Eye color change surgery How much for a Keratopigmentation in 2024?

Eye color change: How much for a Keratopigmentation?

Since about two years, Keratopigmentation novel procedure is spreading everywhere. Every day new before and after photos are posted and more and more future patients are interested.

Keratopigmenation is an eye color change technique using femtosecond laser and medicalgrade pigments to pigment and so change the color of the iris.

The two main recurring questions from different audiences are:

- How much does a Keratopigmentation cost?

- Is this eye color change procedure safe or though displayed by a nearby clinic how can I know it is safe?

These two questions matter because it reflects more than a market expectation, it says what is the cost of a real safe and reliable eye color change procedure?

First of all there is no doubt than Keratopigmentation is the right and safe eye color change procedure (you can check and compare the different eye color change procedures: What is the best eye color change procedure?).

Secondly many opportunist clinics say they provide Keratopigmentation but this is not true, we will explain why later.

At last, it means Keratopigmentation price is still unclear, first because many prices displayed are fake and secondly because this booming new technology allows some to display unjustified prices. Unjustified prices are too high prices but also too low prices, if below a certain amount, your Keratopigmentation is not a real one and you shall pay attention.

We will then see what are the main criteria to first know how to focus on a real Keratopigmentation and then see what affect the price.

Keratopigmentation eye color change surgery 2024 costs

As you will see you have fake and real Keratopigmentation procedures, we will focus on the cost of safe and real ones. Then it matters to understand why their are costs difference between countries and what affect the cost of a safe keratopigmentation.


What affect the cost of Keratopigmentation?

As any surgery, multiple factors affect the cost of a medical surgery but in the case of Keratopigmentation cost it is different.

The procedure is not new but the applied technologies and skills are new and so somehow supply and demand don't enable to reach a real market cost. Demand is higher than supply and as it is a "new" procedure the market is new meaning somehow the offer will create demand. Not all audiences are aware and well informed of its existence and they don't even know to what medical category it belongs (ophthalmology? plastic surgery?).

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Let's check what are the main factors that affect the cost of a Keratopigmentation procedure before seing its breakdown. You can also read more to understand if a Keratopigmentation is for you.

Keratopigmentation cost depends where it is performed

The locaton is the main cost factor. Location means the country where it is performed and then in what clinic. There are multiple factors in the country to be taken into account such as the cost of living, the cost of the city where is the clinic located and so the salaries but also the local costs of equipments, where the pigments are made.

As this procedure is somehow performed by ophthalmologists for a plastic surgery category the cost depends of the market prices of plastic surgery. Slowly but surely this will be ranged in of the face plastic surgery procedures' list.

As the procdure with safe pigments, the right ophthalmologist and the right equipment cannot be found everywhere, it is available in only few countries in the world.

We shall exclude countries that provide it for medical purposes. Then the countries that provide a safe Keratopigmentation so far are:




Then Spain and the United States will follow but not with the same level of safety.

Does inflation affects the total cost of Keratopigmentation?

Like everywhere, medical costs are rising and inflation hits hard some clinics through out the world. It seems Keratopigmentation prices were stable in 2022 but 2023 prices have surged with a 10% growth in average. In 2024 keratopigmentation prices are now stabilized.

Always hard to understand why, it seems it is mainly the head account that affects the bottom line while surgeon's fees remain stable.

We have noticed that Keratopigmentation being rather new, the point of balance between supply and demand has yet to be found. Somehow demand is higher than offer but as the procedure is not yet fully known or understood in many countries, we know that demand will certainly boom in future years while offer might not fully follow.

Keratopigmentation cost depends of the type of equipment used

Keratopigmentation requests a high level of equipment. The procedure uses somehow the equipment that is necessary for some refractive surgeries. Therefore the Clinic and surgeons that will perform your Keratopigmentation will have to use a state of the art and powerful femtosecond laser.

Not all clinics can afford such an expensive equipment. In addition you need to train your medical team to use it and with the latest software udpates.

Any clinic that will not offer such equipment can be an indication of a non professional clinic and therefore will not perform a safe Keratopigmentation.

Some lasers cost more than the Clinic premises so generally you have to enquire if the Clinic provides refractive eye surgeries such as Lasik surgeries.

Keratopigmentation cost is affected by various Clinic costs and medical team organization

What affect the costs of your Keratopigmentation are also:

- Clinic premises: most Keratopigmentation ophthalmologists work independently and will need to hire or at least include the Clinic premises costs.

- Eye clinic medical team: your Keratopigmentation will be perform by a skilled ophthalmologist but also you will need the assistance of a trained nurse, another one that will help you with eye simulation etc.

- Doctor's fees: your skilled ophthalmologist will apply his or her own fees. Most of the time it is included in the Keratopigmentation package. As it requires a skilled specialist, an important part of the total cost is explained by the ophthalmologist fees.

- additional fees: unless many procedures, Keratopigmentation does not require a lot of additional or optional fees. The local anesthesia is included, the eye simulation as well. No medicine is recommended. The pre consultation and post op operation is included most of the time. No clinic night is necessary.

In terms of optional fees are the accomodation and what goes with the protocol:

- one recommended night in nearby hotel

- airport transfers or taxi transfers

Pigments play a role in the total cost of Keratopigmentation


Safety always has a cost and in the case of Keratopigmentation, we only recommend medical grade or certified medical pigments.

