All-on-4 Dental Implant

The All on 4 or all on four refers to a new dental implant technique meaning that all the teeth of a jaw are supported on only 4 implants instead of many.

This is now the new standard for full mouth/jaw rehabilitation provided by dental implant specialists. It is a clear improvement compared to the old dental implant technique.

This cost-effective technique has many advantages such as saving a lot of time and have a full mouth restored after several hours with a full fixed bridge.

Above the 4 implants is a fixed bridge of several dental crowns, generally 10 or 12.

It is different than an all on 6 that is the same dental implant system but based on 6 implants rather than 4, the number of above crowns being the same.

This prosthodontic procedure is provided by skilled dentists that are able to send you a quote remote based on your documentation (most of the time an xray is enough though a 3D scan is always better).

You can find these dentists in different countries, though some say the most skilled ones are in Portugal, where the technique was developed by Doctor Paulo Maló.

Portugal remains one of the key destination for all on 4 dental implant practice.

The Doctor started to develop the technique more than 20 years ago with the help of the famous dental implant manufacturer, Nobel Biocare, from Sweden.

How much does an all on four dental implant system cost?

This is the recurring questions as you may expect huge price difference. Based on our 178 dental clinic studies in 2024, we have found real price differences.

All on 4 cheap price?

If you google all on four near me you can have an idea of the price around you but not the whole picture. It is important that you have an informed choice and know what is the cost of an all on four dental implant system in different locations, realize that you can have if abroad easily, sometimes save thousands and know what quality and services you might expect.

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What is an all on four dental implant price made of?

The all on four is first made of 4 implants (or 6 when an all on 6 is required), fine but then the material and brand matters. You have to know what is the implant is made of. A full titanium dental implant will cost you more than a not 100% titanium dental implants. Ask then for the composition of your implants and the brand. The brand matters as you have huge price discrepancies. From a Swiss-German brand to an unknow brand from Turkey the price could be 2 to 3 times the price you might expect. Brand does not mean branding and fashion, it means where it has been made, what is the certifications and protocol of the laboratory but mainly if the dental implant is special. Some laboratory patent dental implant and that what matters.

why Portugal might be the best option for your dental implants?

The other elements is the tooth extractions. An all on four protocol may mean several teeth extractions but also dental root extractions. It is an additional service that takes time and has to be taken into account in the final price.

What is the difference between all on 4 and all on 6?

The difference is the protocol and final cost as an all on 6 costs between 2000$ to 10000$ more. There comes the abutment, this device that is between the implant and the dental crowns. It is often added as a separate product in many dental quotes.

The dental crowns are then the big part of the total cost of an all on four. 

First as most protocols are two phases’ protocols you need to have temporary dental crows. Most of the time you need 12 temporary crowns but sometimes it is 10 or even 14.

This has to be double checked on your dental quotes, some dentists don’t mention it, other bill them a lower unit amount that standard crowns but filled anyway.

Then comes the dental crowns above implant, they are often treated the same way as other crowns.

At last the main factor that will affect the total cost of your all on 4 is the quality of the dental crowns. If you are about to have a full mouth restoration with 24 dental crowns each unit price difference will count at the end.

It is then important that you choose the right dentist that will provide you with a clear cost of each dental crown.

The services attached to the all on four are also an additional factor to take into account on your total bill, especially if you are travelling.

What affect the price of an all on 4?

The main factor is…the location. Looking for a dental implant specialist near you might seem obvious though it is the country that will affect the price of your all on 4.

All on 4 implant Value Package

In short for a full mouth restoration (so for the two jaws with two all on 4) you may find offers below 10,000 $ while you can easily find some above 50,000 $ in Israel, USA or in some EU countries.

Making the right choice will help you to save thousands and not the quality, brands, material and protocols being very often the same.

The second factor that will affect the price of your all on four is the quality of your dental crowns.

With 12 or 24 dental crowns, having 100% ceramic, 20% ceramic, acrylic, resin crowns will sometimes change the price from 1 to 3 x 24.

Zirconium is by far the most expensive dental crown material and ceramic fused to metal crown is the average quality. You may have acrylic with the immediate loading implant system and save more than ceramic fused to metal crowns.

Temporary crowns have to be counted in the final bill so you should ask if they are charged or not.

Abutment may be counted separately but sometimes are implants with the 12 crowns, you have to check that as well.

Dental extractions and root extractions are often billed separately, it takes time and effort so make sure it is written in your dental quote.

At last double check the services attached to the whole service. Is anesthesia included, is deep sedation technique recommended in your case? How long would the entire treatment last, it will affect the overall cost if you are about to travel abroad for that but not only because near by dentist may suggest many consultations and so it can be costly in terms of time spent.

