Keratopigmentation in Switzerland: April 2024 average price

The average April 2024 cost of Keratopigmentation in Switzerland is 8835 €

The April 2024 Price range is 7862-9809 €

The typical average cost and price range for Keratopigmentation are taken from 3 Clinic prices and fee lists among 17 Doctors. 

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Keratopigmentation April 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
MV Sante Vision ( Av. de Rhodanie 70, 1007, Lausanne) 8990€
Feel Well Center ( Rue Emile-Yung 1, 1205, Genève) from 6698€
In Corpore Clinic ( 22-24 rue de Carouge, 1205, Geneva) from 7900€

What is Keratopigmentation in Switzerland

Keratopigmentation, also known as corneal tattooing or corneal pigmentation, is a cosmetic procedure performed to change the appearance of the cornea by adding pigment to its surface. It is primarily used to mask corneal scars, irregularities, or discolorations resulting from trauma, surgery, or other conditions.It is nowadays used mainly for aesthetic purposes and mainly from those that have brown eyes (82% of people on earth have brown eyes) whishing to have them often blue or green though many types of pigments exist.

Before undergoing keratopigmentation, the patient undergoes a comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist to assess the health of the cornea, evaluate any existing corneal abnormalities, and determine if they are suitable candidates for the procedure. These lab tests last around 15mn only and are done in clinics before the procedure and can be done almost anywhere in a nearby clinic when the future patient expects to travel to change his eyes' color.

All can be done remote in the first step: you are adviced about the whole process, explain the risks and potential complications if the right laser and or right medical grade pigments are used. You are also advised about the color choice, how many pigments are necessary, the overall cost and practical details and of course, the keratopigmentation protocol:

Keratopigmentation protocol lasts 1h max: consultation then eye color simulation and presentation with few papers to fill out, only few minutes per eye under local anesthesia with drops in the eyes and its done! You are advised to spent one night in a nearby hotel for a 30mn visit control and no post op are required for an amazing lifetime result!

The ophthalmologist selects a suitable medical grade pigment color based on the patient's natural eye color, skin tone, and desired cosmetic outcome. The pigment used in keratopigmentation is typically a medical-grade tattoo pigment that is safe for use in the eye area. It is has to be certified and CE mark in the EU as deemed to be a medical device and is not yet approved in different countries such as the FDA in the USA.

Using a specialized tattooing device or micro-needle, the ophthalmologist carefully applies the pigment to the surface of the cornea in a controlled and precise manner. The pigment is deposited in the superficial layers of the cornea to achieve the desired color and coverage.

It's important to note that keratopigmentation is a specialized cosmetic procedure that should only be performed by a qualified ophthalmologist with expertise in corneal surgery and pigment application. There are around 10 specialized ophthalmologists in the world that master the real and safe keratopigmentation! 

The cost depends of how many pigments you use, in what country you do it and the availability of clinics based on supply and demand.

Keratopigmentation in Switzerland

Switzerland is well reputed for its healthcare system. Though the number of clinics and hospitals is decreasing a lot with around 250 units nowadays, the country is well known for its centers of excellence. Plastic surgery and dental works are often sought by foreigners but what most are looking for his unique medical services such keratopigmentation in Lausanne or various related eye color change procedures. Stem cells and other types of high level technologies are the key elements of the medical offer in general in Switzerland.

Keratopigmentation in Switzerland additional services

Eye color change or keratopigmentation in the world appears everywhere but I am not sure about how works the technique, what clinic to choose, how to rely on some information. Some clinics through out the world offer fake eye color change procedures while others offer fake Keratopigmentation. This amazing new technique is really fantastic if provided by the right eye clinic or ophthalmologist, therefore you have to focus on the right eye color change technique and so the right country in 2024.

Why having a Keratopigmentation eye color change surgery in some countries?


Keratopigmentation is a highly technical procedure that requires several criteria to have a perfect one and not jeopardize your vision. The country meets some of those criteria but you shall enquire to further know if it is deemed to be a certified Keratopigmentation and if it is approved but the local Health Authorities. Therefore the first criteria when you have almost the entire world to choose is the country where it is regulated.

What is a Keratopigmentation procedure in general?

Keratopigmentation refers to a procedure performed by an ophthalmologist using refractive technology to pigment the color of your eyes (iris).

It is deemed to be in 2024: see the best eye color change procedure compared to lasers that depigment the cells of your eye or iris transplant.

