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We have treated many skin tone from I to VI type since more than 8 years now with hundreds of candidates every week.

The need is always the same and what only changes in the intensity of the treatment.

There are very few clinics in the world that provide skin whitening procedure. It has to be done in several sessions and you need at least 1 session PER week for 2 months.

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If you only come for two or three sessions, you will NOT achieve results and worse, you will need to restart from the beginning.

90% of dermatologists and clinics no longer provide skin whitening treatments for various reasons (organisation, compliance, lack of products, they are reluctant to treat "comfort" treatments etc). we have designed this plan in order to do it at home at efficient costs (4 times less expensive than in clinics) and in an easy fashion.

Please bear in mind that some products or treatment are illegal and that chemical solutions are dangerous and can burn the skin. We do not recommand chemical solutions but natural supplements treatment over time. Discover the 8 skin whitening techniques.

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Determine your skin tone

If you have a Fitzpatrick skin tone V or below you might need a 3 to 6 months treatment if taken orally. If taken by IV it is a 2 months treatment.

If you have a skin tone VI then a one third longer treatment is recommended.

Determine the method of treatment

You can either order oral tablets or IV which are injections.

Taken orally, the tablets have to be taken once or twice a day. The high dosage enables to have a powerful effect over time.

The other method is close to the one provided in skin clinics. It is IV or intravenous injections. It is named infusion. In some countries you have to have a prescription and then the first time a nurse has to help you doing it. Some can be accustomed to that method, others not. As some would prefer the same content taken orally, the main difference is that the absorption rate is higher than taken orally and so has a faster effect.

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What contains the package of home skin whitening treatment?

The package is made of natural supplements that are not medicine. It is made of glutathione (the most powerful anti-oxidant) and combined with other natural supplements. It is only the balanced combination of different natural supplement that have an effect and not Glutathione alone itself.

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Is the skin whitening plan for me? triangle

If you have been advised the plan it means your skin is between IV to VI Fitzpatrick Skin type. Skin type below IV are treated for health purposes only.

The plan is not for non healthy bodies, pregnant and lactating women, for those with asthma or renal problems.

Each body and skin being different, the plan is designed to achieve results within about to 14 weeks according to your own profile. Most profiles have said to have seen results after 4 weeks when taken by injections 9 to 17 weeks when taken orally.

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How long does it last? triangle

The plan is designed so that after a first session according to the method and skin type, we check with you the very results and see if you have to prolong. Remember that the purpose of this natural supplements plan is to reduce your natural rate of melanin so it will come back with time and prolongations will be needed but it depends of your anatomy.


Does it work? triangle

The answer is difficult because each body is different and expectations are all different but what we notice is a real effect on the long run. 94% of users say that have noticed a real improvement.


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Frequently asked questions triangle

Melanin is a natural skin pigment made of blackish-brown eumelanin and reddish-yellow pheomelanin. A higher pheomelanin proportion will make skin brighter. Hyperpigmentation is caused by the exposure to the sun (ultraviolet radiation) resulting in the formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species between cells. Antioxidants will reduce melanogenesis (during melanogenesis, glutathione converts eumelanin to pheomelanin and modulates depigmentation of melanocytotoxic agents) by suppressing those free radicals. With age, the level of natural glutathione drops and so the ability to detoxify free radicals, having more glutathione will help also anti aging.

Glutathione as natural powerful antioxidant has so many effects for one's health that it is impossible to list them all. It is used in some alcoholic disorders, as a protection against viral infection, some tumors, diabetic complications, used as antiagin agent, skin disorders, liver protection, against immunodeficiency etc.

Each profile being different, we advise you after receiving your photos, answered questions. You may receive a quote.

The plan is designed to do it easily at home anywhere made of only natural supplements with help of a dedicated support during the plan and a worldwide shipment.

If you have not yet registered your profile please do it and our Team will advise you and send you the best suggested home treatment quote.

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Glutathione strengthens The Immune system.
Glutathione supports brain functions.
Glutathione for good heart health.
Glutathione for smooth and The clean skin.

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