Breast augmentation with the use of fat grafting is a surgical procedure that not only transforms the buttocks but improves the overall picture/figure of the patient. The notion of buttock augmentation has developed more than simply increasing the size of the buttocks into the idea of improving the whole shape of the body. The idea is to narrow the back of the patients' wishes with fat grafting. There are lots of terms which can be used to replace the buttock augmentation and most times, those terms can often be confusing. The terms used to describe the augmentation of the buttocks include; buttock augmentation, butt enhancement, butt lift, and Brazilian butt lift. The Brazilian "Butt Lift" means the ability to make the buttock appear revitalized and raise the physical look of the buttocks by adding volume to the buttock.

How your buttock augmentation is done?

A lot of ways has been described in the past to augment the buttock. In the beginning, implants were used for buttock augmentation, but the shape of the buttock was limited to the shape of the implant and could not be adapted to a particular patient. The use of implants did give room for waist contouring. Presently, a new approach of buttock augmentation has surfaced and it is carried out by micro fat grafting. 


Ideal candidates for Buttock Augmentation

Before you can be considered for buttocks augmentation, both physically and emotionally you must be healthy. Patients want their buttocks to be more shaped. There is a need for you to be a normal weight because you need to have enough areas where fat liposuction can be used to shape your buttocks. It is also important that you have good elastic skin in order to allow the liposuctioned area to shrink down and improve their total shape. More importantly, you need to have realistic expectations of what can or cannot be done when you talk about the procedure with their surgeon.

Buttock Augmentation Procedure:

Generally, buttock augmentation is carried out as an outpatient procedure and under the normal condition; it usually takes a few hours before it can be completed. General anesthesia is not needed for buttock augmentation. Preoperative areas that will be liposuctioned are marked as this is done to take the fat that will be used for the buttock augmentation process. Another marking will be done on the outline of the newly augmented buttock prior to the surgery.

After fat liposuction, from the predetermined areas, it is then processed so that the only viable fat cells are used in reshaping the buttocks. The only incisions made for the procedure are a small 1 cm incision for the liposuction and fat injections. As soon as the procedure is completed, there will be a need for you to put on a compression garment this looks like if you have carried out liposuction with the exception that the area of the buttocks will not have compression garment or change, so there will be no pressure on the sculpted area.

Recovery from Buttock Augmentation

The first few weeks after surgery are the hardest because you are limited to the extent you can sit because the fat grafted to the buttock need time to heal. The time it takes to avoid sitting or sleeping on the back, varies from one surgeon to the other. There will be a need for you put on compression garment this helps you to reduce the swelling of areas where fat was liposuction but has a special opening for the buttocks.


Results from Buttock Augmentation

The results obtained from buttock augmentation with the use of fat grafting are dependent on the quantities of fat used to sculpt the buttocks. The amount used depends on the preoperative talk with your surgeon and the amount of fat that can be used for grafting. Exceptionally thin patients often do not have enough fat for adequate augmentation. The amazing thing about fat grafting is that it is your natural body and therefore the results are very natural in appearance and feel. Also because the buttocks are sculpted separately, there is a difference in the final shape according to the patient's wishes. Brazilian but lift is the common fat injection procedure but with a totally different approach.

About the cost, what are the main but lift procedure costs in different countries?

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Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling)

Buttock Augmentation (Fat/lipofilling)

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