It is important that you know where and how the dental crowns are made because having its own laboratory for a dentist means clearly you can save dozen of hours, have a shorter protocol and at the end save a lot of time, and so most of the time, money.

The services attached to your all on four dental system can be also be options or included services. Will you have an assistant? Will you be able to have a restroom, airport transfers included? Translator if you don’t speak the language of the dentist? Will you need guided-surgery, special hygiene protocols, will the medicines be included? You many night of hotel for the second phase are required, meaning other expenses? These are the main questions you should ask and double check. The standard protocol is that the first phase can be done in one day ambulatory while the second phase requires generally 5 days. Any longer protocol would mean clear explanations from your dentist.

If you are about to choose a country for your all on 4, your choice will certainly focus on nearby countries. It could be Mexico if you live in the US, it could be Hungary or Portugal for your all on 4 but it could be Thailand in Asia and most of the time Turkey as a key destination for all on 4 cheap prices.

Is an all on four dental implant system for me?

The all on four is clearly a jaw rehabilitation protocol. It is aimed to help broken teeth patients as well as edentulous patients. The other main goal is not to help finding an immediate solutions to those have broken or missing teeth but also to enable a permanent solution for the future.

As it can be seen in the very drafting of dental quotes, not all dentists share the same opinion on what has to be done now for the current situation and what shall be done now for the future. Many dentists are conservative and applied protocols to restore teeth without taking into account, for many various reasons, the situation in one or several years. Scholars are trained to restore what needs to be restored and keep teeth as long as they are alive.

So you easily see in dental quotes several bridges with some teeth left alive while in other dental quotes an all on 4 means some extractions need to be planed.

The lack of bone, the dental history of each patient but also the gum instability are often the main reasons why dentists decide to switch immediately to an all on four rather than doing one or two bridges even though they know that at some point an all on four will be inevitable.

In terms of efficiency and cost, envisaging an immediate all on four is cheaper than having it of course after several implants, bridges and other “temporary” solutions.

This is why each dental quotes have to be explained clearly by dentists and that dental works have to be the results of a discussion with the patient himself.

So an all on 4 dental implant system is for you if you have no teeth, gum issues or if you think that soon a full mouth or jaw rehabilitation will be needed.

From a practical point of view, and not only because of time and cost questions, many patients decide to have an all on four to do all at once rather than planning many consultations in the future.

On the other hand it makes sense to also keep what can be kept and plan an all on four when it will be the time.

All on 4 dental implant system or standard dental implants?

For most patients and dentists, the all on four system brings a real valued added to former standard dental implants practice. As many improvement none all agree and it is important to know the advantages and or disadvantages this technique can bring.

7 benefits of having an all on four

 You save time during the implantation and with a faster recovery time

 You save a lot of money, in average 40% if you would have 8 implants

 You have don't need to wait 4 months, you have extractions the same day

 Same day procedure even for the full mouth with first phase standard protocol

 fixed prostheses, no boring cleaning process

 Confortable and permanent structure

 No after care needed for the future

All these benefits show that more and more patient switch to this technique is they meet the above explained criteria (is the all on 4 for me?)

Traditional dentures can be defined as removable replacements for missing teeth and gums. They can be made of acrylic plastic (the mostly used material), porcelain or metal. They can be classified as “total” or “partial”, according to the missing teeth that they replace, and "immediate" or "conventional" according to the time between the teeth extraction and the moment when they are used.

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On the other hand, a dental implant is a small screw, usually made of titanium, that is inserted and adjusted in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. This technique is usually used when the patient is missing 1 or 2 teeth because it is required an invasive minor surgery to insert each screw in the site where the implant must be placed.

Though there might be some cons, almost all patients choose the all on 4 dental implant system when they meet the criteria but in any case, ask for a dental quote, compare dentist records, read carefully your treatment plan including the length of stay and double check prices, it is often worth to have the same quality treatment (and sometimes better) and save thousands.

The all on 4 is the master technique of all dental implant together with its 6 implants variant all on 6. It is declined in standard all on 4 solution in all countries or can be divided either in all on 4 implant solution with cheapest offers or all on 4 implants solution as best value for money offers.

You can find standard dental implants in Portugal or dental implants in Greece, dental implants in France or dental implants in Belgium or the famous Swiss brand Nobel Biocare dental implants.A dental implant means nothing in itself without an abutment above that holds a dental crown of any type or a dental implant in zirconium. We can find the best offers for all on 4 in Portugal and comes often after the all on 6 in Portugal when one decided to have more dental implants.

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All on 4 in Romania or all on 4 implants in Turkey are classical all on 4 often searches offers together with all on fours offers in Hungary while all on 4 deals in Thailand are classical dental tourism destinations.

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All-on-4 Dental Implant

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