Eye color change: is it for me?

Eye color change: is Keratopigmentation for me?

If you have read couples of things about eye color change procedures and still wonder "is eye color change procedure for me" you may read a bit more here.

The question of being a good candidate for eye color change surgery means:

1 - You have to find the right technique

2 - You need to find where to do it as it might not be the next door Clinic

3 - You need to find the color that you will like and will match your facial features

4 - You need to be able to make your choice being well informed especially in terms of safety and expectations

5 - You need to know more about the procedure, its cost and if there are post op conditions

Am I a good candidate for eye color change procedure?

I need first to find the right eye color change technique

Finding the right eye procedure is not easy but it is easier than before. This procedure is not new but what has changed since centuries is that technology have changed a lot in recent years.

Depigmentation, pigmentation, iris change have been the main methods to change eye color since long but as for iris change it is only back to the seventies that it started.

You couldn't change an iris like that centuries ago, what was created is an artificial iris made of silicon to be transplanted to your eye. It is a highly technical procedure and risky one.

Last option for damaged eyes the procedure is not mainstream and is not FDA approved in USA or even in other countries.

Therefore we wouldn't recommend it. 

   More about the different eye color change procedures

Then comes the depigmentation procedure. It partially works but does not have good results as you cannot know exactly what color will it be.

In addition it is very limited as it is only for brown eyes and have to be done several times.

Eye contact colored lenses are another easy way.

It is not that easy as you need a prescription, strict hygiene and have to change them quite often.

It can be a good temporary solution as non permanent

Then comes the newly improved eye color change Keratopigmentation procedure with its amazing results...if performed correctly.

It is by far the most safe eye color change surgery with the best results but you shall double check a couple of things before starting it.

Provided you can have a Keratopigmentation procedure in the right clinic with the right ophthalmologists, you have then a couple of things to double check.


I need to find the right clinic to have a safe eye color change


There are only few clinics in the world that take care of eye color change procedure.

You can strike ophthalmologists that work alone without the proper equipment, state of the art high intensity laser etc.

You have to enquire if they provide eye color change procedure for medical reasons or cosmetic reasons.

If you are not looking for the afore mentioned procedures and will focus on Keratopigmentation, then you have to double check different things.

Then you will have to find out how much does a Keratopigmentation cost and how to have a safe Keratopigmentation.

We would recommend that you enquire about the surgeon's track records, diplomas, experience in eye change color procedure, how many were performed, does your ophthalmologist have reports for each case?

Does your ophthalmologist have the right experience, documented procedure, medical questionnaire, patient's process?

In terms of equipment, does your ophthalmologist uses a femtosecond high intensity last generation laser? 

In terms of eye color change pigments, what are these pigments made of? Are they certified? is it a medical device? What are the exact colors, do you need several layers and maintenance? Will you have pigments tolerate by the body without complications?


  Whatsapp: Just enquire about the treatment


How to choose the right eye color change procedure pigments?


Your future eye color will take into account several parameters such as your current eye color. Sometimes your family eye color but not necessarly. 

► You can have an online simulation and contact us if needed.

For that you will just have a answer a medical questionnaire, send a photo of your eyes, wide open, with good definition and light. Then you will receive a non binding simulation.

Live apps that can simulate your future eyes do not work properly so far because they need to take into account your whole face, future exact color not released officially by eye color change pigment manufacturers and some other technical reasons. Therefore if you can, eye color change simutions are done with a consultation in eye color change clinics face to face.

If you cannot travel, for practical reasons you can receive a remote simulation based on the above comments.

The main parameters to change your eye color are your skin tone and facial features.

These are social parameters and in short what people close to you or around you think shall be your eye color based on your skin tone, origins, location etc.

We cannot say it is objective paramaters and that they are not less subjective than your own criteria but social pressure if to take into account.

For almost anybody eyes with light colors match with fair skin and so the contrary with dark eyes but these are just social and cultural clichés some would say.