You can refer to our post about main criteria to have a safe Keratopigmentation.

To have compliant, safe and life time result, your Keratopigmentation needs to meet several combined criteria whatever country you choose:

  • A skilled ophthalmologist that is trained for eye color change and has performed a lot in the past
  • He or she has to belong to an international society of ophthamologists performing that procedure in order to share the best practices and always be sure you will have the state of the art technique
  • Your eye clinic needs to be certified with the right certification such as JCI or ISO for instance
  • You need to have bio compatible pigments that in addition need to be approved by the local health authorities (like the American FDA) and be sure that you will have no have food pigments are most surgeons use
  • The right equipment with the right laser. You need the latest technology when your surgeon will create the micro tunnel to insert pigments

With all of that you will have a safe eye color change. On the contrary then you might put your vision at risk and no need to say that you can easily find awful before after photos over the internet from those that haven’t get the right procedure.

If you wonder if a Keratopigmentation is for you.

What is the price of an eye color change keratopigmentation in average in the world?

An eye color change procedure or Keratopigmentation is a highly technical procedure and so the cost depends mainly on the technology used.

The pigments need to be certified as classified as medical device under local laws. About 15% of the price of your keratopigmentation is made of your pigments. Should you need two pigments then you will have to add also 15% more.

You will note that almost all colors need one pigment as some like light greens of polar grey might need two pigments.

As the laser is very expensive about 50% of your keratopigmentation cost will be made of laser and its technology behind.

With prices changing real time, special offers, additional services, competition in different countries, it is difficult to set a clear Keratopigmentation price but you can check here the Keratopigmentation price average in 2024.

What is the usual Keratopigmentation international protocol?

99% of patients are eligible and you will have to do short lab tests before having the procedure like corneal cell count or macular test. This last about 20 minutes only. Ideally depending on your own planning and the planning of the clinic it has to be performed before coming, especially if you travel from far away. It can be also performed at the eye clinic just before the procedure. This is just a recommended protocol as it is almost impossible to control in practice the protocol used in each clinic. Any clinic that will not apply this protocol in the world might put your vision at risk.

Where to find a clinic for my keratopigmentation in each country?

It is important to consider where you will have your keratopigmentation. You have a worldwide choice but you shall check out the below links:

Some look for certified keratopigmentations in France or keratopigmentations in Belgium, certified Keratopigmentations in Italy or certified keratopigmentations in Switzerland while others look for keratopigmentation procedures in the UK or keratopigmentation procedures in Germany. As for Europe others search for cheap keratopigmentations in Poland or cheap keratopigmentations in Romania or keratopigmentations in Spain where it was invented in 2012. Other simply search for keratopigmentations in Europe.

Some look for new certified clinics in 2024 and 2025 like keratopigmentations in Israel in 2024, keratopigmentations in Dubai in 2024, keratopigmentations in Argentina, Keratopigmentations in Saudi Arabia in 2025 or keratopigmentations in India in 2024.

Others enquire about keratopigmentations in USA, keratopigmentations tourism in Mexico or Keratopigmentations health tourism in Turkey or even Keratopigmentations in South Korea and keratopigmentations health tourism in Thailand.

Some prefer to check worldwide prices of Keratopigmentations and compare them with eye color change procedures in the world.

Some will ask for keratopigmentation simulations and compare eye color change procedures in France, eye color change procedures in Italy, eye color change procedures in Switzerland, eye color change procedures in Germany, eye color change procedures in the UK, eye color change procedures in Spain or even eye color change procedures in Europe in general.

In order to compare Keratopigmentations and eye color change procedures in general in different countries, some will compare eye color change procedures in USA, eye color change procedures in Mexico city, eye color change procedures in India, eye color change procedures in Turkey or classically eye color change procedures in Thailand. Some might want to look for eye color change procedures in India, eye color change procedures in Seoul or even eye color change procedures in China to have the full picture.

Before and after photos of Keratopigmentation eye color change surgery

There is a lot of available photos but what matters is to have the ones that will match the technique you want and the color you would like.


To further to see before after photos or keratopigmentations or to go further with videos of keratopigmentation procedures.

Keratopigmentation before after photos

Lausanne, Switzerland

Keratopigmentation Price: 8990 €
Genève, Switzerland

Keratopigmentation Price: from 6698 €
Geneva, Switzerland

Keratopigmentation Price: from 7900 €