Among the most common dental problems worldwide tooth loss, gum and jawbone disease can be mentioned. These problems can affect people of all ages, but they are  more common for older people.

It is estimated that millions people around the world have lost one or more teeth. In fact, the Prosthodontists  statistics show that only in the U.S., more than 40 million people have lost all their teeth.

When a person has lost all his/her teeth, he/she cannot chew and eat properly, which alters the function of all the digestive system. This is why the dental treatment experts have worked for many years to create a comfortable and functional dental prosthesis.

The all on 6 together with its all on 4 dental implant system enables almost anyone to have only 6 or 4 implants instead of many and above 10 to 12 crowns.

What are the Main Problems of Traditional Dental Prosthesis?

The main problems of current dental implants and prosthesis is the uncomfortable, not completely functional and even annoying feeling due to the special care that the patient must take to maintain the entire denture clean. Likewise, most of the dental implants ans prosthesis are very expensive and not everyone can afford them.

How was Invented the All-on-6® Dental Implant?

In the 80s, a dentist specialized in dental implants was able to combine and improve dental implants techniques available since the 60s, thus developing a new technique which is cleaner, more comfortable and longer lasting called All-on-6® dental treatment.


What is Innovative in All-on-6® Dental Implant?

The All-on-6® dental implant is based on placing 6 implants in very specific parts of the jawbone to create a tridimensional figure similar to a trapezoid that allows holding bolted dentures or bridges to replace approximately 12 teeth.

Who could have All-on-6® Dental Implant?

The experts consider that All-on-6® dental implants could be used for people who are losing all their teeth or whose all teeth must be extracted due to different reasons, as well those people, who already use traditional dentures.

Likewise, this treatment is an excellent option for those patients that cannot use traditional dental implants. In fact, experts say that approximately 90% of patients that can't be treated with traditional implants can use the All-on-6® dental treatment and recover proper chew and teeth.

It is very important to know that patients with bone loss are also good candidates for this procedure because the implants are placed in the frontal area of the jaw without the need of a bone grafting or a prior sinus lift augmentation procedure. This is because by using a foundation of 6 implants (instead of 4 or less (please follow the link to read on All-on-4®), the pressure is distributed among more points and the jawbone can resist the bridge and teeth weight.

People who suffer from dental anxiety or high-stress levels situations, in which it is not recommended to use other types of dental implants, are also good candidates for All-on-6®.

What is a Preparation Procedure for All-on-6®?

However, all the patients need a prior consultation with an expert in dental implants to determine if they can have an All-on-6® treatment.

During this consultation, the dentist will ask for some images (like a 3D CT scan) and blood tests to determine the patient’s general health condition and the best place to put the implants during the surgery.

Where can I Have All-on-6® Procedure?

To get a good result from All-on-6® procedure, it is very important to find an experienced dentist with a wide knowledge in dental implantation, as the implants must be placed in a specific parts of the jawbone to guarantee the quality and reliability of the new teeth.

It is notable that this technique is so innovative and delicate, that it must be performed only by an expert, properly qualified in the area. Therefore there are centers specialised in All-on-6® procedure, with specially trained staff and required equipment to full focus on the patient's needs.

What are the Advantages of Using All-on-6® Dental Implant?

An important advantage of the All-on-6® dental treatment is the recovery of teeth and the capacity to chew immediately after the surgery. However, the patient must take some cares to avoid complications.

When comes to prices, compare all on 4 dental prices around the world, especially all on 4 in Portugal or all on 4 price in Turkey guides.

Another important advantage of the All-on-6® dental implants is a relatively short surgical time, minimal invasiveness and outpatient strategy.

Likewise, in most cases, the implant can be inserted the same day that damaged teeth are extracted. So, it is considered a one-day procedure.


Using an All-on-6® dental implant can help the patient to recover self-esteem and good mood. The patient not only recovers his/her natural smile and good look, but also proper chewing abilities.

In fact, many experts agree that one of the main reasons why All-on-6® implants are so successful is the patient's feeling that he/she has his/her natural teeth.  All-on-6® is very easy to take care of, thus it is not uncomfortable or annoying.

How Much does an All-on-6® Dental Implant Costs?

Although it looks expensive, the All-on-6® dental treatment is cheaper than other dental permanent implants as you need 6 implants rather sometimes than 10 or 12 and above around 12 crowns or any other device. Therefore the cost is really less expensive than 10 or 12 implants with a lot of crowns. From Hungary and Greece to Tijuana or Egypt, it starts usually from 8.000 $ to reach easily 45.000 $ so contact us to find the right clinic.

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All-on-6 Dental Implant

All-on-6 Dental Implant

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