Face lift (or rhytidectomy/face lifting) is a standard cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure for ageing patients that wish to reduce the natural elasticity of their face skin and have sometimes loose skin, brown spots and wrinkles.

The main benefits of having a face lift surgery is to look younger, feel rejuvenated and fresher and increase self-esteem.

Time Management

There are three main types of face lift surgery: traditional, minimal access cranial suspension and keyhole surgery.

A traditional face lift will involve your surgeon making a surgical incision along your hairline, down past the front of your ears and into the hairline behind the ears. Because of the careful positioning of the incision, your scarring will be hidden within the hair. Once the incision has been made the skin will be separated from the underlying tissue, before repositioning excess fat and tightening facial muscles.Once the surgery is complete, your face will be wrapped in bandages to prevent infection and to support your face while the skin heals, but these will usually be removed the day before you are allowed to go home from hospital.

Another type of procedure is the minimal-access cranial suspension, the main difference between this type of face lift surgery and the traditional method is that the incisions made are smaller and the tightening of facial muscles and removal of excess fat is done through these small surgical incisions. Excess fat can also be removed using this face lift procedure.

At last the keyhole surgery method envisages several very small incisions into the skin on your face and your surgeon will feed a telescopic camera beneath the skin and the live image will be displayed on a monitor - it is from this that the surgeon can see exactly which muscles to tighten and how much excess fat to remove, if any. Keyhole surgery is most commonly used for brow lifts and upper face lifts and offers a short recovery time and will result in less scarring, but it is not suitable for everyone.

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