Eye color-change : 2024 Keratopigmentation before after photos

Before and after photos of keratopigmentation eye color change surgery

Eye color change surgery is not new but trendy in 2024. Why ? because at last an effective and safe procedure is available - if - some conditions are met.

The first questions before exploring some photos and techniques is to enquire what is the best eye color change procedure? You can read more about the best eye color change techniques.

If eye pigmentation is not new since the 50's some techniques have prevailed until the new Keratopigmentation procedure has changed everything.

You can find below some eye color change photos with non certified and "old" techniques such as depigmentation laser, iris eye color change etc



These photos may look really nice but some are modified thanks to CGI and long term effect photos are unfortunately not released as some techniques are considered as obsolete (ie using laser to depigment your eyes).

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In addition to these procedures, remains thousands of available photos online with eye colored contact lenses. There is no need to display all photos but when looking closer one can easily understand the shape of the eye contact lenses or somehow understand the very colour beneath.

Find before after photos of Keratopigmentation procedure

It is important to first remind why Keratopigmentation is deemed to be the most secured eye color change procedure.

As you may find, and will find a lot more in a near future, a lot of online content about the "best" eye color change procedure but unfortunately the "best keratopigmentation", you have to understand that not all clinics provide a real and secured one.

Keratopigmentation is deemed to be certified if some conditions are met such as:

- what exact pigments are used, how to track them, are they certified? are they FDA approved?

- what type of equipment is your eye clinic is using, is it a laser? if so is it a laser to take out the melanin in your eyes? is that a femtosecond laser, if so which one exactly?

- Does your ophthalmologist or eye clinic belongs to a society of ophthalmologists that have performed the procedure? It matters as best practices but also stats and reports are really necessary

- What is the exact background and experience of your ophthalmologist in terms of eye color change procedure?

Some of these points are summarized in the above Keratopigmentation infographic and you can read more about the topic here: How to have a safe Keratopigmentation?


 Keratopigmentation before after photos type of eye color

If you think you are a good candidate (find out here if an eye color change procedure is for me) then you will have to simply draft a check list of questions to be asked to your future eye surgeon. You may read that only few colors are available. You may also read that some are permanent, others not and that some need different sessions or different pigments.

If your ophthalmologist is about to provide you with a color of his/her choice or even your choice, you shall first enquire not about the very color but the pigments themselves.

Are the pigments made by a Laboratory? Is it FDA approved or CE Mark approved? Are they certified by an independant Certification Authority? Are they classified as medical device as per some regulations in the US or EU? If not how can he or she explains that they provide no legally approved pigments?

Then with the right pigments then you can ask yourself the right questions...and so ask your future eye surgeon:

- are the pigments for a life-time results?

- do I need to have several sessions?

- is the price the same for any color?

- if I order specific pigments, will I need some maintenance in the future?

- can I have my own eye color and provide you with references (such as HEX, RGB or HSL international color codes for instance)?

All these questions are legitimate and your ophthalmologist or his team shall answer all of them.

In short we may say that only a very specific pigment may need a second layer after several years if provided by a certified Keratopigmentation Clinic.

It may be also that the price is different according to the pigments used or if you are asking for a specific unique color.

Please refer to our post about Keratopigmentation costs and prices in different countries.

Keratopigmentation Blue eye colors

Not suprisingly blue is one of the main colors for various reasons such as cultural reasons, your entourage but others surprising reasons that are not only linked to the star system or the fact that one wants what one does not have (and what others have).

Blue is a reference among human beings but it is almost absent with animals. Blue is also a reference as violet eyes don't exist so we choose something we understand or we are familiar with.


These azure sparking blue are amazing but you can choose a deep blue instead:


Keratopigmentation Royal blue color



Tropical Green (1 pigment): Warm and deep green


Sahara color: Hazelnut brown with golden hues






Savannah and shades of green


Keratopigmentation turquoise color


There are many other available colors and it can be sent upon request but let's see before after videos of Keratopigmentation.

Water green color


Before videos of Keratopigmentation

Before after photos gives you a pretty good idea but videos are even more amazing.

►► Check out our Keratopigmentation videos

In short it matters to have a Keratopigmentation as eye color change procedure but not all Keratopigmentation are correctly provided.

  To find out what are the real safe Keratopigmentation clinics 

These videos and videos are not fake at all, no cgi, just normal people having done an extraordinary procedure. The videos and before after videos are just taken live sometimes so a couple of minutes after the procedure (so eye are a bit red with even drops in the eyes).

Some look for certified keratopigmentation in France or keratopigmentation in Belgium, certified Keratopigmentation in Italy or certified keratopigmentation in Switzerland while others look for keratopigmentation procedure in the UK or keratopigmentation procedure in Germany. As for Europe others search for cheap keratopigmentation in Poland or cheap keratopigmentation in Romania or keratopigmentation in Spain. Other simply search for keratopigmentation in Europe in general to cover different countries.


Updated June 2024 Doctor de Natale collaboration

Dr Renato De Natale / Dr Theodore Hojabr

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