Eye color change procedure in Switzerland: June 2024 average price

The average June 2024 cost of Eye color change procedure in Switzerland is 9426 €

The June 2024 Price range is 8215-10638 €

The typical average cost and price range for Eye color change procedure are taken from 3 Clinic prices and fee lists among 17 Doctors. 

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Eye color change procedure June 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
MV Sante Vision ( Av. de Rhodanie 70, 1007, Lausanne) 8990-9999€
Feel Well Center ( Rue Emile-Yung 1, 1205, Genève) from 6755€
In Corpore Clinic ( 22-24 rue de Carouge, 1205, Geneva) from 8900€

What is Eye color change procedure in Switzerland

Eye color change procedures, also known as iris color change procedures or keratopigmentation, are cosmetic surgeries aimed at altering the color of the iris, the colored part of the eye. While eye color change procedures are still relatively uncommon there are a few techniques that have been explored for this purpose:

1. Iris implant surgery: This procedure involves surgically inserting a colored iris implant into the eye to change its appearance. The implant is typically made of a biocompatible material, such as silicone or hydrogel, and is customized to match the desired eye color. The implant is placed in front of the natural iris, effectively covering it and changing the color of the eye. However, this procedure is associated with significant risks, including damage to the eye structures, inflammation, infection, and vision loss. Additionally, it may not produce natural-looking results, and the long-term safety and effectiveness of iris implants are still uncertain.

2. Laser iris depigmentation: Laser iris depigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that uses laser energy to remove pigment from the iris, resulting in a lighter eye color. During the procedure, a laser is directed at the surface of the iris, targeting and breaking down the pigment-producing cells (melanocytes). Over time, as the treated areas heal, the iris may gradually lighten in color. However, this technique is not widely practiced, and its safety, effectiveness, and long-term outcomes have not been extensively studied. Additionally, there is a risk of damaging the delicate structures of the eye and causing vision problems.

3. Keratopigmentation procedure: by far the most efficient using refractive technology and eye pigmentation if provided by the right certified clinic.

Eye color change procedure in Switzerland

Switzerland is well reputed for its healthcare system. Though the number of clinics and hospitals is decreasing a lot with around 250 units nowadays, the country is well known for its centers of excellence. Plastic surgery and dental works are often sought by foreigners but what most are looking for his unique medical services such keratopigmentation in Lausanne or various related eye color change procedures. Stem cells and other types of high level technologies are the key elements of the medical offer in general in Switzerland.

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Lausanne, Switzerland

Eye color change procedure Price: 8990-9999 €
Genève, Switzerland

Eye color change procedure Price: from 6755 €
Geneva, Switzerland

Eye color change procedure Price: from 8900 €