Once you have a consultation or before the procedure you always have a beauty specialist that will help you choosing the right color or intensity of color and make simulations.

You can compare with other profiles to make up your mind, not because you don't have your own idea but because some changes are so astonashing so it is worth checking!


Make your choice being well informed especially in terms of safety and expectations


A surgery implies that you as future patient will know the minimum required information in terms of protocol, risks and complication, costs, benefits, side effects, post op etc.

In terms of safety for your eye color change procedure as for colored eye contact lenses, the main risk is infection if you don't clean the right way your lenses.

A prescription is also required before using them.

In terms of artifical iris implant procedure, you have to check :


  • Check if an ophthalmologist consultation will come first before any anesthesiologist consultation or any other surgery team consultation


  • Ask the medical team for any record, before after photo and explanations of the procedure


  • Provide your full medical history and especially your eyes medical history


  • Provide some medical file or medical opinion before have the consultation in order to check if you are a potential eye color change procedure candidate

  • Check and read about the procedure and its various techniques


  • Prepare your questions about your exact goal, your concerns, ask about potential complications, can it be reversed etc.

Ask also if the procedure is approved by local Administrative Authorities such as FDA in the USA.

Risk is high for artifical iris implant procedure and this might seriously affect your vision so it is often recommended in some very specific cases and not as cosmetic procedure.

It seems the risk is less high with the eye color change procedure using laser to depigment your eyes.

► How much does a Keratopigmentation cost?

As used somehow for skin whitening treatments the goal is to reduce the melanin in your irises that give the impression of having brown eyes. The laser, that has nothing to do with the refractive laser used for Keratopigmentation technique, will help to depigmen your eyes and leave you with a blue to green or light grey color.

This procedure is rarely used as only for those who have brown eyes and don't want a defined future color as we cannot know in advance the outcome of the surgery.

Keratopigmentation as most safe eye color change procedure?

As always explained all eye color change procedures, like any surgery, have risks but it seems by far that Keratopigmentation procedure is the most safe eye color change procedure.

Artificial iris transplant and depigmentation laser are risky surgeries and in some situations you might lose your vision.

The Keratopigmentation eye color change procedure is an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia and the process is designed so to minimize all risks.

In terms of pre op no specific requirements are necessary. 

In terms of anesthesia it is a local one for a procedure that last around 45 minutes. Drops will be given so to serve as anesthesia.

Also after surgery the only advised follow-up is to avoid dryness of you eyes and so use drops several days after your keratopigmentation procedure.

There is no case officially known in 2023 of complications or complaints about this procedure.

The protocol requires a consultation and a medical questionnaire to be filled out. If you are a good candidate for Keratopigmentation it means your file is approved by your Keratopigmentation ophthalmologist.

You have also filled out a disclaimer before the surgey that informs you of the risks and the fact that in some cases, depending on the chosen color, some pigments might not be stabilized with time. In those rare cases then you might need to add more quantity of the desired color and that is foreseen in the provisions of your Keratopigmentation contract.

After the beauty consultation, the simulation, the ophthalmologist and anesthesiologist consultations you have all cards in hand to have an infomed choice and go ahead. You can always say no at last moment and are not obliged to go ahead. This is extremely rare but is still possible.

The quote provided reminds you that the choice of the color is yours and that somehow as the change is so surprising that your entourage might "disturb" you with that choice.

Donnot hesitate to ask your surgeon any reported complication cases or to clearly explain what are the risks on the long run according to them. We know they will say there is no risks but they have to explain you everything so that you have an informed choice.

If you want to know how to find a safe Keratopigmentation: Find a safe Keratopigmentation

What shall I consider to choose a Keratopigmentation procedure?

Once your questions asked to your future surgeon, you shall ask about the exact cost of a Keratopigmentation eye color change procedure and the pre an post op details.



Updated August 2023 Doctor Astor and Hojabr


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