The benefits of doing your skin whitening treatment at home


This program is designed for those wishing to have their own skin whitening treatment program at home.

Everyone has its own reason but in practice, there are very few clinics that provide real and good skin whitening solutions. In addition doing it at home is the same process that in the clinic, the products being the same.

The length of treatment is the key thing as if you have too many doses it is risky or if you do it in a short period of time you will not achieve results.

You need a 2 months program with 1 or 2 weekly injection and will see the first results in averahe after 4 to 6 weeks. Once the 2 months program is finished, we check with you the result and you will be advise only a maintenance program if necessary of 1 injection per month for 8 months.

Based on several thousand profiles per year, we have noticed that:

  90% of profiles donnot need creams or soaps (no effects) and it is too risky to immediately start by a hard chemical solutions (donnot forget that in some cases it is forbidden and that the effect on skin is often like a burn). 

 only few profiles have achieved results after several weeks while doing it in clinics because they cannot come often to clinics.

 some profiles have tried chemical solutions or free market products containing illegal content and need to move to a natural supplement solution that will provide them with real results (and other skin and health benefits).

 you save a lot of time and avoid between 8 and 16 consultations because to achieve results you need a 2 months treatment.

 in average you save between 480 EUR/USD and 1850 EUR/USD on the products and between 2500 EUR/USD and up to 5000 EUR/USD in accomodation needing to stay long abroad or in a specific place to do it.

Doing it at home is easier and much cheaper but can I do it easily?

Scheduling your own skin whitening injection is comfortable as you do it when and where you want. The provided products can be taken in different ways but studies show that the highest absorption rate is by IV injection then IM injection then taken orally. You are free to choose the method you want of course but if you want to use the IV way you need to ask a nurse the first time. Once you have done it one time like many daily injections (antibiotics, osteoarthritis etc) you can plan your different sessions.

Is the skin whitening program for me?

If you have been advised the program it means your skin type is between the IV, V and or VI Fitzpatrick skin type.

The program is not for skin types below IV and non healthy bodies, pregnant and lactating women, for those with asthma or renal problems.

Each body and skin being different, the program is designed to achieve results within about 5 weeks but has to last 8 weeks. Most profiles have said to have seen results after 4 weeks.


Why some have a darker skin and others a fairer one?

The Melanin is a natural skin pigment made of blackish-brown eumelanin and reddish-yellow pheomelanin. A higher pheomelanin proportion will make skin brighter. Hyperpigmentation is caused by the exposure to the sun (ultraviolet radiation) resulting in the formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species between cells. Antioxidants will reduce melanogenesis (during melanogenesis, glutathione converts eumelanin to pheomelanin and modulates depigmentation of melanocytotoxic agents) by suppressing those free radicals. With age, the level of natural glutathione drops and so the ability to detoxify free radicals, having more glutathione will help also anti aging.

Has Glutathione other properties than being an anti melanogenic agent for skin whitening treatment?

Glutathione as natural powerful antioxydant has so many effects for one's health that it is impossible to list them all. It is used in some alcoholic disorders, as a protection against viral infection, some tumors, diabetic complicationsused as antiagin agent, skin disorders, liver protection, against immunodeficiency etc.

What is made of the skin whitening set?



The set includes 3 natural supplements Glutathioneit is an FDA approved natural supplement, a water-soluble thiol-tripeptide made from three amino acids: glutamate,  glycine and cysteine. Simply said, it is the most powerful natural antioxydant for the human body.

Glutathione has a strong effect for skin whitening because it inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase, which produces melanin, the dark pigment in the skin. It has an immediate effect on dark skins after several weeks but when taken properly with right dosage and combined with ther other set products.

It is combined with Cinderalla thioctic acid, another natural antioxydant that works synergistically to activate the detoxification process in your body.  Alpha-lipoic acid also helps active oxygen goes normal range proper type, it increases your metabolic activity to resolving fat, appetite suppressant.

And a third product, Vitamin C, a well know other antioxydant with many properties and in our skin whitening agent case, to regenerate Glutathione.

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Skin Whitening solutions at home

Skin Whitening solutions at home

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