When a person has one or more teeth missing in his/her mouth, he/she can feel uncomfortable and ashamed about his/her aspect, which also affects his/her social relationships. This explains why nowadays there are so common all the procedures destined to replace a missing tooth.

The dental implants are considered one of the most common procedures to replace a missing tooth (please follow the link to read more on Dental Implant). There are different types of them and each day the experts in this area are developing stronger, easy to place and more natural implants.

Nobel Biocare is one of the most important companies in the branch of the manufacture of dental implants. This company has its headquartered in Kloten, Switzerland, but the implants are widely distributed in other European countries and other regions.

What is a Nobel Biocare Implant?

Nobel Biocare defines their dental implants as a new way of treatment that is used for replace one or more missing teeth with a more natural and lasting result. The jawbone is prepared (without drilling down) to place the base of the implant and later the crown, recovering both esthetic and functionality in all the replaced teeth.

What are the main benefits of using Nobel Biocare Implants?

One of the most important benefits of using a Nobel Biocare Implant is that there are many types of them, so they can be used to replace just one tooth or 6 teeth at the same time (using, for example, All-on-4 or All-on-6 implants).

In fact, the doctor can even replace all the teeth at the same time without using dentures, which is necessary when the patient is totally edentulous. This is important because most dentures can help to restore the patient's smile and improve the esthetic, but can't restore the teeth function, so they can be very uncomfortable to eat.

Another important benefit of using Nobel Biocare Implants is the fact that the patient can use a metal-free crown, which is called Procera All-Ceramic crown. Using this type of crown, the final result is more natural because it looks exactly that a natural tooth (without metallic colors).

Another important benefit of using Nobel Biocare Implants is the fact that they are made of Titanium, which besides increasing the resistance of the implant, provides a high biocompatibility and can promote the osseointegration (fusion between the jawbone and the implant), so the result is more lasting than the result provided for other types of implants.

Why to use a Nobel Biocare Implant?

There are many dental implants manufacturers worldwide; however, the experts recommend using Nobel Biocare Implants because they have many characteristics that make them better. Among these characteristics, the quality of the materials used to create the implants (grade 4 titanium), their biocompatibility with the jawbone and the surrounding tissues, the high number of different dental implants that they have, the guarantee that they offer (10-years-guarantee), the history of the enterprise (more than 40 years), among others, can be included.

However, it is always important to remember that only a qualified dentist can decide which is the best way of treatment for each patient. The dentist will perform a complete dental and medical evaluation to develop a proper plan of treatment.

How does a Nobel Biocare Implant work? And how are they placed?

The Nobel Biocare Implants have different components, like the base, the connection, the healing caps for two workflows and temporary or definitive crowns.

The base allows maintaining the implant in the soft tissues. It is placed by a minimally invasive surgery while the patient is under local anesthesia. During this procedure, the surgeon will perform an incision in the area where the implant base will be placed, new bone cells grew around it (biocompatibility) and ensure that the implant base doesn't move and is strong enough to support the other parts of the implant.

dental implant nobel biocare

Approximately 6 months after the first step of the procedure, the dentist will evaluate the base of the implant to determine if it is stronger enough to complete the procedure or need to be changed. If the implant’s base insertion has been successful, the dentist will pace the connection and healing caps to bring support to the crown.

In some cases, the dentists will place a temporary crown while the base finishes fixing up. After that, he/she will place the definitive crown and the patient will obtain the final result.

How much does a Nobel Biocare Implant cost?

The cost of a Nobel Biocare Implant can widely vary according to the number of teeth that must be replaced, the patient's mouth general health, the need of prior dental treatments, the specific type of implant that will be used, among others.

However, if you think you might need the Nobel Biocare Implants, please contact us at contact@123.clinic and we will answer all your questions and look for the best dentists.

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