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In order to have the right pigments, you have to enquire first with the surgeon or Clinic that will perform your Keratopigmentation if your eye's pigments are certified.

Certified means they have to be certified by an international accredited third party. In the case of EU or US regulation this falls into the medical device category. In Europe it has to be certified and labelled as "CE Mark".

Remember that  non certified pigments mean someone will insert in your eyes something that is not medically approved such as food pigments.

In addition in some cases, the type of chosen color may affect your Keratopigmentation cost. You can easily understand that colors have different prices for painting, it is the same with Keratopigmentation. Some colors are difficult to find, create and therefore some colors cost more than others.

If most of Keratopigmentation colors are often included in your package but some may require a second pigment, often with an additional +1090 € cost.

It is also possible to ask for a specific color. The Keratopigmentation team will them provide you with a dedicated quote, often of the additional fee cost.

At last some may want to change the color of only one eye, this will cost you less than two eyes but such request is very rare.

Keratopigmentation surgery prices in the world


You have understood it, it is not recommended to have a non safe Keratopigmentation (how to find a safe and certified Keratopigmentation).

We see in  2024 some "fake" Keratopigmentation costs, especially in countries known for medical tourism such as Thailand, Turkey or Mexico.

Let's roughly say that even though we take into account the local cost of living and the currency rate, any Keratopigmentation below 5500 $ to 7000 $ USD shall certainly be a fake one.

In terms of "fake" keratopigmentation we mean, procedures where there is no tracking or good practice. For instance some use food pigments to save costs, others pretend to use laser but in reality to depigment your eyes. Some even use femtosecond lasers, but old ones.

The website keratopigmentation.org have even calculated the cost of fake keratopigmentation average cost. This is not suprisingly cheaper with an average cost of 7,745$.

The reason is simple, the above mentioned costs of a powerful laser, the skilled surgeon and the same certified pigments used in any country are a minimum cost basis.

A powerful laser for your Keratopigmentation is required and some cost dozen of thousands of dollars.

The April 2024 worldwide average cost of Keratopigmentation is 9,402 $.

See the breakdown per country. You can find a Keratopigmentation in the United States of America with non certified pigments around 12,000 $.

In Europe certified Keratopigmentation are:

Keratopigmentation cost in France is 8.990 €

Keratopigmentation cost in Italy is 8.990 €

Keratopigmentation cost in Switzerland is 8.990 €

You may find from time to time other non certified Keratopigmentation in Asia around 8,000 $ using food pigments.

Some Keratopigmentation are also available for non cosmetic purposes around 7,550 $, especially in Spain.

The best offer included all services and with the highest level of certification is in France for 8.990 €.

The recurring question is: are prices negotiables? The answer is no but you can find keratopigmentation discounts from time to time based on Clinic availability.

That is why the key thing to consider is 3 types of keratopigmentation costs:

- the keratopigmentation average cost of fake keratopigmentation : run away from them as it can cost you more at the end that you thought at the beginning

- the official keratopigmentation price in certified clinics: you shall focus on them and all will go smoothly

- the official keratopigmentation price discounted thanks to some specific events and thanks to the clinic availability (supply and demand rule and changes of availability): it is possible but it is mainly for those who can benefit from last moment availability and so be ready to do it within the next 5 to 7 days.

We shall remind you that the main factors that affect the costs of Keratopigmentation are:

- the cost of the laser, when using the right one, a Visumax 800 the cost all included is close to a million dollars

- the pigments, if you have the rights one which are certified and accredited pigments, it counts up to 20% of the total cost

- the location: as for any prices in the world, for the same product or service, the price will be different in each country in general

To the question is it negotiable? In practice, yes. Why because like any clinic in the world, ophthalmologists have to be present for different surgeries but you might have spare time or cancellations. So if there is an availabilty you might be lucky and be offered a discount. You have to be ready for the procedure and so somehow wait for it.

From time to time you might also get offers when there is a discount period.


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To the recurring question, will it increase or decrease when offered in more countries, there is no clear answer.

The trend is to have a kind of stabilization in 2024 but there is no garantee that prices shall go down. It is not expected that the refractive needed equipment costs as well as pigments will fall.

If you expect costs to be different in common medical tourism countries such as Turkey, Mexico or Thailand it is not sure at all. Equipment and pigments costs are the same for all clinics in the world and they may play on medical team salary costs but not on surgeon's fees.

As there is only few ophthalmologists in the world that master the technique, their fees shall not changed. Some are now asked to travel to perform Keratopigmentation in different countries but there is no reason why their fees shall change. At last as demand is foreseen to expand while offer shall not match demand at the same pace, it would make sense that prices might go up.

In a nutshell, you have to focus on the right certified Keratopigmentation price when envisaging this amazing new procedure.

Some look for keratopigmentation in France or keratopigmentation in Belgium, certified Keratopigmentation in Italy or certified keratopigmentation in Switzerland while others look for keratopigmentation procedure in the UK or keratopigmentation procedure in Germany. As for Europe others search keratopigmentation in Poland or cheap keratopigmentation in Romania or keratopigmentation in Spain. Other simply search for keratopigmentation in Europe in general.



Updated June 2024  

  Dr Theodore Hojabr

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