Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) June 2024 cost

The average June 2024 cost of Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) is 4395 €

The June 2024 Price range is 3718-5072 €

The typical average cost and price range for Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) are taken from 331 Clinic prices and fee lists among 1821 Doctors. 

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Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) June 2024

Clinic Average/As of Price
Vienna AKH Hospital ( Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090, Wien) from 4900€
American Hospital Paris ( 63 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Neuilly-sur-Seine, 92200) from 3200€
Clinic KCM ( l. Bankowa 5-7, 58-500, Jelenia Góra) Package price:3450-3700€
Antiaging Barcelona ( Calle Dr Carulla, 12, 08017, Barcelona) from 6900€
Humanitas Hospital ( Via A.Manzoni, 56, 20089, Milan) from 3900€
Europan Institute of Oncology ( Via Ripamonti 435, 20141, Milan) from 3900€
Saint-Luc Hospital ( Avenue Hippocrate 10, 1200, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert) from 3900€
Formé clinic ( Jeseniova 30, 13000, Praha 3) 5660-6150€
Isar General Klinikum ( Sonnenstraße 24 - 26, 80331, München) from 3900€
Hospital Helios ( Steinerweg 5, 81241, München) from 4200€
MHH Medical School Hannover ( Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1, 30625, Hannover) from 4200€
Hermitage Medical General Clinic ( Old Lucan Road, 20, Dublin 20) from 4200€
Kardiolita Hospital ( Laisvės Av. 64A, 05263, Vilnius) 2300-4200€
Koo Foundation ( No. 125, Lide Rd, Beitou District, 112, Taipei City) from 4200€
Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai ( 88/8 Moo. 6, T. Nong Pa Khrang, 50000, Chiang Mai) from 3900€
LS Dental Costa Rica ( LS Dental Costa Rica Pueblito Sur #6 (In Las Palmas in the same complex as La Dolce Vita), Playas del Coco, 50503, Guanacaste) from 3315€
Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute ( Széchenyi István square 7/8 C, 1051, Budapest) from 3200€
Dental Clinic Budapest Preciz Dent ( Wysocki u. 29, 1155, Budapest) from 3600€
Dr. Borzási & Colleagues Dental and Implant Surgery ( Kristóf tér 4. 3/3, 1052, Budapest) from 3600€
Estúdio Oral - Medicina Dentária ( R. Bom Sucesso, 372 3º, 4150-148, PORTO) from 3600€
Provision Center for Proton Therapy ( 6450 Provision Cares Way, TN 37909, Knoxville,) from 3600€
Meoclinic ( Friedrichstraße 71, 10117, Berlin) from 3600€
Bangkok BPK 9 Hospital ( 362 ถนน พระรามที่ 2 Khwaeng Bang Mot, Khet Chom Thong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, 1015, Bangkok) 3200-3600€
Rambam Hospital ( HaAliya HaShniya St 8, 3109601, Haifa) from 3600€

What is Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling)

Buttock augmentation with fat, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in some cases or buttock lipofilling, is a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing the size, shape, and contour of the buttocks using the patient's own fat harvested from other areas of the body. This procedure involves two main steps: liposuction to remove excess fat from donor sites, followed by fat transfer to inject the harvested fat into the buttocks to achieve the desired augmentation. This procedure is a little but different than a BBL because BBL might mean to have larger buttocks and hips.

Buttock augmentation with fat is then a different procedure than BBL and an alternative to Buttock augmentation with silicon implants.

Once the plastic surgeon has received your buttocks photos and fat donor areas photos he or she will arrange and online or physicial consultation in order to evaluate your medical history, assess your body proportions and buttock aesthetics, discuss your goals and expectations for surgery, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for buttock augmentation with fat.

Buttock augmentation with fat is typically performed under general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort throughout the procedure. The patient may also have the option of undergoing the procedure under local anesthesia with sedation, depending on their preferences and the extent of the surgery.Then the surgeon will perform liposuction to harvest excess fat from donor sites such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, or back. The harvested fat is carefully processed to remove excess fluids and debris, and the viable fat cells are isolated for transfer to the buttocks. Then the purified fat is injected into multiple layers of the buttocks using specialized cannulas or syringes. The surgeon will strategically distribute the fat to achieve the desired volume, shape, and contour, taking into account the patient's anatomy and aesthetic goals. Multiple injection passes may be performed to ensure even distribution and optimal integration of the fat cells.

The key element for this procedure is to have enough fat in other areas of your body in order to add volume to your buttocks so the procedure cost will depends of many liposuccion points have to be found and what fat quantity will be taken.
The difference with buttock augmentation with implants: This procedure involves surgically inserting silicone implants into the buttocks to enhance their size and shape. While buttock implants can provide a more significant augmentation in patients with insufficient fat for transfer, they carry a higher risk of complications such as implant displacement, infection, and capsular contracture. Fat transfer offers a more natural-looking result and avoids the use of foreign materials.

It is also different than the buttock lift or gluteoplasty that is a surgical procedure aimed at lifting and tightening the buttock skin and tissue to improve contour and reduce sagging. Unlike buttock augmentation with fat, which primarily focuses on increasing volume, a buttock lift addresses excess skin and tissue laxity, making it suitable for patients with drooping or deflated buttocks.

And also different than a buttock augmentation with synthetic fillers: Some injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid-based fillers or poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), can be used for non-surgical buttock augmentation. While these fillers offer a less invasive alternative to surgery, they are temporary and may require repeated treatments to maintain results. Fat transfer provides a more permanent solution by using the patient's own natural fat cells for augmentation.

Buttock augmentation with fat is a popular and effective procedure for enhancing buttock size and shape, providing patients with natural-looking and long-lasting results. It is a different surgery than the one mentioned but can be combined with implants, BBL and buttocks lifting.

References and collaboration: ASPS

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) before after photos

Wien, Austria

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 4900 €
92200, France

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3200 €
Jelenia Góra, Poland

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Package price: 3450-3700 €
Barcelona, Spain

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 6900 €
Milan, Italy

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3900 €
Milan, Italy

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3900 €
Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3900 €
Praha 3, Czech Republic

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: 5660-6150 €
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München, Germany

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3900 €
München, Germany

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 4200 €
Hannover, Germany

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 4200 €
Dublin 20, Ireland

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 4200 €
Vilnius, Lithuania

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: 2300-4200 €
Taipei City, Taiwan

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 4200 €
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3900 €
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3315 €
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Budapest, Hungary

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3200 €
Budapest, Hungary

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3600 €
Budapest, Hungary

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3600 €
PORTO, Portugal

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3600 €
Knoxville,, USA United States

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3600 €
Berlin, Germany

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3600 €
Bangkok, Thailand

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: 3200-3600 €
Haifa, Israel

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3600 €
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Cairo, Egypt

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 157 €
Istanbul, Turkey

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3000 €
Athens, Greece

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3200 €
Thessaloniki, Greece

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 4100 €
Vilnius, Lithuania

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: 2700-3900 €
Kyiv, Ukraine

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling) Price: from 3200 €