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London, United Kingdom


Concept Fertility Clinic is a fertility centre located in London, United Kingdom. The fertility clinic is a fully comprehensive one-stop fertility service centre. Concept Fertility Clinic provides a unique and personalized service to patients who are in need of fertility treatment.

The fertility clinic recognizes the significant of how crucial it is to go through fertility procedures and it is willing to be there for each individual patient during the course of every process. As a result, at the fertility centre expert, specialist, professionals and qualified fertility personnel are hired and are on standby to give you all the assistance and attention every patient requires in the course of the procedure and to aid patient to select the best suitable treatment method.

The fertility clinic has a `One Stop’ fertility packages that are mainly suitable for patients who want to realize a diagnosis at a single consultation. Diagnostic tests can be done swiftly prior to the consultation so that patient and the consultant have all the information required to make the right choices.

The medical fertility centre provides all the normal fertility services inside its own facility and building, from its contemporary environment in Putney fully reconstructed and refurbished in 2014/2015. As of August 2018 the clinic as well offer a consulting and cycle work-up scanning service in Harley Street W1G in the centre of London for those patients whose activities are in or around the City. All egg collections and laboratory work takes place in the fertility clinic’s laboratory and operating theatre in Putney.

The fertility clinic believes in sincerity and it treating people equitably. And as a result, it listed price guidelines on its website aiming to correctly display to interested clients the full expenses for a cycle of treatment without any compulsory hidden costs and surprises. The clinic also published its pregnancy rates to show that it is around the national average, although the body regulating such services recommends that virtually all clinics have results around the national average once the clinic factor in peculiarities resulting from individual clinic patient or treatment selection.

The clinic is as well a relatively small clinic and its collectives team of specialist such as doctors, nurses, embryologists and administrators are all committed to support patients during the course of their fertility journey.
Female Fertility Testing procedures carried out in the clinic are hycosy (Fallopian Tube Patency Test), Genetic Testing, Antral Follicle Count, Ultrasounds, Hormone Testing. The clinic also carries out Male Fertility Testing such as Semen Analysis, Sperm DNA Fragmentation.

The following fertility treatments accessible in the fertility clinic:

•IVF Treatment
oBlastocyst Culture and Transfer
oNatural Cycle IVF
oMinimal Stimulation IVF

Concept Fertility Clinic IVF success rates

Clinical pregnancies per embryo transfer, May 2015 to August 2017.
Age Group Our Results National Data, 2014
Under 35 44.0% 43.7%
35-37 31.4% 38.7%
38-39 37.0% 30.3%
40-42 21.1% 21.3%
43 and over 4.3% 9.5%
Number of cycles 173 39,172

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Concept Clinic - Pricing details and cost breakdown

Doctor's fee Doctor's fee
Anesthesia fee Anesthesia fee
Medical Team Fees Medical Team Fees
Laboratory Fees Laboratory Fees
Clinic Fees Clinic Fees
Clinic Equipment Clinic Equipment

IVF/Fertility Treatment

Assisted Hatching
Price: 375 € Contact
blastocyst Transfer
Price: Enquire Contact
Egg Freezing
Price: 2800-8100 € Contact
Embryos Freezing
Price: 700-1250 € Contact
fertility Assessment
Price: 180 € Contact
I.V.F. In Vitro Fertilization
Price: 3350 € Contact
I.V.F. Standard Package
Package price: 7500 € Contact
Natural Cycle IVF
Price: 2950 € Contact
Sperm Freezing
Price: 425 € Contact


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