Eye color change procedure

There are several surgical procedures and cosmetic methods that can be used to change the color of the eyes. The most common surgical procedure involves the use of laser pigment removal to destroy the pigment cells in the iris, resulting in a permanent change in eye color. However, it is important to note that this procedure is not approved in the United States. Another surgical procedure involves the use of cosmetic iris implant surgery.

 What is the best procedure to change eye color?


A relatively new procedure, called keratopigmentation, involves the use of a tattooing technique to alter the color of the cornea. This procedure is currently only available at three to five clinics in the world in 2023 when provided with the right parameters.

For those who do not want to undergo surgery, temporary changes in eye color can be achieved with the use of tinted contact lenses. These lenses come in three types and can be used to change the color of the eyes for a short period of time.It is important to consult with a licensed eye doctor before undergoing any eye color change procedure, as some methods may pose risks to eye health.

There is a difference between medical eye color change procedure provided as medical solution and the one as plastic surgery for aesthetic reason.

One type of eye color change procedure involves the use of colored contact lenses, which can be used for temporary changes in eye color. Another type of procedure is cosmetic iris implant surgery, which involves inserting synthetic iris implants made of silicone to change the eye color. This procedure comes with many risks.

How to know if eye color change procedure is for me?

Laser surgery is also used for eye color change, which works by destroying the pigment cells in the iris. This procedure can change brown eyes to blue. However, this type of procedure is not approved in the United States and is considered controversial.

It is important to note that any eye color change procedure, whether it is for aesthetic or medical reasons, should only be performed by a qualified and experienced eye care professional. Patients should carefully consider the risks and benefits of any procedure before undergoing it.

We can classify eye color change procedure into 3 main categories apart from colored eye contact lenses:

- artificial iris implants procedure: a complex and risky procedure useful in some rare cases due to injuries. Not approved by most medical Administrations in the world, it is not recommended to be performed for aesthetic purposes

- depigmentation laser: it partially works only for those who have brown eyes so rather limited. In addition the results are not sure in advance, it is not an FDA approved procedure in the USA and you may need to do it several times to achieve the desired results.

- keratopigmentation: probably the more safe eye color change procedure with the best results if performed by the right ophthalmologist that has the right equipment.

It is important to conduct your own searches or ask us where to do it, whith what method, what ophthalmologist background by also thanks to what technology.

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Eye color change procedure

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