terms of equipment or pigments will be for plastic surgery purposes. Later we can also bet that the benefits of these improvements will also be useful for the medical side of the procedure.

You may then find different types of keratopigmentation, the one for esthetic purposes belonging to a sort of plastic surgery category and the other one as one of the surgeries belonging to ophthalmology.

There is also a real gap between a keratopigmentation performed by a non skilled surgeon that does not have the right pigments or powerful laser and the right one. Therefore we may say that there is the safe keratopigmentation and the non safe keratopigmentation.

The recurring question apart from technical explanations and the necessary safety around the procedure is How much does a Keratopigmantion cost?



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