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Vista Vision Milano

Milano, Italy

Keratopigmentation in Italy

Price: 8990 €

Where to Find Vista Vision Milano

Via Luigi Rizzo, 8, 20151, Milano


The Clinic is reputed in Milan and is part of the Vista Vision Group in Italy.

The Clinic uses only certified eye pigments when performing its Keratopigmentation surgeries.

It is one of the best clinic to change your eye's color in safety environement and with effective results.

Vista Vision Milano Pricing details

  • Anesthesia fee

  • Medical Team Fees

  • Laboratory Fees

  • Clinic Fees

  • Clinic Medicine

  • Clinic Equipment

  • Hotel Room

  • Assistant Fees

All Plastic Surgery/Face Treatments in Milano, Italy

Price: 8990 € Contact

Plastic Surgery/Face

Eye color change procedure
Price: 8990 € Contact
Price: 8990 € Contact